Porsha Williams surrenders herself to authorities in designer threads and full makeup, immediately released on $2,000 bail


After Kenya Moore pulled a fast one by pressing charges against Porsha Williams following their reunion catfight Williams is now intent on spinning this whole humiliating public meelee in her favor by not only filing her own battery charges against Kenya, but also by showing up to the Fulton County jail flossing high-end designer threads with her hair beauty salon fresh, and rocking a full face of makeup making sure that she was camera ready for the occasion…


I’m sure that her walking into the jail house looking like she’s about to do the cover of Maxim comes from the fact that she was well aware that her mugshot was going to be plastered across media outlets across the country today and throughout the weekend, so it was a smart strategic move that quickly flipped the conversation from being about her arrest to being more so about how bangin her mug shot is. TMZ reports that Porsha turned herself in shortly after midnight Thursday and was quickly released on $2,000 bail, and to add even more swag to her pimp style jail booking Williams made sure to pay her bail in cash before exiting the venue.