Real Housewives Of Atlanta bombshell Porsha Williams arrested in ATL, issues a statement to fans “I apologize for putting anyone at risk”

Ever since Kordell Stewart stopped cracking the whip on Porsha Williams the reality star have been out snatching chicks up by their hair, catching cases, and playing arm candy for a wealthy African Prince, but now it appears that Williams is looking to add to her list of post-marriage chaos by stacking on a fresh new arrest and mug shot for driving with a suspended license while speeding…

More on this news and Porsha’s statement to fans after the jump…

-TMZ reports;

TMZ has learned the “Real Housewives” star was pulled over today for allegedly speeding, cops say 78 mph in a 55 zone and they claim she was driving on a suspended license.Cops hauled Porsha off to jail where she was booked. We’re told she posted $1,726 to bond out. TMZ

-Porsha Williams statement;

I was headed to visit my grandfather who is very ill with cancer in the hospital, and I was pulled over. I was wrong for speeding absolutely and apologize for putting anyone at risk. I tried to explain the situation to the officer and show him that all my paperwork was in order, but he refused. Handcuffs are not comfortable or a good look for anyone. I was released, I have my license, my car, and my freedom. -Porsha Williams/Dish Nation