WATCH: Remy Ma & Mariah Lynn unleash their fiery music video for ‘Tab Reloaded’

After their collaboration was unceremoniously axed on the tail-end of Love & Hip Hop NY Season 8 due to her ongoing beefs with other cast mates, Mariah Lynn was finally able to make nice with Remy Ma after the cameras turned-off and managed to convince her once again to hit the studio to craft their joint effort ‘Tab Reloaded’. Peel back the lid to see what they’re giving in the supporting visual.

  • *Sigh*

    Her flow is better than Cardi’s. I just can’t get with all this label cray. But I guess it’s whatever.

  • Viera

    i like her fuck dreamdoll

  • Issa flop

  • Shannon Hendricks

    What do you think about Hazel song

  • Shannon Hendricks

    I agree

  • Shannon Hendricks

    Truer words ever spoken!! I’m 45 and that’s all I hear is how much money they got what they buying and how good they pussy is…. yea, I’m kinda over it! Yes yes you got money!! Check

  • Tasticks


  • kneesee

    Where is lil Bri from Rap Game when you need her??? All these chicks rap about is spending money and f$$$ing. No substance. Remy Ma verse was cool.

  • Chloe Jolie

    No, Issa lie

  • Chloe Jolie

    Way down girl. SELL SELL SELL lol. Flatline

  • Chloe Jolie


  • Chloe Jolie

    No she didn’t. I love Rem but her rap flow is SO SLOW. She cannot find a beat to save her life

  • Chloe Jolie

    Yes like how many songs do we need about purchasing shit. Fucking boring

  • Chloe Jolie

    Totally agree. And we don’t believe you ma

  • Chloe Jolie

    She really is. Her rap is always behind the beat so bad. She fell ALL THE WAY OFF. This is embarrassing af

  • Chloe Jolie

    And Remy still can’t catch a fucking beat nor ride one….uuuuggghhhhhh

  • Chloe Jolie

    And this is why Remy Ma will never be on Nikki’s level. Fucking embarrassing

  • mocha brown

    This is cute and fun … Good job ladies..Loveee Remy, she can’t do wrong in my book

  • Terina Remy’Lee Rameka

    Oh mah bad lol

  • Socialbuttafly

    I must say this shit

  • Naomi Nixon

    Barely. Shut your bald head ass up.

  • Ms jai


  • Terina Remy’Lee Rameka

    See Nasal E this is how you do it 🙂

  • Sure

    Really?? Stop lying. This is good but no comparison to Cardi B.

  • creola

    To be honest who cares what they have what they don’t have I’m speaking about her talent I think she has it she just needs a break I could care less what they making what they’re or not making cuz what I make for myself that’s what I take care of me with I don’t like looking at anybody else on what they have or what they don’t have that shouldn’t define a person’s character it’s a lot of people that love to live beyond there means

  • Gemz

    U will be SUPRISEDDDDD to find out u living better than these ppl. I ain’t never seen Mariah in her own apartment or in her car… I have both… and I defo have a few name brands… coz I work hard n I buy nice things.. I have no kids too… Don’t let tv fool u boo… some are fake rich #justsayin
    some of our real lives be better than they fake lives.. u probably happier than most of these reality tv broads boo

  • Leche

    And you’re awful at grammar, and showing us who you are. Fuck off peasant

  • QueenMariella

    Way better than cardi b

  • N’Deye Delgado

    … eh… I like watching Mariah on LHHNY but that’s about it…

  • South Michael West

    Song is just alright…

  • Bri Truthful

    Catchy REMY though!!! Why’s you have to kill it like that!

  • Eriskha

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  • Damaya Lady D Jones

    I like it! Good for you Mariah!!

  • BoomShakalaka

    Good job on this cute and catchy song Mariah! That said she has such a pretty face…she should do more beauty shots in her videos ondide of wide, full length shots. GIVE THEM THE FACE

  • JudgeMeNot

    Girl bye. What’s there to hate on?

  • Mylkchawclit

    This is def a dope song. Proud of Mariah . Remy gave it the extra sauce

  • Naomi Nixon

    Remy man is really an awful at the music thing

  • 2f7y

    I funkin looooooove basketball wives lol

  • 2f7y

    Lol the wigs wasn’t that bad quit playin

  • antoinette

    Aye Aye Aye i loved it.

  • Kim Kim

    Mariah killed it. She’s the best lyricist on the show-besides Remy of course. But Im pleasantly surprised. This is WAY better than her other videos. Keep progressing mami.

  • artiztah

    Im a hard core 90s and early 2000s rap fanactic, but im a give it up to Mariah she did her thing the songs catchy, im getting mid 2000s vibes from it over all 8, love it.

  • Matthew W J Wilson

    Totally agree. I find it hard to make out what Cardi B is saying in her songs so I tend to ignore them!

