WATCH: Laura Govan, Jennifer Williams, Claudia Jordan, Tiffany Pollard, & Benzino bounce back with their new series ‘The Next 15’

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With reality television on the rise, a few of its fallen stars who gracefully bowed out of the genre a few years back to pursue other opportunities are now looking to return back to their roots. It gets pretty cold out in Hollyhood so after these former reality stars set out to be established actresses and business entrepreneurs, they quickly realized how much they missed the fame and notoriety that came along with being on hit shows..

Producer Carlos King decided to throw on his cape and go snatch up Tiffany “New York” Pollard of Flavor Of love, Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives of ATL, Karamo Brown of MTV’s The Real World, Benzino of Love & Hip Hop ATL, and Jennifer Williams & Laura Govan of Basketball Wives, and give them another shot at stardom with his new TVOne series ‘The Next 15’ that’s tapped to premiere early 2016..

-via IndieWire;

TV One’s “The Next 15,” the latest offering from Carlos King – creator and executive producer of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the network’s hit series “Hollywood Divas” – is set to premiere in Q1 2016. “The revolution is being televised and it is The Next 15!” said King. “This groundbreaking series showcases some of reality’s most iconic personalities in a spotlight like you’ve never seen them before, while addressing the viewer’s curiosity of what it takes to make a reality show. The veil has finally been lifted giving viewers exclusive access into the production process of a docu-series.”


“It is with great excitement that we broaden our relationship with Carlos King who has an extraordinary ability of delivering dynamic and compelling content that connects with our audience,” said D’Angela Proctor, Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Production. “With this new project, viewers will get a fresh perspective on the drive and ambition of reality stars who know there aren’t guarantees of longevity in the genre and who must work just as hard and twice as fast to stay in the game.” IndieWire