WATCH: Hazel E, Memphitz, & Trina Braxton gets grilled by Iyanla Vanzant in the extended season 9 trailer

Hazel E’s ill-received rants against dark skin women and gays recently costed her a few endorsement deals and ignited a wave of backlash from the futon critics who immediately made public pleas for her to be fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood over claims of colorism and homophobia, but now in a desperate attempt to right her wrongs and clean up her image, she’s reaching out to Iyanla Vanzant for some much-needed counseling.

With Memphitz and Trina Braxton also set to take a seat on Iyanla’s couch, pop the top and see what else is in the pipeline for ‘Fix My Life’ Season 9 that’s set to be unleashed on March 3rd.

  • Angel

    This was due to air March 3rd. Its now April 7th. How come the full episode is not available?

  • Nonkululeko MsParker Mpembe

    Cyber bullying is bad, I was just shocked that someone would just openly say that to a stranger and especially about an elder. Sorry about your struggles. Stay strong

  • SanMarie Kirk

    I just seen this mess. People are crazy. What is wrong with people?

  • SanMarie Kirk

    You telling me that is telling me that your IQ is no better than Hazel’s and need some redemption also. Not brothered. Message Bully. Really dislike people like you. I will blocked you and will not respond no matter what you say.

  • Lovë 22

    Yall can’t see, that was not Frankie lol

  • Nonkululeko MsParker Mpembe

    CTFU…. Oh no you didnt

  • Nonkululeko MsParker Mpembe

    CTFU…. Oh no you didnt

  • Kay

    Where’ve you travelled to, anywhere nice? I need a holiday! Back to our debate, the craziest thing here is I’m a Stan for us black women. I go to bat for us, because I’ve noticed there’s a master plan to degrade and demoralise us, but what I’ve been trying to convey to you is that it’s not one case fits all. Just because there are high homicide rates for BW and high HIV/AIDS rates, that doesn’t automatically make Chris Brown the guilty party, or Tyrone next door a woman beating guy. You are generalising all BM and painting them as monsters then have the audacity to be annoyed with me saying you hate all BM. If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    I’m not speaking about every domestic violence situation in the US; I’m speaking SPECIFICALLY about this one and as horrible as it was for Chris to hit Rihanna back, she should not have put hands on him either and grabbed his balls etc. Have a look at this part of Chris Brown’s documentary where he details what happened in the car. It may change your outlook on the situation . And it would take me forever to go searching for affidavits from the case, but they were all over the blogs. They purported that Chris and Rih would BOTH get into fights and have called the police on each other, and Rihanna even admitted in her interview she did with that blonde lady after the assault (can’t remember her name) that they would fight EACH OTHER. Some relationships are just toxic like that. I’ve been there, done that and got out in time before one of us got seriously hurt.

    Chris Brown is the most talented man of our generation and yet he gets downplayed and the likes of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik and Nick Jonas etc are pushed to the forefront. If you’re as pro- black as you claim, you’d have a problem with THAT. Not a guy who is even friends with the woman he had the assault case with. If Rihanna can get over everything, because she knows the ins and outs of what really happened, I don’t understand how outsiders who weren’t there can have such strong feelings. It’s odd.

  • Apologies for the late reply (traveling), but let’s not come with the BS ppl say to make themselves feel better. The raw numbers don’t add up, so let’s take 1 example:
    “African-American women only make up 13% of US women, but comprise half of female homicide victims.”

    How does some stupid and laughable “green men do it too” deflection solve this? The American female population is 62% white, 18% Latina, 6% Asian, AI etc. Comprising 12.7%, AA females should (theoretically) constitute 12.7% and under of homicide victims – not 50% or 4 times their population percentage (12.7×4=50). …See the fallacy in thought like yours!?