  • Angel

    Dam Mariah is a cute girl. Why cant she get them wigs together???

  • Angel

    Issa bop. Dont hate me lol

  • Racine Reberio

    One more wig shot, ok. Marah’s WIGS remind me of the ones that get ripped off those fighting strippers on Jerry Springer. I do love that girl though. She needs to ask Wendy Williams where she get a human hair custom made wig from a true Wigologist.

  • Racine Reberio

    Yes, I do think Mariah Lynn could get a new hairstylist add that’s the tab! Or maybe better wigs, Her wigs remind me of the ones they sell on eBay. In the past, I was also surprised Remy ma joined the cast of a show like that, I don’t watch it. After flava of love, and basketball wives on Vh1 I had seen enough.

  • Racine Reberio

    WeIl I’m hearing what everyone is saying on this thread and I do understand and agree about Remy Ma’s reach as an artists. We know her roots, her personal struggles as well as her now adays rare ablilty to captivate as a real female mc. I really don’t wanna compare n contrast the two or discount Mariah because of her style or skin tone. I’d Rather state the point that they are both on a show where I’m sure they have feedback on statistics like who watches their age, ect. Remy got paid to make a Cameo, which was actually not that bad considering today’s rap selection, a lotta rappers do exactly that a paid Cameo!, with lable mates or upincomiup artists. I see it as a buisness move and definitely not a career defining moment. So relax everyone. Remy has always walked that fine line between staying true to her craft and her commercial musical endeavors. It’s just buisness, shess gotta eat just like all of us. I enjoy Mariah in the lane she is in, it is what it is.

  • RaeTay

    This was cute all jokes aside I found Mariah Lynn to be more catchy then Cardi B….but that’s my opinion. Everything ain’t gotta be social conscience and everything don’t gotta be about material things. Good luck to them

  • MayaDivine

    I’m kinda disappointed Remy did this song too. The topic is beneath her. She just dropped Melanin Magic and the song was fire. She sees what is going on in these streets and should spend her time talking about things we relate to instead of talking about haters and shopping with no-substance-mariah. I want to hear those fire lyrics she drops in freestyles that she is capable of… Its been a while since a rapper said one of those first tongue twister lines and she has the culture wide open ready to listen to anything she gotta say… she should work on making it worthwhile. The song is catchy or whatever but this only appeals to stupid teenagers who haven’t experienced life yet, they’ll be posing in the mirror wishing on a star singing this crap… What about those who have lived…? and I am not usually one for these fan circles but I am definitely Remy Mafia so what’s good Remy? Tell me something good Ma

  • MayaDivine

    Mariah got new breasts but can’t get a decent wig… and you a white girl?!?! get it together. Also doesn’t she have anything to actually talk about…?!?! apart from hoein and shopping. She’s always trying to use ig words out of context but cannot find a decent topic to write about. All talk and no substance, so boring now.

  • MayaDivine

    i thought the same.. i was low key annoyed after Rem just dropped melanin magic too

  • Rastamermaid

    I like this

  • remy got bars! not my type of rap, but it’s catchy and cute! I really don’t like the hook though. it gets annoying after hearing it the first few lines

  • R C

    I sure did I was asleep.

  • Louie

    remy all about women support. Love that about Remy! I say that because she saved this song. It was lowkey annoying but idk kinda coo or cute i should say cause its mariahlynn i guess. lmao

  • Becka

    It was ayt hooks was great verse bars need work. Even Remy’s bars weren’t fire on this it was alright

  • Sy

    She only ‘helping’ in case she turns out to be another cardI. She cares about as much as Dj self does… just a lil

  • Sy

    Remy can’t dance at all

  • Mombasa Soyini Cox

    I love it bun a fire gal yassss

  • Renee Adams

    yep.. my thoughts exactly!!

  • StraightShooter
  • Free Aries


  • Free Aries

    I agree

  • Meh.

  • Brittany Johnson

    Im with you….Mariah is fire without Remy…. I dont care for Remy on this song

  • lmao. same.

  • MChantye

    Ima need a few days to process this work they given out

  • Daija Hennegan

    I cant say I hate it >_<

  • Alejandra Carolina Fina Maltez

    Hard 2 watch.
    Fast fwd to Remy

  • Babdeebrit

    A for effort.

  • NewbieNubian

    I liked it too. It’s catchy. But I don’t love it. Which is cool cuz I like them both a lot a lot in general so I’m looking forward to more.

  • NewbieNubian

    Girl bye

  • Quina Famila


  • Samuel Stephens

    Why do these artists keep bragging about what they got in the condition of the world today with race relations and students marching and the messed up president start singing about some real stuff that’s happening in the world something that’s going to bring us together something with a boss ass B beat take it to another level everything sounds the same to me use your platform to bring the world together

  • DaTruth4Liarz


  • Chinkieyez 420

    Mariah Lynn ain’t so bad, i actually liked it, however, with that said, I feel like Remy Ma is on a whole other level and she shouldn’t have hopped on the track. She’s too much of a boss to be featured on a Mariah Lynn joint.

