BLAZIN CLIP: Poe Boy’s “E-Class” rips into Brianna Perry over her image and tells her to get more ratchet – Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 2


Poe Boy Entertainment’s Brianna Perry came on the scene a few years ago looking and sounding like a bootleg version of Poe Boy’s original marquee rapstress Jacki O, so after dropping her hit ‘Marilyn Monroe’ the nonstop comparisons between the two Miami based MC’s forced her to quickly drop the “bad girl” image and play up the “college girl” image instead to find her own lane.. But according to Poe Boy Entertainment’s head boss “E-Class” her fans haven’t been as receptive to her new direction and he thinks that it’s about time that she starts getting a little more ratchet..


It’s already well known that “E-Class” made Jacki O go cop some huge new boobs when he first signed her to his label, and after the label chose ‘P*ssy Real Good’ as the first single for her debut album it was very clear how E-Class felt that female rappers should be promoted. Now with Brianna Perry being the “new Jacki O” of Poe Boy, watch as he snaps on her over her image in this scene from Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 2..