WATCH: Laura Govan, Claudia Jordan, Benzino, Tiffany Pollard & Jennifer Williams light up the teaser for their new reality series ‘The Next 15’


Things have been pretty dry over at TVOne ever since R&B Divas was put on ice for a while and Hollywood Divas wrapped up their second season, but it looks like things are now on pace to heat up soon when Laura Govan, Jennifer Williams, Benzino, Tiffany Pollard, Claudia Jordan, and Karamo Brown set up shop on February 10th with the premiere of their new reality series ‘The Next 15’. Peep the official teaser below..


The Next 15 follows the lives of six reality stars long after their groundbreaking television debuts have come and gone, as well as the producers who make it all happen behind the scenes. They decide to embark on a group project that will give each of them the opportunity to shine in their area of expertise, but all of these big personalities in one room are sure to cause conflict.

Will they rise to the occasion and get things done? Or will they succumb to reality stereotypes and quickly see their fifteen minutes of fame fade out? -TVOne