    Putting up a more simple example, say 500 American females are victims of homicides. Instead of 64, that translates into 250 being AA and the rest white, Asian, Latina, mixed etc. The wack disproportion is all over the place and BW shouldn’t constitute 70% of females with AIDs/HIV as BM shouldn’t be 6% of the population yet 37% of prison inmates. …And this speaks to the fact that blacks need to do better and take personal responsibility, else things will never change (and get worse).

    Finally and again, you were not there to say for a fact that Rih was “grabbing his balls and fighting him.” That’s straight-up he-say/she-say bullshit, and if you truly loved as much as you claim, you wouldn’t blindly run to the defense of a male at a female’s peril (which you did). …The truth is the truth so, unless I state “I hate X,” go somewhere with that “sounds like you hate…” crap.

  • LifeIs2short


  • Don’t be a sheep

    I’m confused. Is this gonna be in theatres?

  • PowerFanatic

    You just gotta ignore some of these ppl sis.. I didnt even respond to her…

  • Kay

    I said the “you can tell she’s a crazy island girl” because that’s her reputation. She has a rep for being badass and clapping back quick and not taking any mess. That’s what I meant by that. I wasn’t trashing her. What??? So because I feel like Rihanna was wrong grabbing his balls and fighting him in the first place, I’m self hating? Girl, bye. That’s ridiculous. That’s my opinion based off both their sides of the story and the Affidavits. Has nothing to do with skin colour or self hate.

    BM are quick to abuse, but so are white men and every other race. You sound like you hate BM and unfortunately I can’t join you in that hate BM crusade. I love our black men and women and will state my opinion if I feel one is right or wrong.

    You’ve clearly had a bad day and are taking it out on me. You’ve gone from 0 to 100 and it’s disturbing to say the least

  • Blah blah blah!

    The ignorance around here is astonishing!!

  • You can’t tell anything of what kind and was I where? – Kay

    You were not in the car with Rih and Chris during that incident, and did you not write:

    …and you can just tell she’s the type to throw down like she’s a crazy island girl…

    Yep, ya did! And as I said, I could not “tell” anything of the kind abot the “type” of woman Rih is. So wise up, think long and hard, obtain the truth, then understand loyalty — before running to defend a BM (Chris) after trashing a BW (Rih).

    You were NOT in the car when the incident occurred b/w Rih and Chris, but the facts (re: BM being the main perpetrators of violence and death against BW) are facts.

    What’s the name of the man or universal BM group (in the last 30 years) that’s come running to defend or pledge loyalty to BW? …Oh but you’re quick to throw Rih under the bus!?

    …How silly, uninformed and immature!!!

  • Nassau Neek

    I’m 50/50 was that really Frankie? The voice was dead on but

    Hazel E she hates her extra ugly ass self so much.

    Memphitz I’m gonna truly open my heart listen to his story without my bias opinions of him.

    Who was that little ignorant beast acting a fool. Damn, she really going regret acting in such a manner. Wow, slap Iyanla. A women that could be your Mom. Totally unacceptable.

    Trina Braxton I’m glad there is light being shed on how some parents don’t equip their kids with the tools to be independent. Reminds me of the scene from Black Panther when the Son told the Father he wasn’t ready to be without him and the Father responded by saying I failed you because he was not prepared.

    This season will be another Tear Jerker

  • The way she cried out just kills me. Don’t think I can watch that. She lived through it though. I’l just need to get a new box of Kleenex.

  • mirra.k

    U sound dumb asf

  • No

    Tell Hazel to take off that white makeup and look at her real self in the mirror…

  • Shae Baebee


  • HonestA

    Man when that little girl said it’s Okay I’m right here smh I’ve still never been able to watch that video since it happened in my city and know of them sad shit RIP phil fuck all that celebrity shit

  • YouSoundDumb

    So then you’ll need someone to whoop your ass so you don’t say derogatory things again? Just so you know, I’m not in disagreement, just asking. LOL. I think a lot of people need their asses beat. I think you might be included. If I recall, you’ve already said a few derogatory things over the months I’ve been reading these comment sections. lol

  • Cynthia Watson
  • cree

    I’ve been saying for a long time that Iyanla needs to fix ALL the Braxton’s lives. They need a whole mini-series.

