WATCH: Houston’s top female attorneys put brains over brawling in the gritty extended trailer for ‘Sisters In Law’


If watching random reality tv stars gossiping in empty restaurants or fussing over abortions every week is starting to drain you dry, then Jolanda Jones, Monique Sparks, Vivian King, Rhonda Wills, Juanita Jackson, and Tiye Foley are here to shake up the reality television scene a bit and give you something fresh this Spring with the airing of their new legal docu-series ‘Sisters In Law’.. Peep the extended trailer below..


Set in Houston, a class-conscious city of old money and new rivalries, WE tv’s groundbreaking new series “Sisters In Law” follows a close-knit group of elite high-powered black female lawyers as they juggle their families, busy careers, and even more demanding social calendars. The ladies may differ in their fundamental beliefs when it comes to right and wrong, but what they have in common is their ability to win cases in a traditionally white, male-dominated profession.

“Sisters In Law” documents their fascinating legal lives as well as their intricately woven personal lives. From trial prep and courtroom cross-examinations, to opposing council and opposing each other, watch as these powerful women struggle to remain civil under fierce competition and pressure. -WeTV