Iyanla Fix My Life Season 7 – Neffe & Soullow returns

Neffe and her husband Soullow (aka Shelby) return once again to seek help from Iyanla in a desperate effort to try to save their crumbling marriage, and she gives the them a reality check by forcing them to confront the baggage they’ve been carrying throughout their lives. Later, an explosive argument between the two pushes Iyanla to walk out on her guests for the first time ever.

  • QBee

    Are these people for real with their issues or clawing at their last chance of their 15mins of fame?!…either way it’s turmoilous

  • NikkiChinos

    If Neffie don’t fix that stray braid, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

  • Dee Harden

    I like the shit !! Lol I want to play!!! My fave is shorty just bouncing her butt up and down …

  • AmIHere4It?

    I am sick of seeing it!

  • AmIHere4It?

    Neffie need to go on a 30 day water only fast…best way to heal yourself and get rid of toxins. She’s not fibbing about those meds making you feel spaced out. I have heard that same thing from a few people.

  • L’Amour De Soi

    Saw it and died!!

  • MarsBars

    Like seriously. Who wants to be called a gutter snipe by a trusted professional on a very publiv platform with ur husband present. SMH.

  • asidkisses

    How does she fuck up their life? please, share?

  • asidkisses

    How can you say what she seems having never met her? Dude, chill.

  • Dee Harden

    I know y’all seen that add for the video game with the chicks twerking and slanging guns???!!

  • Dee Harden

    Ayo first of all I feel like I wrote this.. but I wasn’t going to comment until I seen Amelia Bedilia!!!! Oh My Goodness I haven’t heard that name in so lonnnngggg … nastalgia

  • Baybeetricia

    What I think she meant is in reference to the show. To me, prostituting the pain means pimping out their pain just to have a storyline so the show can go on. She said she does not want to do that because, basically, she is not doing this for camera time/storyline. So, of she can’t help them then it doesn’t make sense having them there at house. They can leave and return when ready but they’re are obviously not mentally compliant.

  • Excepcion

    woe is me, self victimization, pitty party all of that for either cash or sympathy..which they are both doing on a large scale.

  • mirra.k

    Why don’t they just divorce sheesh..why go through this ..and please don’t say because of the kids..just co-parent

  • Ugo Tai

    As a neuropsychiatrist, I wouldnt completely nullify that diagnosis…her irrational and manic behaviour, coupled with periods of low mood and loss of interest is synonymous with Bipolar Disorder…However, what is obvious to everyone is that she does have an anger management problem. Its sad to watch how toxic they are to eachother.

  • Ugo Tai

    This marriage is so toxic!…Its affecting me just from watching it..

  • mocha brown

    Don’t they get money for coming on this show! Yepppp

  • Candy Jones

    she not bipolar she just stressed the fuck out. If she got rid of that nigga she will be happy. therapist always trying to misdiagnosed with things to make money

  • NicoleZee

    “Sucking on the weeny” is a new phrase for me! LOL! Naw, a man needs to be doing more than making phone calls to get a BJ! Neffe is uniquely pretty, but she needs to work on her self-esteem, get her tubes tied, and get divorced. Five kids from different people and a toxic marriage is enough! Ladies please stop settling for bum dudes and definitely don’t settle for a n!gga that can’t even please you right in the bedroom when you need and want him to. Good grief!

  • rp

    Wasn’t Neffe going on various radio media complaining about Iylana being a fraud and Iylana did not know what she doing!!! But now she seeking her help, this is so phony!!!

  • Loppy

    These fools just wanna act ignorant on tv. They don’t want any help.

  • A. L. Llewellyn

    So over these 2, they both need regular jobs and to stop having kids they cant afford

  • Cap

    You’re right it’ll be a toxic vicious cycle

  • KristalisaDiamond

    I’m gon need them to let this rship go..it’s way too toxic and they should be shame!!

  • StraightShooter

    Damn! She depressed, bipolar and drunk????? TF???

  • Janetty Petty


  • Diasha Brooks

    Smh , well then.. all Tht getting big and loud for no reason

  • mandi

    the cole family been a mess

  • Reina1718

    Yup last time they had no place to stay

  • Reina1718


  • Reina1718

    But the dude she wanna suck on have a woman….neffee said it herself so what attention is she really getting? Seems like when her husband gave her attention she abused it & him…

  • Reina1718

    Neffee is a product of a drug addicted mother who never got help & thinks this nonsense is ok. I hope she figures her life out otherwise her kids will repeat this cycle bcuz thats all they see

  • Reina1718

    Neffee said he dont want to sign the papers, she been ready.

