Iyanla Fix My Life Episode 1 – ‘Althea & Dutchess: Reality Rehab’

On the season premiere, tension boils over and reach fever pitch when Iyanla Vanzant attempts to fix the lives of Dutchess Lattimore from Black Ink Crew and Althea Heart of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but gets met with resistance.

  • Aushai Mccraney

    Yes I have always said that I loved Dutchess in the very beginning of Black Ink but her character changed to the point to where I stopped watching Black Ink cause I thought she was foul.

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    Wait, how did Aylanya or whatever know they were talkin about her boots and shit if SHE wasn’t on the internet. Caught yo ass…lol.

  • DarkBleuGoddess

    no it is not FACTS
    she appeared on the show without make up before
    she didn’t need to be make – up less for them to get the point
    she has done her work – so much so that she will appear on screen without make up. she is the teacher not the student

  • Revolution_Cudjoe

    I know I’m late but….Damn I felt like I’d laugh this whole episode at watching Dutchess get what she finally deserved. To be humbled…And while I DID- It wasn’t for the entire episode. I believe she was FINALLY telling the truth when she said they found what she wanted to portray boring…I could see her trying to paint or do a tattoo with some form of enlightenment in mind for the viewer; only to have production tell her “NO! WE NEED THE ANGRY BLACK WOMAN PERSONA!”

    Her attitude and presence here reminded me of when she first appeared on Black Ink…You know when we all liked her, and loved her image…So sad that her and the other girl think they look ugly without makeup. Both women are beautiful…Dutchess I hope you took this lesson to heart, your looks are amplified when you exude love from the inside out.

    The way you treated others as well as yourself publicly on the show was UGLY, and that ugliness spread to your physical image in the eyes of the viewer. Your antics made it hard for us the viewers to stand you any longer, but I can understand the production poking you in that direction. Stay firm with your image next time, portray that intelligent spiritual & beautiful dread-head we know you are.

  • Steph Scott

    Iyanla is a grown ass woman. The one thing I love about her healing process is that she forces her subjects to own their shit, to be accountable for their own actions. Most ppl don’t do that unfortunately.

  • Steph Scott

    Isn’t it amazing that these beautiful black women can have this bravado about how incredible they are; yet still have these insecurities that cripple them?

  • Steph Scott

    I don’t even like Dutchess and the image she portrayed of herself on Black Ink. But I’m rooting HEAVILY for her to heal. Is that strange?

  • Insight2020

    lol right. Folks love blabbing in ignorance.

  • Insight2020

    Iyanla doesn’t NEED the makeup to feel good about herself though. That is the difference. She does her IG videos bareface all the time. She practices what she preaches.

  • Bey Martinez


  • 2thick4sum

    Funny becuz she was extra done in that scene

  • bintukabba important

  • IG:savageasslaci

    She lying, I’ve seem of camera together. If anything is fake it was her

  • IG:savageasslaci

    I disagree, when she left black ink crew she was mad interviews tryna get black ink crew ratings down. She lied about Ceazer beating on her and then she went and talked about the producers of the show when it was them that gave her the limelight’ nobody forced her to be apart of black ink but because it didn’t go her way now see is the victim?

  • Zipper Skull

    Thats what I was thinking lol

  • Zipper Skull

    I definitely agree, when she left BIC and revealed the receipts about the production, I thought she was done fr and focus on her success. I was surprised she came on this show, I thought for sure she was a changed woman, but I guess Black Ink, ceasar, and the character she portrays still haunts her. I hope she’ll get peace and a clean soul after this. She needs to move on.

  • Zipper Skull

    I bet she wasn’t herself when she was on black ink, ceasar changed ALOT ever since she left.

  • Candy Jones

    ceasar started doing the most after dutchess

  • QBee

    You don’t know what I know…why can’t you dumb fucq s keep yourselves out of other people’s thoughts..SMMFH

  • Mademoiselle Goldie✨

    I watched her episodes and sorry that’s not what I saw.. you just pick and choose what you want to get out of her episodes but that’s not what I got. AND it is Neffi’s choice to appear on tv on this show, no one is forcing her. And I remember Iyanla telling her to seek for psychological help and take her medication and Neffi declined. Who’s fault is that?