  • Riapplebum

    Remy saved that song. When I pressed play, I was like OMG NO. REMY WHAT DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO? But Remy saved the song. Mariahlynn boobs looks nasty, they don’t move, they’re hard. She needs to cover up. That see-through bodysuit with the fur coat is so “Crazy in Love” old. You finally was able to get a mainstream rapper to collaborate with, if you don’t blow up after this then you really just need to sit down, give it up Mariahlynn. Rapping about all these dumb materialistic stuff is boring.

  • Love Johnson

    Nope, it declined!

  • Love Johnson

    Remy saved you! Thank goodness you went shopping because that outfit you walked in the stores with was not popping! You had the jeggings from Groupon on “3 pair” on sale for 34.99.

  • Kulang Sandra

    I ❤ both of them but on the real all these artists need to stop singing & rapping about materiel assets. We get it your rich, stop..!

  • Aleshia George

    I tried n i can’t. Couldn’t even watch Remy. N[oooo[oooooo

  • Slay Savage

    It was cute or whatever…

  • Ms305

    Thankful that there is a FEMALE RAPPER like Remy out here SUPPORTING other FEMALE RAPPERS…big or small!!

  • KingCurtis_26

    TRASH…. Damn Remy should not of played herself. trying to help no bodies be rappers aka Mariah Lynn

  • chi_gorgeous

    I thought it was dope. I’m happy Mariah Lynn is coming out of her shell…raw ass beat too…gon girl!

  • Verbal-Leigh

    “Inside out cat”..

  • Werda S

    OMG LMAO the editing at the beginning had me rolling. Mariah’s name appears when that inside out cats on the bed…. I’m dead.

  • Verbal-Leigh

    You gotta think about where this will get played. This is catchy and trap enough and depending on your lifestyle, relatable. It ain’t shit, and it ain’t mainstream enough, it’s a favour to a friend

  • Tasticks

    As a matter of fact, I am. I’m enjoying this Good Friday, getting my car detailed and checking emails for the business that I run. What are YOU doing besides getting butthurt over the opinions of others? I stand by what I said. Deal with it.

  • Reina1718

    She showed how broke she was when she brought her sis on

  • Reina1718

    Yup they will be on love & hip hop nxt season with his new boo….Another rapper

  • Reina1718

    What?? Lol

  • Reina1718

    I thought she was taking the line from karlie redd song gucci prada fendi lol

  • Reina1718

    Mariah friends with who ever is near her poppin

  • Reina1718

    Nope lol

  • Reina1718

    I liked Remy part

  • CC smithe


  • Sinta

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  • JudgeMeNot

    This is annoying cos I really wanna see Mariah win. But you get the opportunity to drop a single and video with Remy Ma and this is the best the BOTH of you come up with?

  • Kay

    Oh okay, yeah make that money girl! And the crazy thing is I didn’t even say much to Nicki, so can you let her know that

  • Kay

    Ikr, that’s how I feel too like Bianca and Mariah Lynn are better rappers than Cardi, tbh. And that Bodak Yellow song is alright, but they made a bigger deal of it than it is. I think the reason Cardi blew is cause of Charlamagne! He was supporting her a lot and playing her record a lot and she even sent him a plaque when her song went number one congratulating HIM for her song going number one, which I found super weird. What’s he got to do with it?? Someone said she sent him that, cause artists pay djs to play their music a lot so it was his achievement too her song going number one. And what I don’t get is Charlamagne comes down soo hard on black women and strippers like Buffy the Body. His interview with her was super cringe, but supports Cardi?? Charlamagnes a hypocrite!

  • linda

    Nope I wouldn’t say she made a bad move if she collaborated with Mariah cuz she ain’t all that she ain’t Beyonce or Nicki plus they are friends so why not.

  • linda

    Girl I’ve been busy with work plus sometimes i just read the comments and keep it pushing. What did u say to Nick though u must made some harsh comments anyway never mind ima call her to unblock u… lol

  • Tasticks

    Remy has made a liar out of me.

  • Tasticks
  • Loppy

    Right! The verses are good, but the chorus is what makes a song. And that is not it!

