With rumors now circulating that Drake has put a hit out on her life following a freak session that went bad, stripper Jhonni Blaze goes HAM in a new interview


I got a few emails last year with whispers that bootylicious stripper and celebrity socialite Jhonni Blaze was in talks with VH1 and Mona Scott Young for the Houston edition of Love & Hip Hop, and due to her history of ratchet controversy some are saying that she’s a number one contender for being the head drama queen of the show when it hits the small screen..

Now adding to her long resume of wild headlines Jhonni Blaze is addressing claims that she’s pregnant and had to call the police on Drake recently following a heated argument between the two, in a new interview she also says that she heard on the streets that she now has a price on her head and is being set up by the MC…