BLAZIN CLIP: Diamond puts her relationship with Payro on ice so that she can focus on her career – Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 2


I have to tip my snapback to Payro for using his brief airtime on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop to at least show a decent example of how to balance a relationship in the limelight by being supportive and not allowing the cameras to bring out the man-ego and pride that usually has most of us looking all types of ignorant on TV.. He could have gone on the show and cut the hell up with Diamond just to get some social media attention, but he chose a different route and I salute bruh for that..

But even though Payro may be giving his best efforts to make his situation with Diamond work ,it doesn’t seem as if Diamond is as willing to do the same.. Watch as she chooses her career over her relationship in this scene from Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 2..