Love & Marriage Huntsville Season 1 Episode 3 – ‘Bougie and the Beast’

On episode 3, the girls get into it when Melody’s accused of being bougie, and the group meets to discuss details, things go sideways when Kimmi calls out Melody’s no-show to her bridal shower. Meanwhile, Marsau gets stuck babysitting, and Tisha begins networking.

  • ThaTruth4

    I think someone is looking jealous of Mel’s success. Let’s be honest, your attitude better change once your financial status change.

  • N’Deye Delgado


  • N’Deye Delgado


  • 1Love404

    Well he needs to make some alone time for them, as their father for sure. His hand was just forced this time around. He doesn’t even know them really well. If he doesn’t shape up, those kids will grow up to resent him, needing therapy for sure. It’s disgusting.

  • Pebbles

    That’s all I’m saying! Her husband coming of as a prick is over shadowing the message .

    I feel a little twinkle that the woman with dreads maybe is the other women ..

    Because it’s the way she said
    I do such such for “ my special friends “ with the slight giggle and the Maurice gave her the look like come on don’t do that

  • mikster

    So she don’t end up like melody that’s why lol

  • mikster

    Bam boom and my kids are worth more than trying to make an extra dollar…. ask me how man women would love to be in her shoes. I’m the only one that matters lol. Take her place 4 seconds.

  • Pebbles

    I agree with alll if it !

    That’s what I tell my friends stop being a follower you don’t know Her Whooole situation

    About to mess up your household based on the perception of someone else’s


  • Gemini Pandora

    He dont even know his children which is straight sad.. everything we do is to make sure that our children is okay so by her deciding she wants to have a voice being independent woman and not going to neglect her children in the process of bettering herself happiness come from within he can’t make her happy he adds on to it and right now he’s failing it’s selfish of him to feel like he don’t want to really be a part of family emotionally not present he wants it to look good to others (Im the man b.s) she’s the only one that ever gave him real attention so he don’t want to lose it so he is trying to manipulate her by conversation and keep her captive of his own fear that is abuse

  • Dee

    God forbid if Tisha died those children would suffer with that man. He didnt even know his child has allergies.

  • mikster

    I just came here to say get off my dude marsuu what’s his face lol. He may be a dick but his points are100% valid. They agreed on a 5 year plan. She basically saying she just agreed to keep you happy YOUR BAD lol. I think marsau is also being dramatic about how hands off he is so calm down lol. Plus ain’t like the boy ain’t old enough to tell his dad hey don’t kill me lol.

    I appreciate him for not putting the cheater on blast to his wife to shut her up. That’s a man move. I agree that she shouldn’t be out here trying to be like someone else and she doesn’t even know the real.

    Latisha needs to do her time and siddow. Go study something , develop a plan and at year five chuck the duces. But backing out early is a punk move.

  • mikster

    I support all of this statement

  • Nya Walker

    This Peanut head Marsau said “what kind of woman leaves the kids with their father, does she even love them?”

    He is such a weak and insecure coward, he can’t even manage an afternoon with his owna pickney but his wife must devote five years yeah?!.. is he dizzy?

  • rp

    How do you get massage still with wearing jewelry?????

  • Andrew

    Marsau is the kind of man I despise, there’s a difference between being the head of the household, the provider and using that power to just be a dickhead…Tisha/Latisha, whatever her name is, needs to gain ownership of her throne and make some shots. She forget she’s a queen in all her beauty, I’d say blackmail him. You not getting no pussy tonight or every other night til you compromise with my request in taking care of OUR children, so I can spend some ME time. How about that? 😛

  • Brittany

    I LOVE this show!!!! If Tisha didn’t want to be a stay at home why did she marry him? He seems like the type to bring it up on the first date. I love Mel she’s my friend/mentor in my head! Kimmy is so so to me her storyline is slightly boring.

  • MelaninIs Poppin

    Right he’s crazy lol

  • ruprah

    The dude didn’t even know his own son was allergic to peanuts, I mean c’mon lol

  • ruprah

    Looooove this show!!!!! It’s full of real marriage and relationship issues.

  • MelaninIs Poppin

    Man they’re YOUR kids too. He got it good fr to have a woman so supportive and submissive. If she can take care of the kids why can’t you? Did he expect her to just forget her dreams? How you get do annoyed with your own kids who you barely see anyway? He should love the opportunity to watch the kids. He seems controlling and insecure.

