WATCH: Lil Fizz, Nia, Nas, and Kamiah hits up “Check Yourself” to unwrap LHHH Season 2 Episode 3


This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood introduced cast newbies Brandi and Max as the bootleg versions of Traci Steele and Baby Drew from LHHATL, but with their redundant storyline already giving viewers the blues and Brandi acting extra ratchet for no reason, I’m sure that their stint on the show will be just as brief as Traci and Drew’s was before they got the boot from the franchise. Day 26 crooner Willie Taylor also made his debut this week in an awkward scene with Omarion instead of being properly introduced through a realistic segment with his wife, but the LHHH producers have been sloppy as hell with the staged scenes and weak storylines this season so none of it is really making any sense anymore..

It appears that Lil Fizz is doing a bunch of goofy clown shit in effort to redeem himself from being embarrassed by Amanda last season, but in this week’s “Check Yourself” clip he hints that it may be a method to his madness. Watch as Nia, Nas, Fizz, and Kamiah weigh-in on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 3 below..