  • cree


  • Viera


  • Candice Henderson

    Ooh this season gone be good!!

  • MelaninGoddess

    Nah but I’m about to say something real derogatory in a minute if you try me

  • MelaninGoddess

    Definitely wasn’t Frankie but kinda looked like her

  • Dean

    Girl fuck you and your mother.

  • Dean

    I hope she reads the fuck outta of that hateful demon Hazel E may everything she touches turn to dust.

  • mocha brown

    Please on god snatch hazel ugly ass up!! Pleaaseeee

  • Kay

    Thank you!! She didn’t have the right to hit him either and if a girl is grabbing your balls trying to rip them out, I’m sorry but you’re justified to defend yourself. She even said herself in that first interview she did after the incident that they always fought each other. That not one person was abusing the other. And since absa forgiven him, what’s up with people holding onto the past like it makes no sense

  • Baybeetricia

    Every time I watch Iyanla….she has me crying! Dammit! It ain’t even me with the problems and I’m crying. I can’t wait! I’m glad Trina is on this! She needs a wake up call..

  • PowerFanatic

    Its not you.. she looked like shr was there cause somebody made her be. She is trying to hold back and keep this, “Im so happy and m life is great” persona. She doesnt want to open up and look weak cause that will be hypocritical of the very thing she portrays.. lol. Damn! Crazy what a person can say..

  • PowerFanatic

    Ppl are so quick tl demonize a man for his actions such as Chris’. Society makes men feel like they cant be weak or abused. There is a such thing as female abuser towards their husbands/boyfriends. Now Im not advocating violence on men OR women but women need to understand just like he doesnt have a right to hit you, you dont have a right to hit him. I have never gone into the details of the Rih and Chris issue but if Rih said she was “abusing” him she cant cry victim when he retaliated. #sorrynotsorry. I have always been a fan of Chris, solely because I can separate the man from the artist. In a nutshell I agree with what you said.

  • Ms jai

    Yeah I know what the brown bag sayin is but I didn’t know it had gotten this bad … Smmfh this is so sad…. I didn’t know it was that bad on i. G.

  • PowerFanatic

    Bar Chix still open?

  • Kay

    Is what something different, sis? She has so many hate comments on her insta it’s unreal like damn near every comment is hate. And remember what she said about the other ladies (Moniece, Masika, Brooke) that they’re jealous she could pass the brown paper bag test and they couldn’t ( it was a test used during slavery times to test how lightskinned a black person was and if they were lighter than the brown paper bag, they were treated better and weren’t sent to the cotton fields basically).

  • Ms jai

    It’s said cause I was pushing for her as well…. I’m not a fan of hers at all but I want to see all of us getting this paper…. I wouldn’t give that bitch monopoly money now

  • Ms jai

    Right if majority of the people that we’re against actually agreed with her…. We wouldn’t even be having this convo cause this video wouldn’t be made…. But what she said was still fucked up…. Perios

  • Ms jai

    Wait… What… See I don’t have have ..I G. So is this something different Kay? Please don’t tell me she added fuel to the fire smmfh

  • Kay

    As I was replying to someone else, I have no idea what you’re on about. You can’t tell anything of what kind and was I where?

  • No, I can’t “tell” anything of the kind, and were you there?

    BW die as a result of domestic violence at rates higher than other groups, and guess who their #1 perpetrator is? There’s nothing more disgusting than an ignorant chick that goes all out to excuse an abusive male, yet has all kinds of shit to talk about the abused. …And ppl wonder why others have zero respect for certain groups of females.

    P.S. Karreuche is not bound to live by your personal politics or beliefs, and hardly losing sleep over your judgment.

