Bring It Season 5 Episode 10 – ‘Grudge Match Gone Wrong’

On episode 10, all bets are off as the girls face off against their foe, Black Ice, in a grudge match, but when the team’s secret weapon backfires, the Dolls are left without a plan of attack; and later, an emergency situation sends the competition into chaos.

  • Miss Lady

    I wasn’t ready…….:(

  • Janice Sheffield
  • Bre Bre Haze

    All I got to say is….

  • andelu

    Differently, who you’ll think would have won the grudge match though ?

  • Boujie Queen

    Omg Im crying

  • Diana C Watts

    Omg this episode had me really crying. Get well soon Selena

  • Straightshooter

    OMG I wasn’t prepared for the ending.

  • Straightshooter

    OK Tory, you did dat!!! …in your own way but yeah!

  • Straightshooter

    Tory got me in tears. Why dem moves look like a T-rex tryin to be a DD lol!

  • Ashari Hughes

    I didn’t expect that now I’m crying

  • Aleggra Penn

    A visit from her aunt Rittany was just what Chrystiana needed!

  • India

    Selena has done too much plastic surgery…looks more like implants for her lower body and injections for her face…she just recently had a stroke when her aunt/mom died …then when Diana took the girls out of pratice I think all of that factor in together took a toll on her

  • Cha Cha

    *wipes away tears* That was very difficult to watch….. I’m wondering when Selena had her body done, if she had a fat transfer or if she had injections or implants. If it’s the later, she needs to get that mess removed because it may be the cause of her health problems. Whatever it is, I hope they figure it out and she gets well.

  • kiwi

    i’ve always liked selena & they always gave her a hard time…yesss, christianna’s mommom does too much

  • kiwi

    ..damn, got me over here

  • Vee

    i agree with u bout everything u wrote and U can tell he was in his feeling when she pulled him out that dance.

  • Vee

    Selena hasn’t been her self since last season. And this season she really looked sick in episode 1 i hope she recover and feel better soon.

  • Cassie

    Prayers sent up for Selena! She has a great personality and spirit. She’ll be okay too many touching and agreeing on her behalf.

  • laquinda lee

    To see the unity to go on someone’s behalf in prayer and put aside whatever is going on makes me believe that God is still the foundation of this country.

  • Shada Dayday Geekergirl

    Mann I dead ass cried!! Get great Selena !!

  • QBee

    Tori you are too grown to be this petty…Kayla is the Queen of buck and you twirl…let’s stick to what we’re good at.

  • Angel

    Even I was crying

  • Doris G

    My God, Lord Jesus, I pray that Selena will recover. Give her girls, family, friends, and the DDP’s and DD strength and comfort.This touched everyone’s heart.

  • Shaquanda Keys

    Whoa I wasn’t expecting that in the end and it truly effected me and touched my spirit how everyone was able to come together on one accord and lift her up in prayer.

  • Sicily Wilson

    I think the big 3 should be Cristiyanna Deja and Princess and add Jayleen.. I felt soooooo bad for Selena. She’s my fav DDP cuz shes the sweetest one and im glad they stopped picking on her. Cristiyanna’s mom kinda is annoying. I was glad to see Kayla. She looks super extra bomb rocking her real hair to me. I knew thats who she was calling lol. Poor Tory i know his feelings were hurt

  • rp

    Torey needs to stay in his lane, hip hop is not his lane, they will lose with him in the competition!!!

  • Juss Jadaa

    Praying for Selena!!!

  • Tamika

    This episode was so sad in very heart touching it had me in tears

  • Sed

    Didn’t realize how much of a big heart I had until after this episode. I didn’t even cry at my grandfather’s funeral..but this… Selena’s recovery and comeback will be epic. Shes a beautiful person, inside and out.

  • BritOfficial

    I literally had to create an account…just to comment on this episode….

    This episode had me bawling my eyes out!!!!! Damn!!!!!!! Selena….