BLAZIN VIDEO: Sisterhood Of Hip Hop’s Brianna Perry turns heads in her new video for “Shyne”


Sisterhood Of Hip Hop is now back in full rotation and on Season 2 it appears that Brianna Perry will be the one that will be sitting in the center of the most controversy after brawling with cast newbie Chloe Riley during filming and being arrested for it, but on episode 2 it was her sweet “college girl” image that was under attack by the head of her record label who felt that the new college graduate needed to turn up the sex appeal and inject some ratchet into her image..


In her new video for “Shyne” it looks like Brianna found a comfortable merge between the two different perspectives and decided to be a little more sexy but without the twerking and showing off her ass cheeks, the song is a remake of rapper Shyne’s throwback hit “Bonnie & Shyne” and it’s pretty dope. Peep it out..