  • KellieeJelliee

    But the Father was willing to take responsibility and be open she felt like she didn’t have a role to play or it wasn’t her fault.

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    Dutchess is a narcissist.

  • Gerome Wright

    For example:

    Mama and daddy on drugs, raised by a loving but stressed grandmama, kidnapped and raped as a child, has a child die on her, turned to a life of prostitution and then met and married one abusive man after the other…including Solo. Neffie’s antics and drama are a direct reflection of the toxic environment she was raised in and continues to live in…cause she don’t know no better. And instead of helping her, Iyanla comforts her a husband and reduces Neffie to a “guttersnipe straight out the ghetto” for RATINGS.

  • Gerome Wright

    Agree COMPLETELY. There is a difference between telling someone the truth and being a BULLY. I don’t know anyone I’d let talk to me that way, including my mama. Although her intentions maybe good she’s on television and has to amp up her behavior for ratings. REAL therapists, counselors, etc. DON’T scream, snarl, growl and snap at folks that way…even when they’re telling someone the truth about themselves. Comparing Iyanla to a life coach is like comparing Judge Judy to a real judge. NOT.

  • 1Love404

    haha chill

  • QBee

    Just wanted to have my opinion..and this lil witch cane out of nowhere

  • QBee

    Not as much as I would like to know..would like to cast a few spells on some trolls every now and again.

  • Lovë 22

    I’ve always liked Dutchess honestly, always thought she had no business being on Black Ink!

    Lol yall just sensitive! People hate being told the truth about themselves, the true is not suppose to soft or sweet, it can be harsh, vile and uncomfortable af!

  • Paige Banks

    yea but dutchess was a cunt on BIC..so it probably reminded her of that shit

  • Paige Banks

    i don’t think she has a heart tbh. just plays victim for sympathy..all predators do it once they’re exposed

  • Paige Banks

    tf are u talking about? she was an evil cunt on the show and very controlling.

  • Paige Banks

    she was one of the most ruthless cast members

  • Paige Banks

    what you just said is a contradiction. if they are truly ‘actors’ then they wouldn’t be affected atall cos it didn’t really happen. it’s a lot more complicated than just being ‘fake’.

  • Paige Banks

    hahahaha did u watch BIC from season 1? she’s very good at playing the victim cos she has you fooled.

  • Deano Fergi

    Not exzactly true she has her own shop, she should ignore the trolls and be happy in life. When I said she allways seems miserable I mean ever since I’ve known about her before her and ceaser broke up, in her confessionals she allways seems down and sad

  • Mademoiselle Goldie✨

    How is what she doing hurtful?

  • Danielle Murray

    Oh wow – I didnt know them getting together was stage – but that make sense b/c I couldnt understand why she fought Alex when she was saying she couldnt date a guy like Cease. However I still feel she could have found a better way not to be boring than being a bish.

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    Wrong, I’m a therapist, we don’t give medication. What Iyanla is doing is dangerous and hurtful!

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    Why is the bridezilla girl there? No one remembers her and sisters fight, big deal

  • Bey Martinez

    I’m sorry, but, if Iyanla really wanted to drive home the point about makeup, she should have been bare-faced as well!!!

  • Mademoiselle Goldie✨

    Thank youuuuuuuuu!! I will never understand people that bash Iyanla?! She’s doing what everyone should b doing, these shrinks stuffing people with medications aren’t helping nobody but killing them with antidepressants! Iyanla hits it straight where it hurts, no bullshit.

  • Mademoiselle Goldie✨

    I feel so so so sorry for Dutchess.. as much of a pain she has been in the past, she was this way for a reason, she’s been hurt and keeps on getting hurt. Now she’s been painted in such a bad negative way, and she’s in such a deep hole she can’t get out of, because it’s now out on the internet, and people on black ink are STILL mention her name and bash her, and she can’t even defend herself. It must be hard.

  • disqus_NbTa8h0lCH but

  • Stunna

    She said it….she helped other ppl gain and got nothing in return. Then when she tried to move on internet trolls wouldn’t let up

  • India

    Like I said I don’t like her! If you don’t like people’s comments then keep it moving …I wasn’t responding to you anyways …

    Happy New Year!

  • BritBrat28


  • KellieeJelliee

    I’m lost if someone went through the samething you were going through now there not qualified to help? The reasons you state didn’t have anything to do with the dislike of her character. Her and Evelyn is around the same age they are 5 years apart. That’s not her elder. Evelyn was enabling behavior of her children!

