WATCH: With its 9th & final season quickly approaching the cast of ‘The Game’ chops it up about some of their favorite scenes


Fans of BET’s ‘The Game’ have their fingers crossed with hopes that the final season of their favorite show doesn’t get the “Single Ladies” treatment from the network by getting thrown a low production budget with disappointing storyline changes and a super-short season of 6 only episodes.. All of that is still yet to be seen, but since there haven’t been any fresh promo shots released it may be safe to say that the show is going to have a speedy exit..

The new season is set to kick off on June 3rd while airing back to back with the Season 2 relaunch of the ‘Frankie & Neffe Show’ on BET, watch as the cast give their final thoughts on the show and more in the clips below..


The final season of “THE GAME” (Season 9) continues to focus on the San Diego Sabers and the team’s experience. Focusing on both the players and previous fans the drama continues develop. When Blue discovers Keira and Malik together he initiates a brawl with Malik that is caught on surveillance tape.

While Tasha is trying to cover up the Blue and Malik situation, Chardonnay attempts to expose Jason’s steroid use on national television. Guest stars include Bria Murphy and Deborah Norville.-BET