BLAZIN CLIP: Nyemiah explains to Brianna how her Instagram beef with Diamond ignited – Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Season 2


Being that Diamond spent season 1 of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop bullying fellow rapstress Nyemiah Supreme over her “dusty dancers” and thrifty stage show, it’s not too surprising that Supreme thought that the safest way for her to get her revenge was to hide behind a computer screen and throw subliminal shots on Instagram. But there’s an unwritten rule in the streets that says that if you’re bold enough to call somebody out on the low, then you should be just as bold when it’s time to own up to it when confronted..

Unfortunately Nyemiah got so caught up in today’s world of talking shit online and then hiding that she must’ve forgot that she still had to eventually cross paths with Diamond again when filming for the new season started.. Watch as she tries to clean things up before shit hits the fan in this scene from Sisterhood Of Hip Hop..