    Just say you don’t like her counseling technique.

  • Hyewon

    I think Dutchess turned up to not “be boring” like she said earlier in order to stay on the show with Ceaser…. she later admitted they were a couple before the show- them getting together on the show was fake and staged.

  • Nimo

    Iyanla made sense this time with the product, pricing, packaging, & promotion metaphor. I will definitely use that in my life.

  • Doris G

    Althea reminds me of Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives, her attitude, demeanor, and personality.

  • Zarah

    Dutchess was with Ceaser before the show. What we saw before they got together on the show was all staged and fake.

  • Zarah

    Agree but what does being popular have to do with a desire (or not) for fame??? She said it as an explanation for why she never wanted to seek fame… famous people come from all sorts of backgrounds and many of them did not do whatever they do just to seek fame so that analogy makes no sense… typical example of her talking about herself just exert superiority not realizing that’s insecure people behavior.

  • KellieeJelliee

    Folks always complain about her technique, like she said to the Ladies when they come in. That there gonna be moments when they’re not going to like her. Find someone else it’s so my coaches out there! Y’all knew what it was from jump!

  • KellieeJelliee

    No Dutchess was an open book she didn’t hold nothing back. Althea was trying to be slick, trying to lie about why she was honestly there. She ask the ladies all the same questions! Athlea wasn’t ready for healing. Iyanla do the same stuff every time and folks complain like they didn’t pick her to do the samething she always does! My thing is go find a coach that suits you! Too many out here Iyanla is just a national platform, she knew that.

  • Deano Fergi

    3 mins in… I don’t know what it is about dutchess but she allways seems so sad and misrable it’s like there’s a negative energy around her

  • Camden


  • He’s definitely not over her. Any chance he gets he still calls her a bish. She’s his sore spot. And cease is a LOSER. A poor leader among his employees and super sensitive and Dutchess tatoos better than him. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching but he did a lot of messed up stuf to her for years.

  • Why? Plenty of people are popular in their lives just like plenty of people aren’t. We all have different backgrounds and the way I see it Dutchess was raised southern surrounded by love and was popular at her HBCU so yeah maybe she was doing pretty ok. We are both Pisces women and I grew up pretty popular in my life as well. People hate for no reason. It’s her truth.

  • Danielle Murray

    EXACTLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! and nobody came for her face – ppl used to trip off her lips being chapped…

  • Danielle Murray

    I agree with Iyanla – its not reality tv – its what they choose to do to have camera time – to have 15 min of fame. Dutchess started off cool but AS SOON AS she got with Cease – she did a 360 and acted like a bish….. I think it kills her to see the show and Cease go on and do good without her. Althea want to be a famous socialite and those days are over – so where is the talent to gain you the fame and money you want???? Do you sing – act – or wahhhhhhhhhhhh???? I dont know the bridezilla chick but I would think a simple convo with her sis with a sincere apology would make things better. Dutchess you look the same with or without make up and ppl teased you about your lips being chapped – not your looks. Althea left b/c she got called her – she had no reason to be other than it would put her back on tv…

  • QBee

    You first HOE….go play in traffic and DIE bitch!

  • Jalis Al-Hindi

    YESSS! She is going to be aaaalright.

  • Jalis Al-Hindi

    Say it Sister!! I love you for this.

  • Jalis Al-Hindi

    And that, by title in this nation, is a Life Coach. And no one has to have a perfect life to BE a life coach. That is akin to a Pschologist can not pratice if they have endured psycholgical issues.

  • Jalis Al-Hindi

    That is not reality tv ma’am. Look again.

