WATCH: Real Housewives Of Atlanta beauty Porsha Williams opens up about her plastic surgery on ‘Good Work’


Even though LA still has the crown for being the plastic surgery capital, If you come here for any amount of time I’m sure that one of the first things you’ll quickly notice is that they run more advertisements for Brazilian Butt Lifts, boob jobs, and high-end weaves on television in this city than they run cereal commercials. With everybody trying to look like one of the “real housewives” nowadays it’s starting to become a lil harder to tell the strippers from the corporate business women, and the underground plastic surgery doctors have been ranking in big bucks off of the wave..


Ethnic women are naturally curvy so I don’t really get it, but one of Georgia’s peaches Porsha Williams recently went under the knife to get a couple of alterations and she has had no shame candidly discussing her enhancements in the media for young impressionable girls to soak up. Check out her recent stop on E!’s ‘Good Work’..