WATCH: Tamar Braxton & Amber Riley presents the new ‘Tamar Braxton Collection’ on The Real


Due to their high level of narcissism every entertainer seems to believe that they are all fashion mavens and muses to the world, and despite the fact that they all seem to openly use stylists and young naive’ designers to dress them most of the time they always manage to cook up “fashion-lines” inspired by them. The hustler in me says that those stylists that basically created the celebs “look” should be getting a cut of that fashion-line cash, they may need to step their lawyer game up when working with these stars that rob them of their creativity on the low and profit off of it..


One of the more recent stars to venture into the fashion world is Braxton Family Values firecracker Tamar Braxton who just launched her ‘Tamar Braxton Collection’ online store, watch as she along with Glee star Amber Riley give a peek at the new clothing line on ‘The Real’..