  • Tiffaney

    “All I have to do is show up and I know that my presence is ENOUGH!!” POWERFUL

  • yeah yeah yeah

    I love you- Didn’t read pass stupid. Eat a dick infested cock sucker

  • P8perpl8nez


  • Jamila Iman

    I hear what you’re saying about life coaches, but think about it like this, we still have confidants like friends and parents, they aren’t perfect but it’s still helpful to have them around for support. Now with a life coach, the only difference is that this person has specific intentions to be alongside you during your journey, all while using given approaches. Doesn’t mean life coaches or therapists are perfect, and they don’t have to be. But the quality of the relationship established between coach and individual, and the level of accountability and respect, are what make coaches useful. We can’t all do it alone… Love and light <3

  • KIER

    Im sorry but yall are so miserable and ungrateful!! Iyanla brought her show to TV to try and put the issues and traumas that black families like to keep hidden on the forefront.. You really going to say she causes more damage vs shows like LHH, Black Ink Crew, etc? Watching iyanla has helped me with SO many demons, letting go of resentment, being able to analyze my families behavior and forgive my abusers from my past. It really upsets me that black people criticize her for having a show about healing trauma, but are the same ones who sit and watch these drama reality tv shows that makes us look bad. SMH

  • Rokses

    The girl thought she could just wing it like in marriage bootcamp.Benzini could nit have been acting a whole fool if Iyanla was there, by the way.

  • yeah yeah yeah

    MANY- exposure is A LOT for some‼️‼️ Keep in mind- if she got a pitty party she wanted and for to see her as, “poor ol me, I need help” that it would get her more fans.

    Girl wake up!

  • QBee

    You stupid troll..where do you know me from..I see your entire 2019 is going straight to hell before it barely begun..have several seats and let me state MY OPINION!…oh one more thing..FUCQ U and the TWO HOES that look like you!..that’s your Mum and your bitch of a Grandmother..if that wicked old bitch ain’t dead already!

  • QBee

    You suoid troll..where do you know me from..I see your entire 2019 is going straight to hell before it barely begun..have several seats and let me state MY OPINION!

  • yeah yeah yeah

    The pericing made it more bold too ☺️

  • QBee

    Iyanla and her witchy cackle..still not too convinced of her backstreet methods..glad to see Dutchess’lips not looking so thirsty as it used to..now she needs to move the fucq on.

  • Babydoll1943

    Exactly! Cease has not been right in the head since the breakup. This show destroyed them period!

  • Zarah

    Althea filming herself on social media is a bigger deal than you realize- Guests on the show are suppose to keep their appearance confidential until the season is officially advertised and posted by production… Ignoring a pretty standard rule for talk shows and mispronouncing the woman’s name is annoying at best.

  • Zarah

    Dutchess looks defeated and beaten down… instead of moving on after the show and enjoying the success of her own shop, she chose to engage in vengeful behavior and it backfired.

  • shasyl

    This was so raw and real but that Althea girl is a fool and very stubborn and that is her downfall.

  • Kay

    Let’s be real though, Iyanla was way harder on her than she was on Duchess and the other lady from jump. She literally laid into her from the moment she sat on that couch and laid into her when they were doing that chat all together when she brought up her filming herself. It was a lot. She could have just said “why did you film yourself?” Instead of “YOU FILMED YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WANT FAME!! YOU ARE HERE FOR FAME!!” How could Althea carry on with the process after that? Iyanla takes it too far sometimes IMO and is way too hard on certain people and way too soft on others who actually warrant the hard approach like Tamar.

  • Kay

    I get that, but her approach with Althea was way different to how she was with Duchess and the other lady. She literally jumped on Althea from the second she sat on that couch. And the way she jumped at her when they were doing the group talk. It was a lot.

  • Straightshooter

    Uhm… EVERYONE knows Reality TV is a farce. How is that the only people who are surprised by it are the actors?

  • Dabeautiful1

    You must be #Team Althea and your 1st time watching the show.
    Trust & Believe (ratings are important) but Iyanla is not about the BS!!!
    You get what you ask for and most people can not accept the truth nor can they identify with themselves. The TRUTH HURTS & if you want to be healed (over come under layered problems); DO THE WORK AND TRUST THE PROCESS.

    YES, I’m #Team Iyanla
    ALL DAY & Never meet her personally.

  • rp

    Great, Great show!!!

  • Such A Baddie

    I just think Althea was being stupid. She knew she didn’t want to change, heal or if she does wasn’t really ready…. She really thought she was gonna finesse Iyanla and the show lol for more attention and fame, hence posting on her social media about filming for the show. The girl just wants attention.

