BLAZIN CLIP: NaShumba gets scolded & ripped apart by the DDP’s in this un-aired scene from Bring It Season 2


The Dancing Doll moms get a lil ratchet from time to time but you have to admit that they’ve toned it down a lot since Season 1 and has garnered their own hefty fan bases off of the strength of their feisty personalities, but now that some of the older squad members will be heading off to college and taking a couple of the fan-favorite moms with them, the replacement moms who are now trying to set up shop on the cast are being met with an icy welcome..

So much so that some of the spats between the DDP’s proved to be a little too tense for the Lifetime network’s airwaves and had to be left on the editing room floor, check out some of their un-aired sparring in this scene from Bring It Season 2..