Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte Season 1 Episode 6 – ‘New Years’

Season finale. The secret lives of 8 women are exposed through a season full of drama, sex, and scandal as cameras follow the Real Side Chicks of Charlotte throughout the queen city. Witness first hand what it’s like to live the life of the woman who comes in 2nd place, from lavish living to lit parties, this season will have you on the edge of your seat.


    I used to think Diana was shadey, but I think shes just tired of them lol

  • shona

    did the show get cancelled?

    or they realised this is not a good look smh

  • Shondeon

    I up here now looking for my weekly dose of ratchetness!!! Cuhhhhhh

  • kiwi


  • Stoner Lily


  • Kamo Brinson

    I agree…

  • jondi

    So you aborting an innocent baby, because you letting an “ain’t shit ass nigga” dump cum in you? Shadora is one of the worst type of females.

  • Clarissa Rashay


  • *Eyeroll* at individuals using the phrase “real life shit” because everybody is living real life. The ghetto drama these rats choose to continue to perpetrate will never grant them a position at #1 on the list, and it’s a dumb ass phrase.

    If Shadora didn’t want to get pregnant or have an OOW child, this dirty *&^%$ had all the power and every opportunity to prevent it. She could have keep her legs closed to baby daddies deadbeats that already neglect the 5 kids they have by 4 baby mamas, or 2) used a no/low-cost Nuvaring, implant, patch, IUD, pill etc. + condom. …Zero sympathy for this type of dumpster juice that’s been doing the same dumb shit for 50+ years!!

  • Tya Monroe

    Mmmk so here’s my positive, that song “Move on” sounds good….the end.

  • Tya Monroe

    Why was they saying this old or sum and their just now air it..I’m fukin lost bruh

  • Juanita Applebaum

    Shador is a horrible actress. Ralph dimple is cute but that outback steakhouse bloomin onion on his head needs to be removed. It looked more like a slumber party than a new years eve party and I didnt see Nisha outfit that was supposed to shut it down.

  • JemTrini

    CRAP. Who are they side chicks to? These women are tore up…must be some desperate ugly ass MOFOS they are with. LMAO you’re soap box preaching to women with baby daddies but you’re off screwing raw with a man that has 5 kids and a wife??? How does your logic work???

  • Tisa Maxwell

    I understand that its a women’s choice on her body. But that child doesn’t have a choice. Trust me I understand. I’ve done the same before. With regret. Imma have to answer for that shit at them Golden Gates

  • Stoner Lily


  • Rokses

    But your experience is clearly not her experience. If your proud to be a side chick, you are going to have your own morals. Don’t worry about it


    i understand why Shador wouldnt want Ralph ass around he talk too much.

  • Monique Nicole

    lol that what I was saying…We dont know this girl at all and she’s closing out the season lol

  • Kiwistrawberi

    I dont care I like this show. Lynette is my favorite she just so bold with her responses and it be truth which make it funny like when Shador was in the car explaining how she refuse to raise a baby by herself and blah blah blah, Lynette said who you trying to convince. Like Forreal Shador we know you a hoe and you know fucking without a condom result to pregnancy you not 14 years old girl. That’s why they was looking at her bird ass like girl grow up after she took them test LOL

  • Kiwistrawberi

    My thoughts exactly

  • kinky twist

    Lynette an ole messy heffa , i love it lol shedor bitch bye

  • Mizz Q

    Wait a minute. Shador had the entire breakdown of a completely fucked up life if she had to raise a baby. Why she letting him fuck raw then? I’m confused.

  • Shondeon

    Same thing I asked in the comment section of episode 5, not narry one of the mainchicks has seen this show yet????

  • Shondeon

    It be that way sometimes!!!

  • PassionQueen77

    Shador situation with her baby daddy is so messy. Since the guy has 5 kids she shouldn’t sleep with a guy like that. The episode was OK.

  • TJ Kin

    Who tf is lyric and why does she suddenly get an ending monologue?? LOL

  • Vernika Joy

    so a man with a whole other woman is a stalker…. ummmmm okay

  • Tiffany Egans

    Swear to God I just thought that she only been in like 1 episode seem like Lynette and Nisha the main characters

  • MelaninBeauty

    Tiffany had more camera time in the intro of the show than in the actual show itself

  • Cynthia Watson

    Miss kill a baby .Stfu. You let him bust in you. You didnt think bout that. Oh yiu didnt think you the one taking the money from his kids dumb ass

  • Dark Angel

    I’m only watch to keep up With the funny ass comments …

  • R C

    It’s the perfect amount of trashy I enjoyed.

  • QBee

    How am I addicted to this shit..I’m fully on the shameless bandwagon.

  • Shanelle Kidd

    I thought the same thing

  • Harvest

    It’s disgustingly addictive

  • Harvest

    Sides chicks don’t gent New Year’s Eve, they get newyears day or Jan 2nd lol

  • not realistic

    That New Year’s Eve party was a ‘fishery. Where was the ‘saugages’?

  • not realistic

    Lol, right! What lavish and parties?

  • shacoraljones more

  • Thomas Cleonette

    Well…. not bad