  • MelaninIs Poppin

    Right like I’m not a house slave smhh

  • MelaninIs Poppin

    Wouldn’t it be better if they both worked tho? What if they divorce? She won’t have shit to fall back on. He should want her to go to school and make her own money. Yeah she knew how he was before they got married, but things change, women will always want more if she’s ambitious enough.

  • oneandonly

    He’s so disrespectful!!!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Melody is purposely causing issues with Latisha and her husband cuz her marriage is fake happy. She keeps saying how supportive her husband is of her and blah blah but he a cheater. Latisha your marriage is a union built on traditional values, honor them. When the kids get big enough, them pursue those dreams, cuz that man does hard labor and shouldn’t have to spend his days off babysitting kids.

  • Bey Martinez

    Marsau….you couldn’t be my husband. The way this mouth is set up to respond to disrespect would have made are union nonexistent. Martell is going to continue to cheat because you allow it Mel. And just throw away the other couple.

  • Babdeebrit

    I understand having an agreement and wanting to stick to it but things change. Not everything in life has to stick to a strict 5-10year plan. Something isn’t right. He’s afraid of his wife being independent or being outside of the house for too long. He is definitely hiding something. Because a man who heard his wife day “I would love to contribute will make me happy” shouldnt insist she stick to the plan like some kind of still sergeant but comprise. Anybody who says otherwise is being ridiculous. Don’t excuse his bullshit.

  • Rokses

    Sometimes adjustments have to be made to a plan. Obviously regardless if his wife works or not, he needs to spend more alone time with his kids. A peanut allergy may kill a person, ignorance at its finest.

  • QUEENDingaling

    I hate that being boujie is looked at as a bad thing. TISHA is tryna be hood fab. I would own my boujie…

  • QUEENDingaling

    I agree. Plans change. She wants her own coin & there is nothing wrong with that. I think she knows she has more to offer. Plus her husband said BABYSIT… IM like sir, those are your kids. Yeah she may want to get started on her new life, I mean new career

  • Juanita Applebaum

    The problem with Tisha is that she is low key jealous of Mel. Mel sat there and networked her at this event and again her she is in confessional worried about Mels relationship. Girl Why? Who cares about her marriage when again you have your own issues. You made a 5 year deal with your hubby and you need to stick with it, use that time to study the game so that in two years you can just go and get on some birth control because I believe in two years Marseau will come with something else. Also why didnt you just get a sitter, like if you cant figure out simple things how are you going to handle commercial real estate, you can barely negotiate with your husband. He is right, right now its not your strong suit. Fall back and then strike.

    Other than that the Holts tried it. Get the estimates just to be fair. And that blonde in Mels hair is tired but she is nore of a friend to Tisha than vice versa and she didnt invite Kimmi because Kimmi dont need her

  • Made Jade

    Latisha y’all like she slow. It takes her forever to talk. Lol sorry it bothers me when she speaks!

  • Pebbles

    Folks are forgetting that she said during the summer the children are with her all the time and are in school during the year

    If it’s summer enroll all the children in summer camp problem solved

  • Pebbles

    Yeah! He needs to work on that’s fixable but Tisha basing her decision on melody “ power couple “ appearance . I believe if she knew the whole picture she would go about handling the situation totally different

  • Pebbles

    Sounds like they had agreement prior to children , she should stick to it.

    She looking at melody life they have it together unbeknownst to her that melody husband cheated for almost two years ( his words : he kept her busy with work so he can do him & she only found out because the other woman called his phone) and he still keep in contact with her

    Marsu behavior can be worked on but the list of trust in marriage is a whole another situation

  • Pebbles

    Reality he some things to work on but the truth of the matter is those two had an agreement and it’s being projected as if he is keeping her from dreams and that’s not the case.

    Plus; he can’t break the trust of his friend but he really trying to tell his wife listen babe : you don’t know the reality of the holts situation, it ain’t peaches & creams over there like she is trying to make it out to be

    Forget power couple let’s stick to the plan

  • mooshoee

    sometimes you have to trust the process. If they had a 5 yr plan, then stick to it. Waiting until the daughter turns 5 is a very good one. Especially since children are sponges they need that structure. Then once kindergarten starts you can start your real estate business. It seems like she is backing out of the plan two years early. If I could have done it that way I would have.

  • Ummm

    Did you watch the episode when he told her she couldn’t use it?? And this episode when he said they are not a power couple?? And how the conversation they had it seemed like (to me) that he has no real intentions on letting her work….. Im not in there marriage im just commenting on what they are displaying on TV but i dont honestly get why does she have to wait 5 years (3 more years) why can’t she do it now?? Why cant they compromise on something part time or just a couple or few days a week work?? I dont understand it but to each is own…

  • yeah yeah yeah

    From my understanding, she has her RE license- she now wants to use it and I agree she should stick to the plan and begin living her life after the 3years.

