Love & Marriage Huntsville Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘A Seat At The Table’

Dive into the lives of 3 high powered couples who have linked together through their joint real estate venture, the Comeback Group. These couples are longtime friends and avid socialites with strong personalities and points of view. As they strive to make this huge undertaking a success, watch as they face the realities of love and marriage.

  • MéliMélo

    The amount of sexism oozing from this show is rather dizzying. The Comeback Douches indeed! Especially Marceau eeeew like just eeewww how is he gonna ask a father ”what do you gain from being there for you children?” His kids will need extensive counselling in the future. He’s the type fo men who’s children will send to a hospice and visit once a year to find out if he’s finally passed.

  • Constantlylaughing1994

    Ol’ squinted eyed elf ears? Yes, he has the body but he has the nerve to cheat and be disrespectful? Girl, to each his own lol. I’m sorry but when you have an ugly personality it’s easy to point out your flaws.

  • Candy Jones

    girl shut up.. u just want to fuckkk her husband u tramp

  • Candy Jones

    marceau needs to find a wife who is fine without not working and just taking care of home and raising the kids. there are plenty of women who do like to work and just want to spend money and raise the kids lay around and do nothing. like his wife said if she known that in the beginning she may never had married him.. she needs to divorce his controlling ass. i bet he’s a virgo, scorpio or capricorn. they the only controling signs I know

  • Candy Jones

    Marceau seems to have some sort of control issues going on, I really dont like him. But i dont feel sorry for the wife because she allows him to make all the decisions. like he said they talked in the beginning about his controls issues. martel is fine however he dont look like he can be trusted. believe his is cheating on his wife. look at how he was stuttering when she asked him what he was doing. he was like um i did this and um i did that.

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    Martel is fine af, he is deflee disrespectful and cheating. Nice to see a show where the women aren’t overly glammed

  • Jus post my damn comment

    the ‘umms’ my gosh hes guilty

  • CtheGod

    Thank you cuz i been checking for it sporadically n finally thought maybe they are mentioning the delay in the comments.

  • Shondeon

    Jan 19th people!!!

  • Shondeon

    They wrote me back and showed the listing to air on tv January 19.

  • Shondeon

    I went to sleep and woke up. Episode 2 from last night still m.i.a.

  • Bey Martinez

    Martell and Marceau are cut from the same cloth

  • Shondeon

    Hairstyle and all.

  • Shondeon

    lmao @ the DDR!!!

  • Shondeon

    True. But, if Martell been creeping, his sex life is lit w/ someone else! Hmm

  • Shondeon

    Lol, I can see that!

  • Santana

    Me too I’m excited!

  • Mylkchawclit

    Yassss glad u like it…I can’t wait to see the next episode

  • Santana

    Love this comment ❤️

  • Santana

    Not even half way through the first episode and I like it ☺️

  • NiHi

    Love it! Glad to see another show giving us black love for real. With the trash diet we’re being fed from the LHH franchise if you didn’t know any better you’d think black women were either ex-strippers or stripper wanna-be’s. I’m glad it’s on OWN and not VH1 or WE.

  • Jujubeejade

    I can tell this will be a hit in the right direction. Black power couples in real ass marriages. I’m here for it, come thru season 2. Best character for me so far….. Melody.


    He actually belittles himself more than anything by showing thats the most he can handle. If he was really secure, it would not matter what she does, you still a boss.

  • Mylkchawclit

    Did u get to watch ??

  • Santana


  • True, and his stumbling/bumbling over “what he did all day” didn’t help matters.

  • I was side-eyeing it at first, but I really like it…
    Like @disqus_L2JXOBw2MY:disqus said above, “Grown Folks TV”.

  • Yep… she shut his ig’nant behind down, real quick AND I was here for it! LOL

  • “Cause if you weren’t talking to Jesus…” I know THAT’S right! LOL

  • Mylkchawclit

    Has a lot of potential. I liked it …

  • Helen A. Myers

    Before Marcell admitted he was cheating. “I felt it.” A woman’s instinct does not lie. Stumbling over his words. Cannot answer concrete questions about his whereabouts . Changing subjects. Very arrogant, to say the least. The nerve of him to say, “I’m not a CHEATER.” All the time CHEATING. Duces. It’s to much $hit out here in the world today to be cheating…”Go figure.”

  • Juanita Applebaum

    Reese is cute, I like Kimmie. Mr Holt is tipping off my dirty dick raydar.



  • Danielle Murray

    Who goes after their Real Estate license for FUN – come on dawg. Even if she agreed to be a stay home mom – the kids do grow up and start going to school – why cant she work and be a good mom and wife. People change so things gotta change along with them. I like that ole boy said he works and helps with the kids – it can be done – ABSOLUTELY right – Marsau is just stuck on STUPID!!!!!!

  • rp

    Like the show, different from the other reality shows!!!

  • guerline

    that marseau guy is full of himself and she knew who she married

  • kiwi

    i’m reading the comments before watching…hell, i thought it was keri???

  • Kay

    Yeah, I hadn’t watched the end of it before I commented. I get that part now, but she’s still a lot tbh, with having an answer for everything and even not going with him to his uncle’s funeral. They’re still together and the cheating scandal was a year ago, so it’s like, if you choose to stay then surely you need to act accordingly and not hang that over the person’s head everyday??

  • Pebbles

    I knew from the get go that everything wasn’t perfect in melody & Her husband.

    I like Marcu brother & his fiancé

    Marsau is who he is! He has been the same person before there marriage and you can’t tell me she didn’t know.

    Maybe! his wife thought that he would change his views.. but she can’t sit there act as if he just turned into this male chauvinist overnight , he been that way

  • JaLisa Michelle

    I enjoyed this show! My husband better not miss my calls and tell me he was on the phone. Cause if you weren’t talking to Jesus then that’s no damn excuse! Lol.

  • alexa04tx

    The worst bleeping-over job I’ve ever heard but I’m here for this. Lol

  • alexa04tx

    I’m thinking he was talking about staying at home with some toddlers or something. That lady can work part-time. Couldn’t be me tho. I wouldn’t let a stranger talk to me like that.

  • EducatedRatchet

    Lol..he is such a pos..

  • Chinkieyez 420

    I’ll be tuning in next week so I can hate Marsau some more.

  • Dollface

    I think the reason she’s on him about not answering the phone because of the cheating scandal. As with anyone that has been cheated on, when the your man don’t answer the phone you automatically assume he’s talking to the other woman.

  • Mylkchawclit

    Hmmm let me see what this is about

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m going to like this show! Now bring back Sisters In Law, then I’m really good! I wish they can bring back selling in the ATL.

  • Angel

    Thank you who is only happy if his woman remains at home and not elevating herself.

  • Biyonsay

    So Marsau is too good to help carry a dish to the table…?

  • AnViBoQuam

    Martell is lying. Marsau is a chauvinistic pig.

  • L in the know

    Not bad, I can see myself getting into this. OWN seem to be able to pull a show together with some depth to it. I already am siding with certain characters but lets see how they get on. Not feeling Mr Holt at all. And Marsau just needs to grow a bit, which I think he will as that type of character will bend slightly if it could mean the loss of family.