WATCH: The female real estate bosses take center stage in the trailer for WeTV’s ‘Selling It In The ATL’


After spending a few months pulling together some of the city’s blooming female real estate agents to light up WeTV’s ‘Selling It In The ATL’, RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield can now add the shiny title of executive producer to her resume as the series gears up for its November 5th premiere. Following in the footsteps of the well-received ‘Cutting It In The ATL’ the show is out to showcase the professional side of a city that’s mostly known for strip clubs and music, while also proving that females can make major moves in the real estate world..



Atlanta is booming and women are taking over the real estate game. Tensions rise as seven realtors compete to claim their stake in prime ATL properties. With clients ranging from NFL players and music industry giants to CEOs and foreign diplomats, these boss women use their business acumen and large personalities to close deals. When the Old & New South clash and alliances shift, can profits prevail over personal drama?