  • Asia Kitt

    you better READ, people be reaching and you get it. Cease is on black ink acting like a coke head lol , he ain’t over it or just on drugs

  • EducatedRatchet

    Duchess is a classic example of settling for a trash ass mf’er..you did all of that and ended up as cease bish…smh

  • Great episode. Minon and Crystana both you ladies are beautiful! With or without makeup. Althea is just not ready to receive yet and that’s ok. All in time. I enjoyed. Happy New Years all.:))

  • India

    Plus Cease is too busy listening to what others have to say about Dutchess instead of following his heart….in the first place

  • India

    I never did like her …because she had her own trauma she swears she can fix somebody else’s life foh ….it’s all bs and for TV ..I watched her one time with the young girl who won the lottery and they had this girl lie and say her mother picked the numbers and gave her money to play..but once she won she cashed in the ticket herself…the numbers was quick picked….plus I didn’t like how she was talking to Evelyn Braxton ….

  • Nadine Murrell

    Iyanla is Nasty , BIASED , full of her own self importance and is also on t.v. for fame and fortune! She is just as ratchet and ghetto as the guests, she has a basic life coach certification, and no qualification in mental health and how to treat damaged people! She causes so much damage with her bull SHIT and judgement in the few hours spent with all her guests, but it makes great t v Fuck the damage she causes for years to come! She pre judged althea , and she was the one who got her crew to call her up, just so she could lay into her! Althea has made many of the same mistakes most of us have, iyanla spoke respectfully to the other girls but set althea up from the start of her booking her for the crap show, so she could boost the ratings by creating drama and bullying someone for the shows success!! Iyanla is a hypocrite who needs a better stylist and better qualification than a groupon life coach certification!!

  • Mizz Q

    This made me think more highly of her… Good job Dutch

  • What’s sad is that neither one of these women are UGLY and that other women are surfing social media pages and saying such UGLY things. Now who is really UGLY.

  • The Caribbean Empress
  • Shakendria Murphy

    Im mean she did have that wanna be hit “ghetto love” but of course it was whack and priduced by ol no neckzino lmaooo this made me giggle cuz i aint watched it yet but i know she really believe she just this big celebrity just cuz you know some dont make you one lol. Lawd im scared to watch and she piss me off

  • Prettybrownass

    i always loved dutchess and this made me love her even more , althea is a hot ass mess still trying to be famous like grl i only remember you being a video girl ( ashanti foolish video ) since when was she acting and singing . dnt know the other chick but i liked her story as well her and dutch seem to be the only ones that learned from it .

  • Angiex3

    thank you! These people who call Iyanla then waste her time when confronted with the truth and the part they played in situations annoy me. Like have you not seen a single episode of her show? The lady doesn’t play, and it’s a not a matter of being “too hard” on anyone, but in order for people to heal, she has to make them uncomfortable and take them to places they don’t want to go.

  • Angiex3

    You better say that. I always say if you’re not prepared to hear the truth about yourself, and where you messed up in situations, then please refrain from calling Iyanla, because she is not gonna sugarcoat anything for you.

  • EbonyJ

    I always thought Dutchess was beautiful with or without makeup. And very intelligent, even though it was down played on Black Ink it was clear Dutchess was smart and came from a different life than most of the other cast members. Ever since I saw her Breakfast Club interview I don’t look at the show the same.

  • Deidra Cade

    He’s not over that break up. That’s where his downward spiral began. He masks everything with chasing loose women, partying and being an asshole. Having success in his business is not enough because there are other things he deals with besides that. Dutchess’ issues were more than about Cease. It’s not being enough for self and being shaped by and plugged in to too much of what the world thinks of them that has got them here. Reality TV just enhanced a lot of their issues. That whole cast needs to be on this show, clearly.

  • Zarah

    Anyone who spent 5 years on a ratchet show like Black Ink bound to be damaged. The producers and cast members are low and ruthless.

  • Hyewon

    Actually felt sorry for Dutchess for the first time ever, seems like she really did love Ceaser and the way things ended broke her spirit…. however, she also made things worst for herself by continuously engaging in Black Ink drama long after she left the show.

  • YoungFabulous

    Althea just shut up

  • KellieeJelliee

    But her technique in counseling has never changed. If she watch the show she should know what to expect. In my mind no one has time to play around with grown women who know what they are doing! Get straight to it, cut the small talk!!! Be honest!!! She is not a child!