  • Supreme

    This shit is real my ass was tearing up

  • Supreme

    As much as I was touting for the underdog I feel like this is true.

  • Choose the Red Pill

    Right. I was like girl what was your life before him? Dude can’t be your only “issue” that Iyanla needed to “fix,” which was a weird attempt anyway since there’s nothing to be fixed after a breakup. Broke hearts heal with time, not TV time.

  • Ma’Kia Dionne
  • PowerFanatic

    Cool.. all i needed was 1 person.. lol

  • PowerFanatic
  • PowerFanatic

    Owh hell.. That damn Iyanla be helping me sometimes and Im just watching

  • PowerFanatic

    Awh man

  • PowerFanatic

    Yes it was! I could hear it in her voice..

  • Lotus Paradise

    I so excited to see her latest season. I already feel the tears swelling up.

  • Kay

    I was done with her when there’s a club here in England that refused to let three black girls in cause they said the girls were “too dark” and “ugly”, and it caused a huge outcry. She was making an appearance the next weekend after this incident at that club and instead of standing with the girls and the black community and pulling out of the appearance, she showed up!

  • Choose the Red Pill

    Real talk I can’t stand Chris Brown myself, though not because of his incident with Rih; I hate the way he would act out on social media and give people a reason to drag him, but this Karreuche chick never felt like someone to cape for (even though I don’t approve of him stalking her and being crazy asf). That interview she had with Iyanla was cringey for me because she sounded clueless and airheaded! Iyanla had to put every word in her mouth! Straight fishing for sympathy. I was done with her after she hosted for a colorstruck club and said that Blue Ivy shit, then tried to backpedal.

  • Kay

    I especially loved the parts when she would pause and start crying like girl, that guy made you a star and gave you a career!

  • Kay

    It was to explain why she let herself be Chris Browns lapdog for so long lol and when Iyanla was telling her some home truths, she couldn’t handle it and made them shut down production for a bit and now she’s going around talking smack about Iyanla and saying the show isn’t designed to help people blah blah blah

  • N’Deye Delgado


  • Nick W.

    Dead at birlfriend.

  • Thalia

    N yes she is

  • Keese Gee

    girllll i could not have said it better myself

  • chi_gorgeous

    Oh wow that’s messed up

  • Alexandra Zanpaktou

    Iyanla and her messy ass
    “I guess I’m a monkey butt” lmao…I love it

  • Stac

    I’m glad to see Trina on the show. When I saw that her son graduated and had no plans to do anything with his life than work at Bar Chix, I was sad. I felt that she hadn’t given her kids the tools to go into the world or be successful. I’m glad to see she was open to getting some help.

  • SanMarie Kirk

    Right, she is saying what some people really feel. And there needs to be a correction with her. I hope this help. But with Iyanla. I just don’t know.

  • SanMarie Kirk

    I’m very sadden about what Hazel said, but we all need redenption. Who are we to say she can’t have it. She does need to be taught that she was raised wrong. My own mixed mother that was raised in a time when she was hated for her skin and hair. So all she knew was to feel that some people was jealous of her. And those others was looking at her thinking her life was better because of it was wrong,because it was hell. I had my own friend tell me that boys only liked me because of my skin. I just remember looking at her like that was some bs and could not believe she said that. This is a real topic and people are so quick to hate. Far as Iyanla the one to help, I don’t feel so. She always being arrogant and feeling that she knows it all. I will watch.

  • Gone Too Far

    But the thing I find so strange is the fact hazel is not a vital or important cast member. When she was not in last season, the viewing and ratings didn’t drop because of her so why all this? I wish they’d just let her go because she was only the help anyway

  • Ma’Kia Dionne

    That was her… I know that voice. ..”smokin crack”

  • Choose the Red Pill

    A noose?!!?

  • Choose the Red Pill

    Chris Brown.

