• Arienne Jay

    I think it’s how the team sold the book, but either way T.I is way too closed-minded even if they did sell it better, and I’m surprised as a person with such strong vocabulary he doesn’t see the turn-around value of knowledge. And Let’s be honest now, T.I is a millionaire because he was a rapper who opened up a few strip clubs. Period.

  • Selinâ Sag

    can y’all plz upload season 9

  • Crystal Barker

    U cant pull on the heart strings of a huster. U do that to the customer. TI dont need no self help book. But depending on how the book is written a movie could be made from that book. But she didnt sell that idea.

  • Crystal Barker

    Born to hustle hoodie aint sell no drugs. He got caught standing next to a runner lol.

  • TI ghetto ass playing reformed hood host…#cringe

  • The black Republican guy sounds extremely fake AS FUCK . HE CAN GO. BYE!!!

  • AndWhat

    I come from a decent money and walking into a nice house would definitely take your breath away so im not shocked by her crying shes happy with the possible opportunity

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Awe they downtown ❤

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    I asked the same!

  • kneesee

    Charity and business/family=two different things. Ppl volunteering their time has nothing to do with being around TI. Hell they probably would of never seen him. Go straight to the location and put in work.

  • bri mikel

    I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe tiny don’t have some eye candy/options.. hell she knew what she was doing so I’m sure she was doing her thing too

  • bri mikel

    He didn’t get offended.. they did not follow the rules. Tried to do something different but it failed

  • bri mikel

    True but again u must know t.i. and he isn’t too keen on having random ppl around his business or family. That’s a book me idea tho.

  • Juanita Applebaum

    ima watch but tips villian voice and stance is irking me. what movie is he auditioning for?

  • Lesa Missy

    Damn Tip aint holding nun back lol

  • nat

    This is the best thing since VH1s I Love Money! and work for DIDDY! This will definitely help withdrawals from Haves and Have Nots, Basket Ball wives, Greenleaf, Growing up hip hop, and If loving you is wrong, oh let me not forget Braxton Family Values, I miss being Mary Jane too (Sad face). I appreciate the GOOD shows and thank Broken Silenze!

  • R C


  • South Michael West

    I’m curious… The black Republican, does he talk like that because he is a Republican?

  • South Michael West

    Is old girl really crying cuz they got three levels in that house and she ain’t never seen a nice house before? I know she f****** lying.

  • Akire

    Just started watching and i want Javi to win. Taking care of mom, creative, and most of all humbled. I’m rooting for her.

  • Asha Austin

    I went to school with Gracee, good to see her doing her thing!

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I think it will a woman as well…

  • nat

    Oh cool so this is kinda like work for diddy except they’re not running and sweating trying to get back on time lol. Nice!

  • Lost Sheep

    LMAO, damn, tht bad, I dont like how he Wore the hustler shirt, like he the only hustler, i would of been offended if I was TI, he the REAL HUSTLER TF U MEAN? A Woman better win, we some hustlin Sistas!

  • Karen Wright

    I was waiting for Tip to say YOURE FIRED!!! Because his show is the The Apprentice minus Celebrity Contestants. I like it tho because Tip is going to change someones life, but it definitely lacks originality & Im predicting the BARBER will win this contest…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I don’t like ole boy in the hustler shirt neither, he makes my ass itch…And he’ll be going home soon…watch…

  • T2Sweet


  • Lost Sheep

    Well damn, TI aint NO JOKE! He a Business Man, did they not realize from the name of both his shows, dumbasses, they aint tht damn smart or they so smart, they dumb! TI a HUSTLER! Fuck knowledge is power, so is money, he smart, he got money, if he want more knowledge, he will buy it hell!

  • Lost Sheep

    April, I felt the SAME way, but after this last time, he finessed Tiny air head ass with a car, I WAS DONE! She stupid n he know she stupid, she just dont want nobody to be able to claim him permanently but her, even if it means stupidity n he fine too,Ill give him tht, TI was fine as hell young n he still fine! I even stopped buying his music, shit on tht, why should I care she dont!

  • T-Aira McDonald

    Dont worry i just found out about this show too and it’s only the first episode

  • T-Aira McDonald

    Love this show!! The way T.I. dismissed thaat girl lmao sold me

  • Gbunny

    I love the way T.I speaks. He’s like the ghetto version of Morgan Freeman .

  • Chrissy

    Pureeeee egos everywhere — I’ll watch though lol

  • Made Jade

    Oweee T. I. a feisty lil thang!

  • King_fn_tut

    I’ve should have been on this show.

  • Ronika Gillon
  • Ronika Gillon

    He specifically said something of value and expensive. Key word expensive meaning monetary value.

  • kneesee

    Man so the problem with the book is they didnt have a good enough story with their hustle. That was actually an GREAT trade and more valuable than what anybody else got in my opinion but the probably is they didnt bring the right the story. In my opinion they all failed. I would of traded the water for a clip board and a pin and I would of had ppl sign up to donate their time to one T.I. charities. The hustle is not only about monetary its about how you can maximize the opportunity to the greatest capacity.(in my TI vocabulary voice) lol.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I’ll be watching this! I already have a few people in mind that will be sent home soon…They have to learn how to follow directions then implement a plan and hustle to no end…You don’t have to have a degree to do this but you must have common sense….

  • LaNiece Robinson

    He wasn’t offended but, the challenge was to bring something back with a high monetary value..The whole team should have been sent home…

  • Kay

    Uh, nah. He got mad cause this challenge was about making money. It’s a business show, so why get something of low value just cause it’s sentimental? It makes no sense in the business world.

  • AveryWest

    And had the nerve to send two educated black people home on the first episode

  • AveryWest

    Hmmmmm so T.I. got offended just because someone offered him a book to read that may help him out in life? He’s so immature smh

  • ChildofVenus

    I’ll be watching. But is it always necessary to have a token white person on black shows???? Sheesh

  • crystalush


  • April_Moon

    Issa cheater