  • Reina1718

    Yes she so lost

  • MarsBars

    Child. My jaw dropped. Poor Soullow, soul just low. Lmao.

  • MarsBars

    Her show is comedy. And so is Neffe. Keyshia somewhere shakin her head like omfg. Why I ever introduce these mfs to the limelight!! Whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?

  • MarsBars

    Is it healthy if I call u one back “Miss V”?

  • Cap

    First of all, I never said that but I did say that you cannot diagnose someone with a disorder unless you’re an MD. I was clarifying whether Iyanla was just saying that or if there’s some background to it which you have just confirmed to me there is. When I observe Neffe’s behavior I just see that she’s irrational. I didn’t want to use any other terms in case it isn’t so because I’m not a psychiatrist

  • Ci Ci_24

    First off … i want Neffie to learn her name! It’s
    “E-yawn-la”.. i don’t know what that baby said.. but i wish Them the best.. they are toxic for each other. It’s sad to see another marriage fail but sometimes things just don’t work out.

  • Fee2nice

    This is why we have to show love & give kids love from birth so they can know their worth. A man being nice over the phone should not make a woman want to have oral sex with him

  • We’re -here-

  • Tyler

    I’m really glad that Iyanla checked him on calling her “massa” I found that so rude, degrading and disrespectful I’m so many levels ANDDDDD, I’m also glad she checked her! These people clearly aren’t good for each other. Even at the end the captions read he moved out according to him but according to her he still lives there! I’m so confused and so are they! Fix it Jesus

  • Dean

    Lmfao wait what a hi makes her wanna suck some dick dead

  • Diasha Brooks

    So half of this first episode of iyanla was about neffe suckin another man’s “weeny”

  • Diasha Brooks
  • KIER

    It just seems weird coming from someone with a psychology degree working “first hand” with bipolar patients. I have several bipolar folk in my family and there is no “one size fits all” on their behavior. Just saying though 😛 lol.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I said what I said. You don’t like it, keep it pushing

  • kneesee

    Rent must be due…

  • KIER

    How are you a mental professional and feel comfortable calling someone “fucked up” for their obviously disturbed mental behavior? If she was seeing a mental health professional for 5 months, I’m pretty sure they weighed the pros and cons of her behavior over a period of time before jumping to bipolar disorder. You cannot deny that diagnosis just from seeing an hour clip of her.

  • KIER

    A psychiatrist diagnosed Neffe with bipolar disorder but Neffe is in denial about it. Iyanla just said that she does believe that neffe is struggling with a mental disorder, and bipolar might be it. I mean you really don’t have to be a professional to see that her behavior is not normal.

  • YoungFabulous

    They probably trying to get someone to give them their own show. It didn’t work so they came back again. That’s my thoughts before I even watch.

  • Diasha Brooks

    Smh , She ain’t done nothing iyanla ask her to do … yeah bish , WHY are we here today ?

  • DaNiro Elle Brown

    I dont follow either of them on social media do we know what’s the tea on there situation because that end message and update from the both of them was carrying … Legit a mess like y’all both are lying and it’s ridiculous to watch. I had to rewind like wait so they both are saying the complete opposite about the same situations and I can’t figure out who’s worse.

  • Erica Greene

    I just screamed! I always scroll through the comments before I even press the play button! Whew! I hollered. I am using that line from now on. Every time someone acts a damn’ fool “…Class act AF.” I’m outdone!

  • Erica Greene

    I just screamed! “Amelia Bedelias…” LMMMMFFFAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Cap

    Sucking on a weeny! Lol Iyanla sometimes… I can’t with her

  • Cap

    They are clearly not good for each other, so they should just be over and done with. I don’t see a revival in this marriage, it looks too toxic. I don’t think Neffe is bipolar, isnt Iyanla just a counsellor? How can she diagnose her with bipolar? She’s not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. I think Neffe just needs intense therapy, and perhaps some medication to help her e.g. antidepressants or something. She just needs a HUGE time out, and a lot of counseling. Same for the husband, he needs intensive therapy. I don’t think its a mental illness type of thing….

  • EducatedRatchet

    When muva said only thing u need to be sucking on is a grapefruit or a tic tac..I HOLLERED

  • Cap

    Keyshia said it was a joke….