  • creola

    That’s how I feel I just wonder what made her blow up and not the rest of them because all of them ratchet ghetto getting fights loud crazy all of the above but I think Bianca and Mariah Lynn is better than talented and cardi they also sound better than her but that’s just my opinion

  • creola

    I want her to win so bad too because I think she’s got it because she does some good stuff on her own

  • Sequoia Peterson


  • creola

    It’s a lot of us out here can’t afford a whole bunch of things but we still talk about them I’m sure she can still afford way more than a lot of us out here

  • Gemz

    Do Mariah really own a Amex or a Black Card? Hmmm do she rele got a million racks? No hate. I actually wanna see her win but she should spit facts. We loved that once upon a time not long ago track coz she rele was a hoe lol but dunno bout this one

  • creola

    Mariah Lynn is very very talented I like her songs that she had by herself she always had good hooks already I think I think she’s a better artist than cardi B she’sshe’s a better artist in Kearney B I reallyI really hope this is her time because she does have and so does Bianca if she can stop fighting

  • Gemz
  • Gemz

    Girl, as soon as I heard Gucci fends Versace I stopped the damn vid. Like Mariah

  • Gemz

    Friends like u are sooooo damn entitled. Gosh! Who put cardi on? They all started on the same damn platform… u be the same one to say cardi made a bad move collaborating with Mariah if the song end up being shit

  • Dee West


  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    The hook is horrible but verses lit,Remy’s anyway.

  • MrzVilla618

    I like it

  • Kay

    Lmao sorryyy, I can’t stand Nicki. She even blocked me on her insta

  • Miracle

    If I ever heard this on the radio and didn’t know who it was I would quickly turn the station. Both of their voices are like squeaky chalk on a chalkboard

  • Sha J

    Love it!

  • linda

    Ain’t Cardi and Mariah friends? Why she ain’t put her on yet? I’ll wait. Well the song is a no no for me, nice try though.

  • linda

    Kay I fuck with u but leave my girl outta this…lol

  • teaira


  • teaira


  • teaira

    I like it

  • J Neka Js

    It’s a no for me boo

  • Rokses


  • Polyn Shumba

    Jesus wept……… Wtf is this

  • Pink lemonade

    Took super long to get the track/video sorted. I’m not sure now

  • Sy

    Didn’t like it. So unoriginal zzzz

  • Yetunde

    Remy Ma is lowering her stock by appearing on this.
    When are rappers going to find a new topic to rap about? All of this bragging is very tedious. Especially as we know they can’t really afford to live like that.

  • Regina

    She trying, Remy is just trying to help Mariah Lynn come up some!!!

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    It was ight. I liked Remy’s part

  • EducatedRatchet

    Hot GARBAGE Mariah Lynn needs to give it up ..she looks like a recovering meth head

  • Angela Mclaurin


  • Angela Mclaurin

    Remy Music and Sound period Makes my stomach hurt….she only ever has a hit when she rapping with Fat Joe….(All the way up). You know’ that song they stole from Little John (Turn Down for What). Same damn song.

  • kayleen rayez

    Remy is trash tbh. I hate how she never on beat ugh

  • Lala Marie Powell

    Ok but Once Upon A TIme still hit harder

  • zoe camilleri


  • So Cali

    Can you rap better though?

  • Mercedez Holiday

    Didn’t I see dude Swift that use to work with cardi b in the end of the video? The one who was dating the British girl, who cardi popped in the face with a shoe at the reunion

  • April_Moon

    Mariah Lynn stay rapping about how much money she has but we’ve never seen her with her own apartment or car after like 3 seasons of love and hip hop

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    It do seem like she don’t rap on beat at times. I’ve caught that on a few songs but I thought it was just me bc I’m always tipsy when her music is playing

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I liked it… It wasss clean, cute and catchy….

  • Chantel

    ok snow white i see u

  • LaNiece Robinson

    That was kinda Hot…Hoes gone hating…But, good for her, Congrats….

  • NewbieNubian

    I wanted to loooove this cuz I want Mariah Lynn to win (sue me) but they could have come WAY harder. Those two verses were like a warm up and then the song ended. Ughhhhh as much as it hurts to say this, is a no from me dawg. BUT I’m here for them on another more serious effort. Loved the energy and Mariah looked better than she ever has. THis is major clout for her and a step down for Remy.

  • Kay

    If Cardi can blow, anyone can. Do your thing girl! And I love how Rem genuinely wants to see other chicks win. Nicki would never jump on another females track unless it’s Ariana Grande or something.

  • Scarlette

    Remy’s flow is so trash, she just never seems to rap on beat or something. Mariah only make songs about money and whoring around but at least her videos be cute

  • shasyl

    Maybe a million or more may like this so i guess she can run up the tab

  • shasyl

    You miss first on Black Ink last night

  • Queet C


  • Queet C

    Ummm it’s aite

  • chenelson estiverne


  • ChildofVenus

    Mariah reminds me of that other white girl Kreayshawn that flopped and disappeared a few years ago soooo….issa no for me dawg

  • R C

    “Run up! Run up! Run up the tab! Errything new edition! Errything expensive!” -MariahLynn

  • R C


  • Hanika Black Bradley