WATCH: Gabrielle Union, Jill Scott, & Loretta Devine heats up the dramatic trailer for Being Mary Jane Season 3


BET may be a lil thrifty with their budgets when comes to the other watered down shows on their roster, but my guess is that they’ve been saving up all of the pennies, nickels, peanuts, and breadcrumbs that have been handed down by Viacom over the past few months so that they can invest it into the third season of ‘Being Mary Jane’ which now sits as the last marquee series that they have on their line-up following the unwarranted cancellation of ‘The Game’ earlier this year…

Watch as the super-talented Jill Scott and Loretta Devine join Gabrielle Union in the dramatic trailer for Season 3 of Being Mary Jane that’s set to jump off on October 20th..