Bring It Season 5 Episode 15 – ‘A Dollhouse Abandoned’

On episode 15, the Dolls start to go down like dominos as they prepare for their first stand battle of the season with both boys and girls competing. Meanwhile, Marquell and Dianna must make some tough cuts, as not all the new members are prepared.

  • Bey Martinez


  • BlkMagic238

    Wow… the youtube videos detailing the drama that followed this episode is better than the show. I predict this will be the last season for the Jackson Dancing Dolls… moving on to Atlanta

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Where was the hate?

  • Momof1

    From what is coming out on social media it seems that she had a previous contractual commitment that did not interfere with the competition but the competition date was changed last minute and she was not able to miss the other event because she was under a contract. From what the coach said, there was so much that the editors chopped and mixed up that it made this look a certain way and it was not.

  • Jayla Ardacia Fox

    I cried right along with them cause I know that hurt. Christiana was wrong and for her mama to do that and she was raving over how she needed to be captain. I loved how the team stepped up and came together and won despite everything though!

  • Tiny Tim

    Yes! Of course

  • Sherree Lee

    They good.. Don’t get me wrong. I just started watching this show. I think Ms D is extra.

  • 06_beauty_26

    I do ..

  • Tina

    Miss D never canceled the Jackson team
    and they all have to sign contracts and they have to see that contract through. Sad Brittany and Miss D had they issues in and almost every season but they always came together Brittany even told Miss D she is like her family and she loved her

  • Tina

    Brittany on the internet just talking bad about Miss D now when she remove Christiana from the dancing dolls and went to Eva the diva team last year she came back to Miss Dee crying and asking can Christiana get back on the team.

  • Tina

    You are so right because Brittany was saying Christiana never quit the dancing dolls and she quit the Dancing Dolls last year Britney took her and put her Eva the diva team. Miss D love those kids and I don’t think she’ll mistreat them I’ll never believe that

  • Because shes DAT BITCH!!!!!!

  • Valisa said u know what diana. I see u and your gucci, and you louie. And bot to get me a check too bitch,,,,lol. THE SHADE IS REAL!

  • Diana….u be hating on the gay men(cant take it).

  • Yall know christiana is young and a follower. So she cant or wont defy her parent


  • Sherree Lee

    Do ya think that cause it’s their show they be getting the wing sometimes

  • Sashia

    Now I see why Mrs D never wanted to trust Christiana to be captain. Her parent/guardian cut throat so Christiana follows their lead. Rittany all over the internet bashing coach d. The mom waltzed in after Christiana was already famous from the dancing dolls and now wants to reap all the benefits. Shady and two faced smh…

  • Sierra Vaughn

    I hope Ms D can finally see that she wanted to blame Rittany for making Crystianna leave but who made Crystianna do this??? I was a huge Crystianna fan but her mom is really for letting her go and not even speaking to Ms D. I’m really glad the girls were able to win!!

  • Sicily Wilson

    I miss him! He was funny

  • Sierra Vaughn

    Crystianna didn’t say anything about Diana. Diana was just mad Crystianna didn’t speak up for her!!!!

  • Socialbuttafly

    Its a bunch of swole gals on team Deja Vu lol…

  • Alyka Morgan

    Cuz she’s the OG DDP

  • Alyka Morgan

    Yea what’s the tea sis

  • Alyka Morgan

    I’m glad he gone.. He was mad disrespectful

  • nashae’ sang-froid

    Clearly, Makaya is the REAL captain. Crystianna has been given too many chances. She has left to go to another team, she was caught up in drama last season talking about Diana, and now she’s gone to do an appearance that she wouldn’t have even gotten if it weren’t for her being on the team .

    Yeah she’s a kid, and has to do what her parent tells her. However, I believe she’s doing what we’ve all done as teenagers, if it’s something we want to do that our peers don’t agree with, blame it on your parents making you do it.

    A captain thinks of the team first, and what’s best for the team. Even if that means stepping down because you are not equipt to captain your team.

  • SpiceGirl

    Ayyyeeee…My sister’s Dance Team will be featured on this season….#NLDT

  • Cha Cha

    What’s the tea?

  • 2thick4sum

    I do think it was Valisa making Christianna doing it..but her keeping her mouth close esp when she could have said something in practice, makes her seem she wanted to go! I do hope she gets demoted and Ive been team Christanna since day 1! Yasss Ms. Cam let them know they gon miss u when u gone..that chile came all the way thru. She knew when they said captain battle she had to go..cuz she was captain 0.2 seconds ago..force of habit! I loved her and the boys!! They always make my ass cry…I be so happy for they ass!! Lol..

  • QBee

    Crystiana needs to stay gone..since all that shenanigan of leaving..coming back..her vacant expressions to that nastiness with the texting..she cannot stay Captain..SMMFH

  • QBee

    Yeah wher he fired or just gone..he quietly slipped off

  • mandi

    now i see where the madness came from on the gram i was so damn lost

  • Queet C

    Why that one girl mom the old captain still on the porch she been gone lol

  • Pebbles

    Cameron is the bomb! The shakira and kenira did there thang and the boys cane through.

    I hollered after Quincy said I don’t need a piece of paper to define after all that mess he talked

  • YoungFabulous

    yes the boys did good and Cam came through on the captains battle

  • Kierra Beans

    Wow, i was skeptical about the boys the first episode , but they looked so good out there at the competition and contributed so much energy I’m here for it ! & Camryn i love watching you dance you’re definitely in your element on that dance floor & you came through for your team ! & anybody who watches the show should know that it most likely wasn’t Christyanna’s choice to leave her team and do an appearance.