Filming for RHOA Season 8 comes to a halt after Porsha Williams gets kicked in the stomach by Cynthia Bailey


Brown beauty Cynthia Bailey have been known to be a little more bark than bite during her stint on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but after binge-watching a few Bruce Lee movies and pulling out her throwback Sega Genesis for a few rounds of Mortal Kombat, the model allegedly set-off the filming of Season 8 with a bang by drop-kicking costar Porsha Williams in the stomach while on a boat ride. More on this below..

-TMZ reports;

We’re told Porsha Williams was on a boat in ATL with fellow castmate Cynthia Bailey when things got hot. The 2 women began arguing about nothing and Porsha started calling Cynthia a bitch. Cynthia tried to disengage, walking to the other side of the boat, but in true form Porsha followed. Porsha got in Cynthia’s face, and that’s when Cynthia exercised self-defense, kicking Porsha in the stomach. Producers came in before Porsha could react and restrained her. 

As for injuries … Porsha went to the hospital, where she scored pain meds. And big surprise … the fight was captured on camera.

We’re told producers want to see just how bad (or good, for ratings) the fight was … and there’s a possibility Cynthia could be demoted to the dreaded ‘friend of the cast’ title as opposed to full cast member. And yes, that would mean a cut in pay too. As for why PW’s neck isn’t on the line? We’re told there’s no rule against antagonizing — hell, that’s the meat of the show — but getting physical crosses the line. -TMZ