  • Candy Jones

    I knew marcau was controlling when the kids say yes sir and yes mam.. when they say yes sir it sounds like their scared of their daddy.

  • Candy Jones

    i cant stand marsau he makes me sick

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Something is really wrong wit Marsau talmbout what kind of mother leaves her kids at home wit dad? He got it all effed up.

  • Nit18

    Its a mistake a father doesn’t know his son is allergic to peanut butter?? Naw that’s crazy. A mistake is forgetting, he act as if he didn’t know.

  • That man said she has children I just happen to be their father smmfh wow

  • Talone

    If Melody is bougie then they’re all bougie cause all of them think they’re the shit cause they’re black with money or some type of status

  • Scarlette

    The first part of parenting is finding out what your kids are allergic too. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids without passing some type of parenting test

  • ChildofVenus

    I dimly-lit female can never outshine a man that has a big shiny bright ego

  • Jade

    Feel bad for her why??? Last I checked he didn’t have her handcuffed to a bed forcing her to be with him. She must like it or LOVE it…hell, she married the man didn’t she

  • Jade

    It was a mistake! People DO make mistakes with their kids sometimes hun it’s not front page news

  • Miracle

    But that’s how it always is… Females are tough with each other but weak against guys

  • Ummm

    Im not a business person… And i could be wrong…. But i took it as the profit the share after the hones are sold…. But holt and holt are contractors meaning they get a separate profit for building and the architecture of the homes i dont think the real estate agents get any of that profit because they are not building the houses…. So technically they do not have to share the contractor profit.. I could be totally wrong in my thoughts on that….

  • Ummm

    I do not think Mel is boujie either i think shes a successful black woman who learned to network and connect on a business level with other business people and has a nice sense of fashion and tastes for nice things. And knows how to dress nice. She’s trying to involve them in things (Galas etc..) to open them up to new things and they are shutting the door on those experiences. Im glad Tisha decided to take her up on the luncheon because she is basically trying to help her network and Mel is so kind and genuine in her approach. To me thats not boujie (looking down on ppl).

  • PrincessZ

    What type of dad does not know that his child has an allergy? A sad excuse for a man! And his wife is a fool allowing that behaviour.

  • Ummm

    She did say they made that agreement but…. Thet also made an agreement she could get her real estate license etc… But he talks around it and talks her straight into a “no”. So she knows that 5 year plan was just to shut her up (is what i think)… I hope he opens his eyes and allow her some freedom to live her wants and aspirations because if not it could turn into resentment or as he put it to Mels husband “he will have a long time to think about the relationship” also…ijs

  • Latoya Jackson

    Masau is a flat out asshole.. He’s the worse husband ever. What woman in their right state of mind would want to put up with a chauvinistic, selfish, and arrogant man like that. I’m sorry but Tisha hunni, you’re in a dictatorship, not a marriage

  • Danielle Murray

    Damn I wanna punch Marsau in his throat. Tisha got all that sass for Mel – save that energy for your controlling husband.

  • Danielle Murray

    Tisha was on Sister Circle saying ppl are calling her weak for being a stay at home wife. No ma’am – ppl are calling your weak b/c you want to work and he is not allowing you to work like you are his child instead of his partner in life. Girl get your kids a babysitter or in to a daycare center – and do you. He aint going no where – he just being controlling b/c you allow him to control you. FIGHT FOR YOUR HAPPINESS GIRL and stop being weak and controlled just to stay married….

  • Romz

    I get it to, but does that mean she never leave the house without them?
    He’s just holding onto their agreement because he doesn’t want to watch the kids. At 5 they more independent to a certain extent so he won’t mind as much. He’s awful though, people change, plans change.
    He needs to get over himself and be a father to those kids.

