CHANNEL 420 FAREWELL: BET’s hit series ‘The Game’ gets cancelled… again

I think that BET just broke the record for having the earliest cancellation announcement for a TV show in the history of entertainment with the breaking of the news that their hit series ‘The Game’ will be cancelled after the next two seasons end…meaning that you still have two hearty seasons of the show to soak up before it gets tossed into the TVOne re-run bargain bin with MARTIN and Living Single. Even though the announcement seems kinda premature I guess it’s still a good way to brace fans for its demise so that there isn’t any outrage when they do finally pull the plug, the shows creator Mara Brock Akil had this to say about the cancellation…

“Shows do end, that is a part of the business” she told “I’m very happy BET gave The Game five additional seasons to explore these characters and this world. We made history when we got to the network and it’s nice to be able to celebrate the great achievements of the show.”-Mara Brock Akil

“With seasons eight and nine, we’re excited to end on a high note by giving Sabers fans a chance to bid farewell to their favorite players on and off the field,” said the network in a statement. -BET

I still have to tip my fitted hat to BET for scooping up the show and carrying it for 5 seasons after the CW Network axed it, the network reports that filming for seasons 8 and 9 is currently underway and is scheduled to hit the air early next year so keep an eye out.