WATCH: Mona Scott Young defend scripted scenes and details how Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin created Love & Hip Hop


Even though Mona Scott Young is being hailed as the executive producer of Love & Hip Hop and easily receives the biggest checks, apparently some of those checks should be going to Jim Jones being that the entire concept was initially crafted by him and his manager at the time, Yandy Smith, who brought the idea to the table primarily as a show surrounding his life with Chrissy Lampkin and her friends..

Jim and Chrissy were later handed their own show following their stint on Love & Hip Hop, but recently they have been very vocal about the mistreatment that they received from VH1. In a new interview, watch as Mona Scott Young gives a nod to the couple while also explaining how she took their formula and evolved it into the Love & Hip Hop that you see today..