  • Latoya Jackson

    Marsau and Martell both just rubs me the wrong way. I love that they are some successful black business men whose taking care of home but it’s just something about them both I can’t put my finger on. That ego and macho attitudes they carries are so unattractive. They communicate with their wives so poorly. They slick talk down to them and show a lack of respect like they’re not their wives. Those men there I couldn’t tolerate at all, sorry…

  • Dizzii Nelly

    OMG WHATS CRAZY IS MARSAU b Trying to give marriage advice to Mel hubby and this nigga a shitty husband and not a nurturing father like bruh u the last one to give advice about being a good husband

  • Dizzii Nelly

    Mel is bougie lol like girl its ok, but she’s cool tho and is a business women, I feel bad for Tisha
    her husband isn’t supportive and he can’t even take care of his children smh he offered a pbj sandwich to his kid who was allergic like HOW U NOT KNOW UR CHILDRENS ALLERGIES hes terrible as a husband and nurturing as a dad should

  • Josie da Goddess

    Being a married woman myself…to compromise is very important. I see both sides on this with Marsau and Tisha. I listened carefully. Marsau stated that “they” Agreed that Tisha will stay at home until the youngest is 5. She is 3 now. Now with Marsau, he is definitely an Alfa male that doesn’t like to bend and see alot of things in a traditional sense. But however, even though he said that they made that agreement, this is when he should compromise and say even though she has not reached 5 yet but we will agree that you will kinda be working part time hours and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the children’s affairs, we are good. So ladies, please be mindful in what you agree to with your spouse prior Bc this issue is a very serious topic.
    But another thing with Marsau, he is a horrible father in terms of emotional support with his children. Somebody needs to tell his ass it’s not always about providing… His simple ass forgot or don’t know that his son has a peanut allergy..smh

  • JaLisa Michelle

    Marsau is stupid and needs to be more involved with his children. And Tisha needs her tubes tied!

  • Hip Hop Baby

    This is the first episode I have watched and I can’t believe this sista is letting a man dictate to her about how to live her life. NEVER in a million years would I marry or conform to a dude who lives in the dark ages. Then he tried to blame her for being a stay at home mom. I hope she sticks to her guns and pursue what ever fulfilment she needs to become whole.

  • Josie da Goddess

    Bougie is those damn Atlanta Housewives. Me myself don’t see bougie with Mel. I see a beautiful black young lady who is working to get it. She doesn’t seemed entitled. Some ppl confused that with if a woman looks nice and admire nice things…but there is a big difference….it becomes bougie when you look down on others like you better than them and having a fuk’d up attitude with your nose always in the air…. I admired how she invited Tisha to that women’s luncheon for inspiration and connections. Bougie I dont think would have done that. I believe Mel is just having such a difficult time in her marriage trusting Marcel again and it flows into her relationships with her friends. I don’t think she trust to open up to them all the way like that for whatever reason.

  • Nit18

    He coulda killed his damn son!!! Tf is wrong with him

  • Erica Pagan

    Why Marsau remind me of a wack Disney villan


    They are a little to hard on MEL. I mean shes hurting from the cheating and she needs her friends right now, I wish they would just chill a little bit. Grandma Kimmie is too much

  • Ashley Brown

    Melody’s voice is annoying.
    She’s annoying.

  • Nit18

    They don’t even like Mel. Its sad. probably jealous

  • Lele

    “She has 3 kids and I just happen to be their dad”… lol… that is cringeworthy. I feel bad for his wife.

  • Lele

    It’s not “baby sitting” when it’s your kids…

  • Xoxopinkey

    Marsau and Tisha relationship is interesting. I’m curious to know what conversation they had and wth was she thinking. I feel like being the protector and provider is engraved in his DNA however he’s overthinking and not leaving any wiggle room. I’m also curious to know if he’s afraid that his wife will outshine him…..hmm

  • Xoxopinkey

    Mel the reason why your being perceived as you are is bc you fail to get it G.

  • Nette

    Marsau is running a dictatorship

  • Baybeetricia

    So Marsau is MAD that he have to watch HIS OWN KIDS on his day off? DaF?? Tisha needs to realize that she is NOT in a partnership with Marsau. He run things and she do as he says

  • Baybeetricia

    BOTH of the Holts are in denial!!! Martel is convinced his marriage is on the up and up and it’s perfect and Melody is convinced SHE is perfect and wants to portray this perfect life.

  • Baybeetricia

    Mel IS Bougie!!! She’s in denial

  • Baybeetricia

    Wait does Martel mean it’s not their business? If I’m putting money in the business you BETTER TELL ME what will be the profit so I will know what I could make out of this and where my money going. They doing shady business…

  • Baybeetricia

    Wait, why is Tisha there without Marsau? SMT. So he don’t want her to work…but she still working (outside of parenting), without getting paid. Oh, okay.

  • Baybeetricia

    Melody, hon, you wrong. Just say that you didn’t wanna come instead of lying.

  • Baybeetricia

    Thanks so much for the upload!