WATCH: Peep the Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 2 trailer with Diamond, Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Bia, & Siya


On Season 1 of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Diamond spent the bulk of her time throwing glasses and dissing dusty background dancers while Siya continually fought with her girlfriend on every episode, so we didn’t really get to hear any new music from most of the cast throughout the entire time the show aired.. But now that the ladies are back for another round viewers have high hopes that the rapstresses finally put their pens to work and actually rap..

With Da Brat, Adrienne Bailon, T.I., Tank, T-Pain, Irv Gotti, Mack Wilds and Pusha T all tapped for cameos it looks like the new season is going to be pretty dope, Oxygen has it set to premiere on June 9th so mark your calendars and peep the new trailer to see what they have up their sleeves..


All roads lead to Los Angeles as these five up-and-coming artists continue to push their careers forward. Temptation arises for Siya when T-Pain shows interest in signing her, leaving her to decide whether to jump ship or stay loyal to Tank. Meanwhile, Diamond is happy and in love with a new man, but with her manager incarcerated, she struggles trusting anyone else at her label. On the hunt for a record deal, Nyemiah Supreme decides to leave her new romance with artist Mack Wilds back in New York and take her music in a deeper, more emotional direction, much to her manager’s disapproval.


Brianna is at a standstill when her management refuses to write any more checks until she comes up with a hit so she has to hustle on a budget. Bia brings her boyfriend Magic along for her exciting new beginning with RCA Records, but when she reaches out to Pusha T and other music masterminds for advice on her new single, she doesn’t get the answer she is looking for.-Oxygen;