  • chi_gorgeous

    That wasn’t her

  • chi_gorgeous

    I’m not here for Hazel at all. She has been completely unapologetic and MIA since her rant. Now I guess she broke up with her birlfriend and she’s going broke. No boo u threw urself away with that one

  • Camden

    Dam that was Frankie???
    She looks bad!!

  • Camden

    Yes I watched one a few days ago about Men Murderer’s and how hard it is for them trying to readjust to Life when they come home. It was so good and insightful! I just cried. These episodes be so emotional I be a dam wreck!! Lol!!

  • Camden

    Sure didnt!! But it could be frozen in place from all the dam botox!! Lol!

  • Trinidivine

    I will not be looking at Iyanla. She takes cheap shots at people. Mad rude and disrespectful!!! The Sheree and Gloria Govan episode I wanted to tell her off so bad!

  • TT Mary

    I have tears

  • TT Mary

    Wait….. why was he on her back?

  • YouSoundDumb

    What about the people on here who make ignorant comments about different groups of people, including gay people? Should they get their asses whooped too?

    Haven’t you said derogatory things too….? Or am I thinking of someone with a similar name?

  • YouSoundDumb

    You just be talkin randoma shyt to get a laugh. Shut up

  • YouSoundDumb

    Exactly. She is just like so many of the people in these comments on a weekly basis. But if you speak out against her…. she’s quick to lash out and say others are being trolls, annoying, stupid, etc. She is a reflection of what’s still wrong with society

  • N’Deye Delgado

    nope I did too…

  • PowerFanatic

    Did anybody not recognize Frankie (Keyshia Cole mama?) Wow

  • PowerFanatic

    Yes I learnes about that when he was on Couples Therapy with Toya..

  • PowerFanatic

    Why was Kareuche on there? Im curious.. what were her issues?

  • PowerFanatic

    Is it bad that I laughed at some parts??

  • Camden

    Bring it!!

  • Camden

    Yessss!!! I’ve got chills!!
    Something just tugs at me seeing grown men cry!!
    Most High Divine help us all!!

  • Camden

    Can’t wait!!
    I’m tearing up just at the previews!!!
    Get in there Iylana!!

  • PowerFanatic

    The video is not playing for me…

  • Rigby

    Ikr all that self hatting Hazel E displays is disgusting.

  • Rigby

    Lmao, ya How about A darksin gay chick. Kill two birds with one stone.

  • Rigby

    Lmao one is Iyanla

  • D money

    Their son reached out to Iyanla because he felt they were never there for him

  • Zarah

    Hazel is too old to do the dumb shit she’s always doing….too old to be saying shit just to cut people deep and chopping her own head off in the process.

  • Dante Armstrong

    So I normally don’t watch but I will to see what hazel has to say and see where rose went. Guess she dropped him like a bad habit. Why the hell trina and gabe on here?

  • laidbackgal4real

    The movie theater music did it for me … and those were powerful scenes

  • Jay W

    Some people can’t help stupidity and she’s one of them

  • NadineD

    You can’t tell smh

  • braveheart341

    when you put it like that…

  • Thalia


  • N’Deye Delgado

    I mean … just sayin… Evelyn took her time with her come back but she’s definitely back to snatching wigs on Basketball wives …. Even Jennifer Williams tried to clean up her act being that dude’s girlfriend on the other OWN tv series… and now they both back on Basketball wives… we might as well bring back to Govan Sisters too

  • Tyler
  • Anonymous

    Gave me chills. Guess im watchn this season.

  • N’Deye Delgado

    Yes she’s trying to pull an Evelyn Lozada on us…

  • Adrianee P

    Hazel has THE nerve to be ignorant… she’s part of a historically black sorority. She’s so dumb

  • Shauna Ross

    This trailer gave me CHILLS damn I need to start back watching this show, and yes drag Hazel’s whack ass Iyanla!

