• bri mikel

    George is the most level headed. Get rid of the guy who had the anxiety/heart attack for not participating. Neither team had a weak link this week to me.

  • bri mikel

    Honestly George only lacks in socialism. His people skills are cringeworthy, but that’s not a reason to gun for him. Smart ppl would pay attention to what he has accomplished and why he IS STILL THERE. Javi is too emotional (geh only downfall). The team works well together minus the likeability factor, but shit I’m not on here to be liked.

  • bri mikel


  • AndWhat

    I’m tired of Jill she complains about each point but literally never has ideas. All she ever says is wow the pointe should have had a more distinct plan or an idea.

  • Esha Hamilton

    I think Javi shouldve been point I feel she wouldve brought her whole heart into it

  • kneesee

    or a plot twist for the end. Maybe TI knows and the reason he has been planted.

  • kneesee

    Another great decision T.I.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    wowww. these shows are sooo full of crap smh

  • Lacy4u

    Someone stated that he was their college Professor teaching Business Mgmt, but they didn’t mention where the school was & I don’t know what school he attended for his degree(s). I do know that Professors, especially tenured ones, earn six figure salaries. George should already have a nice bank account as a Professor & from that reality show. He’s actually a great candidate for T.I.’s company but I don’t know if he’s pretending to be hard to get along with the other cast mates or if that’s just his normal attitude.

  • Juanita Applebaum

    I knew he looked familiar. I dont know where I know George from did he go to school in the AUC or maybe it was from this other show.

  • Lacy4u

    I’m starting to wonder if George is a producer plant. There’s been two times in a row that he could’ve been sent home yet T.I. has saved him. As I stated on the first episode of this show, I remembered seeing George before. He was on another reality series a few years ago called “Find Me My Man”. It was a Black dating show in which George was one of the dating coaches. Therefore, I’m really leaning toward the producers either want him to stay to create drama (in order to keep the show interesting) or possibly T.I. really thinks he’d make a great candidate for his company. I guess we’ll see from the upcoming episodes….

  • OMARI.

    I know Vanessa probably felt like such a fish out of water. you’re right she wasn’t the weakest and that they didn’t have one. The cause is very tailored toward black or people of color’s struggles and I’m glad she didn’t do too much attempting to be a white savior she stuck to her strengths it sucks that Krystal couldn’t see that and just wrote her off as lacking passion.

  • Juanita Applebaum

    How was he as a professor. I don’t have no problem with George except the shirt he wore first episode was corny but that aside. He is a classic example of a dickhead in corporate america, whether you like them or not you have to be able to get down with effectiveness and the problem with most of these people is they seems to confuse the word colleague with friend. You are not going to progress from agreeing on everything.

  • Juanita Applebaum

    I figured both teams were staying, they did do a good job.
    Javi-you act hard but you cracked under pressure in the lastly challenge and you were crying. Im sorry but if you are some type of designer you would not have come up with that tacky display for challenge 3 so maybe that is really you were internally questioning yourself about where things should go and externalizing it on George. You really didn’t want to make the decision because TI already clowned you about your arts and crafts decor, so miss me with the bullsh*t bout hashtag placement. You still had TI up in your ear and couldn’t focus.
    Cierra – overrated. When you were lead you weren’t effective and since then they have used you as some sort of sex symbol, I guess but the show is Grand Hustle, not Grand Ho’in and when they get tired of it if you have not shown you can do something other than socialize you will be gone.
    White chick – classic example of how this is not her cause so it is not going to be her cause. her background is not in the peace corps or any other type of movement so you go what you got out of her and her role for the week was on social media where she was clearly effective. when she called those girls over they didn’t even acknowledge her, she has enough sense to know her strength and being the face of the black movement is not it. She was not the weakest link, I don’t think the team had one this weak.
    Curly Sue black chick – the reason she needs to go is because as soon as one of these artist or co-workers curse her out she is going to quit anyway. One day of decent input does not make you are star.

    I’ve gotten use to TI’s voice and he is so ruthless with the send home.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I’m bored with this show now…

  • YoungFabulous

    yep they can’t get rid if George yet he’s good tv

  • Trice

    It is villains always stays for a while

  • Lost Sheep

    Ppl love to hate George n they tryin hard as hell to eliminate him! Fuck all them bitches, George, the wrong shit on their minds! #GETRICHORDIETRYIN

  • _ Exclusive.Angel _

    I like George lol. I didn’t at first. He has a tough attitude to get along with, but he’s not gonna kiss up to get along with everyone either. Everyone is trying to be friends, and that’s not gonna work.

  • fancey

    i like this show. George was my college professor for business management

  • MayaDivine

    boooooooooooooooooooo. They lost and TI saved George again. we were cheated this week and i think its for ratings. booooooooooooooooooooooo

  • DanniJay

    Finally dayum been waiting

  • Tima Yangala

    Aye !

  • getyolyfe

    First finally