WATCH: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Hazel E brags about her new nose job that was paid for by her boyfriend Katt Williams


If folks thought that Hazel E was going to spend another season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood getting clowned relentlessly on social media over the size of her nose, she’s here to tell the world in advance that the jokes on you now that she has gone out and copped a brand spanking new nose that was financed by comedy heavy weight Katt Williams..


After a “freak accident” recently broke her nose, Hazel stepped-out fresh from the surgeons office to flaunt her bandaged nose in all of its glory while bragging about her 7 month relationship with Katt. I guess we’ll see the finished product when Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premieres in a couple of months, in the meantime get caught up with Hazel E below..