WATCH: Iman Shumpert & Teyana Taylor heads to reality TV with their new series ‘Teyana & Iman’

Iman Shumpert and his lady Teyana Taylor has set their sights on shifting the cliché’ dynamics of reality television by grabbing the reins on their own VH1 housed series ‘Teyana & Iman’ that’ll make “Black love” its primary focus while showcasing their eventful home life. With its February 19th March 26th premiere date now etched in stone, hop below to peep the new teaser.


You have Teyana, a dynamic hyphenate entertainer currently cooking up new music while booking acting and fashion gigs all over the globe. Meanwhile, Iman is dedicating total focus to helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win another NBA championship. Together they juggle two healthy yet demanding careers while their toddler Junie is their real boss at home.

Finally, you’ll get to see a couple that can shut down a red carpet like no one’s business, but still put on a pair of matching PJs and roast each other like no one’s watching. -VH1;