Kordell Stewart releases an official statement in response to Porsha Williams appearance on The View revealing that he physically abused her


The after-life of a rental bride appears to be quite chaotic by the looks of it and it appears that both parties are trying to ruin the lives of the other by releasing every sneaky freaky detail of their failed marriage arrangement that left Williams hanging dry with zero alimony, and now that the divorce judgement have been settled and it’s not in her favor there are new allegations of “physical abuse” against Kordell seemingly flying from out of left field being that claims of “abuse” weren’t mentioned during their divorce proceedings…

This explosive claim was recently shared during Porsha’s appearance on The View where she was also joined by co-star NeNe Leakes to discuss her ratchet explosion at The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion show… But following Williams appearance on the show bashing her ex again in front of millions of people, Kordell has now stepped out to issue an official statement in response to the madness that’s sure to shake things up even more…

-Kordell Stewart official statement

I married my wife because she was a Godly woman who had accepted her calling as a minister. The bright lights made Porsha lose her way. I no longer know the person she has become. I hope and pray she can turn her life around soon. I loved my wife, supported her and invested in her success. As a reminder, I divorced her. At no time has there been any findings against me, during or before the divorce proceedings, to indicate anything less than a loving and supportive husband.

I’m focused on raising my son and being a single dad. That is a big enough job, without having to continue to respond to her false claims and foolishness. It seems she is willing to do anything to try and keep herself relevant. I have moved forward in my life and I hope she can move forward and stop bringing me back into her life. I was done over 14 months ago with our relationship and marriage. -Kordell Stewart