  • Such A Baddie

    I don’t think Iyanla was being to hard on her.. She was there for like 5 minutes lol .I think (which was obvious) Althea just wanted to be on another TV show. she thought she was gonna be cute, act for the cameras with a couple crocodile tears and go home…until she got there are realized sh*t was real. She just picked the wrong tv show imo because she didn’t wanna discuss her gold digging, beating up her baby daddy etc.she wasn’t there for healing or a breakthrough. It was simply another opportunity for exposure and fame. Once she saw it wasn’t a game and Iyanla wasn’t going to play and wanted to talk about real and not reality, Thi Thi was ready to bounce…She just wasted her time though, hasn’t she seen an episode on the show?

  • bossrere

    Althea just mad because she got called out about her Instagram. You been wanting fame and money since you were 19 but I’ve never heard one of your songs and I’m sure you only got cast for that ONE season of love and hip hop because of benzino.
    I have new found respect for Dutchess. She’s beautiful with it without makeup, I hope she grows to know that

  • Kay

    Whose gonna go on Iyanla just to be on tv, though?? Everyone knows Iyanla gets in that ass. People come on here for redemption eg. Evelyn Lozada, Karreuche, Hazel E, etc. Althea’s gotten super bad press so I feel like she came wanting to be seen in a different light, but Iyanla was way too hard on her IMO.

  • 2thick4sum

    Althea is not fragile..she was using them tears as defense so Iyanla could get out her ass! She was not being honest from jump!! When they entered room when they first entered she answered Iyanla’s question with bs..”she want better”..tf was that? Then when she saw the mugshot she was done..then she “think” that’s what she was charged with… Bish.. Iyanla’s knew from then homey was on bs.. And showed her questionnaire with her, fame n money and her she aint got no issues.. And then hit her with why u here? Shorty an opportunist..but unfortunately didn’t take opportunity to get her life together!

  • 2thick4sum

    Althea made herself look worse by not at least attempting to finish the session..she was defensive as would anyone..but who thinks a life coach is gonna paint you a rosy picture and not get in that ass? She didnt want her dirty laundry aired as if she got some entertainment stock value.. She sees herself as “someone” for some reason. She exemplified her thirst trap by stating her need to be validated by ppl and things by her actions, in the short time she was there. She was such a waste of Iyanla’s time.

    Crys and Men had great breakthroughs.. happy for the both of them, I hope they bond and stay in touch to keep reinforcing the principles they reconnected with!!

  • daniella

    Althea “your people contacted me”. First of all who are you??? She needs to humble herself. At the end of the day, if Iyanla is tough or not. She is older and she is qualified to help. Let go of your pride and let God

  • Anica

    In this episode the guests deserve whatever the hell they get since they claim to be so broken from reality TV but supposedly seeking help on a show that’s another version of reality TV.

  • Anica

    Althea had no business being there since she’s the same damn materialistic artificial person she was before during and after Love and Hip Hop.
    The other two women seem like they had more of a life altering experience and wanted to heal from it.

  • Kay

    She was soo hard on Althea, though. We all need different approaches and her super hard approach doesn’t work with everyone. It can make you shut down and not want to take part anymore. You can tell Althea is super sensitive and fragile. That approach was too much for her to handle.

  • not realistic

    Great episode!

  • kimapple

    Althea was not ready or open to learn. I like that Iyanla corrected her every time she did not pronounce her name correctly. Althea did not even care enough to learn how to pronounce her name, I knew it was going to go down hill from then…this is not Love and Hip Hop.

  • HonestA

    A lot of women who suffer from low self esteem issues need to watch this, very raw , meaningful and beautiful episode . Dutchess at one point was a tyrant, you can tell she’s been humbled and her body language just exudes uncomfortability within herself. Peace and blessings unto both women .

    Iyanla gave it to Althea honey and it was too hot for her to handle, poor tink. I hope she gets over herself and put in work at least for her child if not self.

  • R C


  • Kyaa

    Lord the low self esteem that was exuding through this episode is so depressing.
    Omg, it’s crazy the amount of control these people let the internet have over them, as well as “fame” or whatever..it’s crazy.
    I’m so damn private I can’t imagine.
    And Dutchess was never ugly smh.
    Also Althea is an ass and a fraud, she was the only one I felt went into there thinking she was better than everybody.

  • Angel

    Happy new year to you too and all the disqus community.