  • Shauna Ross

    Exactly! Fuck Hazel homophobic anti black coon ass

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Hazel You know Iyanla chief of the monkey butts was coming for dat ass. This show seems HILARIOUS, one got both feet in the grave, other fam had all they arms entangled like a nigga pretzel, had the bald guy crying on her back , this woman is nutz,wth she got these people doing?? no one walks away better at all.

  • Talone

    Hazel is only doing this so that they can put her back on Love & Hip Hop again as “reformed” and keep people from bringing up her ignorant comments. She just posted a pic on IG of her with a woman that has a noose hanging around her neck. I’m sure that everything Iyanla is saying to her is going in one ear and out of the other

  • Kay

    Well said! And if you go on her insta, she has soo many hate comments it’s unreal. I don’t know how it’s gonna work though. What she said about the brown paper bag test was damn near unforgivable.

  • Kay

    I think people use Iyanla to rebuild their reputation more than anything. After Kareuche got on here, she went from Chris Brown’s lapdog to actress and businesswoman. Hazel wants the same.

  • Kay

    Me too! This looks lit in a fix your life, air your dirty laundry kinda way lol

  • Sy

    I need to start watching this!! I’ve been missing out

  • Thalia

    I can’t wait for this to air!!! I live!

  • JayG S

    In my opinion it shouldn’t take Iyanla for Hazel to to know what she said was wrong. If she felt bad she would’ve been apologized back in October or would’ve never said it at all. I still don’t think her apology to the LGBTQ community was sincere. Shouldve left her back in 2017.

  • Ci Ci_24

    Whew!! Lord.. i cant Wait until March 3rd

  • Well$$Well$$

    +1. I don’t think Hazel E feels bad either. I think she’s seeing how her comments are messing with her money and is now trying to correct it.

  • Ms jai

    It look like Hazel e trying to right her wrong so she can secure her bag with love and hip hop…. She don’t look like she regretted shit she said… She like let people see me doing this.. This will secure my spot for sure back on reality TV…. Personal opinion… May be wrong… N I pray I am

  • Lisa♥️MoreFire

    Wow this looks interesting …

  • Ariel

    She has no sense. She would still say dumb things.

  • Ariel

    She has me tight! You’re black calling other people what now? Her face didn’t even look bothered

  • Ariel

    Thank you! With her choopid ass

  • Ariel

    Hazel E is choopid! Dumb ass! Like you ain’t black

  • ThinkItsNotIllegalYet

    The blank look is too much Nip, Tuck and Botox. Yh, I do believe its all an act tho

  • Josie da Goddess

    Very emotional…I can’t wait to watch these episodes.

  • Jay Reanne

    I’m glad she getting in hazel’s ass for what she said. I just couldn’t believe she had the nerve to say those things & then gon reinforce it like “yea I said it”. Bitch I hope iyanla chew her up, & spit her out.

  • Isn’t me or does Hazel has this blank look on her face like it’s too late for her, therapy will not work. I just get this vibe that it’s all an act and if she get mad again, her true self hatting feelings will come out. Sad place to be.

  • JJ

    LMFAOOOO hazel thinks that going on iyanla
    Is gonna make folks forget. No, bitch. You will never have friends again. Unless they’re using you. Haaaaahaaaa. Lololololololol this bitch is hoping for a friend! Lmao maybe next lifetime bitch. And even then….. ROTFLMFAOOOOO PROLLY NOT BITCH!!!!

  • Choose the Red Pill

    Hazel was molested? Damn. I feel bad for her.

  • R C

    Alot of emotions..

  • MelaninGoddess

    Hazel don’t need no damn therapy, she just need her ass whooped real good by a darkskin chick or a gay person and I bet she’ll never say none of that shit again

  • The Petty Collective

    I guess I’m a Monkey Butt

  • Ttrini

    I hope one of the blk girls wears Hazel ass out

  • JupiterBound

    Not the biggest fan of Iyanla but I must say that if anyone was in need of this it’s Hazel E’s self hating ass

  • damn hate that memphis had to go through that racist pig