BLAZIN CLIP: Hell breaks loose after Tanisha tries to clown the Clermont twins – BGC Season 14 Reunion


The producers of Bad Girls Club Season 14 set themselves up for ratings suicide after making the dumb decision to boot Jela and the Clermont twins off of the show mid-season.. After having all of their stuff destroyed by their roommates the trio set off a round of justified glass-shattering tantrums that surprisingly didn’t end with the BGC crib being torched and burned to the ground, and unfortunately their early exit didn’t sit too well with disappointed viewers either who quickly tuned-out for the remainder of the season..

The unfair treatment by production must’ve left a lasting bad taste in the twins mouths, so much so that they opted out of even showing up for the reunion, but peep the clip below to see how they still managed to stir things up..