WATCH: The producers of Love & Hip Hop give birth to their new WeTV reality series ‘Money Power Respect’


Apparently the seasoned professional Black female attorneys that WeTV gathered up to spearhead their ‘Sisters In Law’ series earlier this year weren’t ratchet enough to bring in the monster ratings that they had hoped for, so they cooked up a fresh deal with the producers of Love & Hip Hop to help them grab a few thirsty Hip Hop entertainment lawyers instead that were a lil more willing to cut up for the cameras. Peep the trailer for their new project ‘Money Power Respect’ below..


This 6 episode, one-hour, New York-based docu-series follows a group of gorgeous and ambitious professional women who help each other, use each other-and sometimes throw each other under the bus-in their efforts to get ahead. Whether dealing with failed partnerships, cheating boyfriends, stolen clients and back-stabbing best friends, these driven women use the tricks of their legal training to always get what they want.

Viewers will get a rare and intimate look inside the glamorous yet cutthroat world of the Hip Hop music industry, and experience what it’s like to turn artists into stars and negotiate lucrative deals for their clients and themselves. The women mix fun with pleasure as professional lines are drawn and personal alliances are forged. -WeTV