  • EducatedRatchet

    These reality “stars” will do ANYTHING for tv time..this looks so staged and fake..WHY IS NEFFE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn dramatic and extra..and just WHOSE LIFE has this witch doctor fixed???

  • Ashly Jones

    Her way of tryna stay relevant. No one heard neffee name in like 10 yrs. Keyshia get pregnant by a kid half her son age. Oh shut here come neffe and her marital issues…. really

  • Pisces3384

    Iyanla has the patience of a saint because I would have said I don’t have to deal with these two effed up ADULTS. The money and the connection to Oprah is not worth this bs Iyanla!

  • braveheart341

    Glad someone in the field sees what i’m saying too.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    He doesn’t seem to be able to take care of himself. He is with Neffie cause he can’t pay rent solo… Allegedly

  • Ancient Wisdom

    How can you help me if you calling me a bitch, life coach????

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I was saying the same thing… Everybody is bipolar these days, wtf! I have a degree in psychology and I have developed psychotropic medicines for 25 years. I have worked first hand with bipolar patients and Nefe doesn’t seem bipolar to me. She is fucked up but bipolar seems a stretch. She needs some depression medicine and a better fucking attitude. She needs therapy so she can stop being so fuckin narcissistic and have more respect for her husband. If he would carry his own weight she would respect him more.

  • racq

    Whew chile I’m tired from writing this already but….It annoys me that so many people, especially Iyanla , think this mystery man on the phone just said “good morning beautiful” and Neffe was like “I wanna blow you”…She meant the ONGOING attention he was showing her, making her a priority, is what caused her to feel a way about him. She was/is so clearly lacking this affection in her marriage and was wide open….Who knew people were so literal, bunch of Amelia Bedelias when it’s convenient

  • braveheart341


  • Kay

    I keep checking in for the RHOP Reunion. The clips are all over the Internet. When’s it gonna get posted?? I don’t care about Nefe, I need to see the Grand Dame and Monique and Candace own the green eyed bandits and Ashley!

  • braveheart341

    I don’t believe that Neffi is bipolar. I think too many people are “diagnosed” with that disorder. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, and it’s not that i’m against the diagnosis of true mental issues, but i’m just not buying this particular one.

  • Ashley True


  • Excepcion

    Im glad Iyanla called out Shelby’s “prostituion of pain”, I get that he is dealing with very deep and dark trauma BUT! to then use that as a weapon against his wife and Neffie doing the same, definitely shows Codepency and manipulating behavior. Its terrible to know that these two rather be in a disfuncional relationship and the pain that goes with it rather than dealing with their own issues.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    boy. you need to add me to Twitter or FB. Cus I wanna just give you a huge hug & hand shake. this is exactly what I was thinking. Neffe is a very toxic individual and now I know why Keyshia distances her self from them. Wow

  • Nimo

    The two conflicting stories at the end

  • alexa04tx

    Ditto. Waiting on Insecure. Already watched Power. And uh, I don’t need to go on a talk show to not be happy & fucking LEAVE. But whatever tho.

  • MarsBars

    Girl me too. “Miss V” fucks up ppl life more than fix..This why I call it “Iyanla fuck my life!”

  • MarsBars

    Class act af. They all need to be in a Tyler Perry movie and collect a check. Their acting is phenomenal!

  • MarsBars

    Right child cuz lord help Neffe.

  • Putting my 2 cents

    Ain’t shit else on so I’m here

  • Trice

    she seems like she is 5 steps behind frankie

  • April_Moon

    Ummmmm so it only take a man texting Neffe good morning for her to feel like giving oral sex to a random guy outside of her husband???

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    They really pissed her off. I think Neffy just needed a check and came on the show again.

  • Lizzie Barton

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  • ChildofVenus

    I’m so glad that y’all posted this cause it’s a lot of women that need to see exactly what NOT to do in a relationship or marriage if you want it to work ✍

  • MelaninGoddess

    Chile… Neffe answered all of her own questions when she said that she refuses to take her bipolar meds, that’s the damn root of all of their issues

  • Represent All Day

    Right! These two fools don’t belong together.

  • Ttrini

    Damn yo this ish was deep! I knew Solo wasn’t sincere with that half ass apology! Im sorry “if” i ever wronged you? Lol i hate those apologies

  • Trice

    I’ve never in my life thought marriage could be this much work for two grown adults who should know better