Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 2 Episode 1 – ‘Take It To The House’

On the season premiere, things quickly escalate and turn sour between Trick Daddy and Trina after a disagreement at a joint concert, and Gunplay hit a crossroads in his relationship Keyara. Meanwhile, Amara deals with struggles at home and the price of fame, and newcomer Jessie Woo arrives on the scene.

  • April Asayfe
  • Bigmomma

    Putting Hollywood in scenes with trick daddy and gunplay is so fake. He look uncomfortable

  • Bigmomma

    Trina look clownish with them colored wigs. Her style is tacky.

  • Bribri

    Got dang all these build a body hoes all look the same and out a wack.. Nobody look different..

  • john doe

    LMAO West hollywood chileeeeeeeee

  • john doe

    She fell from a 30 foot pole while dancing smh 🙁

  • john doe

    A long walk to freedom i am DEDDDDDDDD

  • john doe

    Oh damn I aint know JoJo was so thiccccc

  • MéliMélo

    LMAOOOO Gun Play is really full of shit talking about ”you want a thank you” yes BITCH she does not owe your her entire mental health, body and soul. Some of these men really think women are you here do give them everything. F U sir, goodbye! Tip is full of shit, I don’t like her at all. The Haitian girl is mad at the wrong person, why are you mad at Amara? As far as she’s concerned it’s her managers ideas, if they are indeed the Haitian girl’s idea she needs to sue her ex-manager or keep it moving. Her mum is funny though

  • JoJo look funny at the Sister Talk table.

  • dopesickdopesick

    why does amara look like she’s wearing blackface

  • Zipper Skull

    Rachet? Where? I don’t see hoodrats in this show

  • Michelle Walker

    Amara is beautiful got a bad ass shape. Yeah they doing her dirty trying to pit her as a ratchet hoe . She might need to move on. Use these shows like Cardi did to get your name out there then quit.

  • Brooke gg

    they really going to do amara like that this season. mona aint shit, let a black woman shine. i wish veronica n that hollywood guy hadnt returned. but its marginally better than the boring new york one which i dropped.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    not amara tho.

  • i smackhoes

    Prince is gay idc idc idc

  • CeeCee

    mia start off entertaining i wont lie bwaaaaaaaaaaah am in tears like real tears dwllllllllll….

  • CeeCee


  • CeeCee

    yea true

  • CeeCee

    so wait new season and princess a mean prince still refuses to come out the closet …like come out already jeez

  • CeeCee

    same thing i was wondering

  • Sharron Jones


  • Truth

    out of all the lahh’s miami got the ugliest cast members…cant stomach watching them they ugly inside n out especially bobby n vega i cringe everytime i look at them n trick too…the only real one is trina…i just cant miami im out!!!

  • Lol about the way girlllllllllll! Lol

  • Domingue Mccray

    is that an engagement ring on Trina finger….hmmmm

  • Mystery$$%*-“-%+

    no, may your God bless u with a life……..

  • Kamo Brinson

    Trina u seem c.a.f
    But u gots to be crazy if u think u and trick gone be poppin …sis get a man..have a kid and hang this up..

  • Enane

    lol ok God bless you hun.

  • Felicia Nicole

    uuuuummmm yes ratchet is Florida i lived in orlando ratchetttttttttttttt but i love FLA

  • Velvetjay

    amara getting to big headed where the tears this year

  • Velvetjay

    prince don’t like bobby he pretends .Him snatching his hat was him picking on bobby in a childish as way or he was flirting in a childish way .Prince is gay .
    This cast whew chy

  • KristalisaDiamond

    But his girlfriend ugly tho

  • KristalisaDiamond

    Miami Tip ..wasn’t she all in the mix of Gunplay’s rship last season, now she’s trying to make it seem like Amara is a hoe.. jealousy & hypocrisy doesn’t look good on anyone sis

    ..I feel like the producers and some of the cast are trying to bring Amara down this season, and I’m not here for it!!

  • Cee Celly

    Yess those where in my aunts closet when I was in the second grade

  • joie

    I called it when I first seen prince. G A Y. I’m never wrong lol

  • Mystery$$%*-“-%+

    i dont fuck with beyonce or rhianna… so take them erroneous assumptions elsewhere…girl, go ask amara if she hiring cuz u definitely on her team…u should get paid being so protective of her. NO WOMAN is gonna have me trolling social media standing up for her when she doesnt even know i exist…get u a life…….

  • Shera Latoya

    I wish Amara take off that wig…

  • Harvest

    Doesn’t f matter ! It’s all tv and we can say what we want to say ! If your getting killed over this that’s your issue

  • Such A Baddie

    YES shorties!

  • diashabrooks what

  • Daniel Asare Jr

    What does you knowing a lot of gay people have to do with you knowing Prince’s sexuality like you seen him f#*king a dude? All gay people look and act the same? Y’all kill me.

  • timayangala wrote

  • PrettyNetty28

    Reading cue cards. Smh

  • PrettyNetty28

    Why Trina look like she reading from cue cards? Love her though

  • PrettyNetty28

    Omg…you know what

  • Ira Celma

    Nah, the only thing I care about is Hollywood and Veronica having a DNA test done. They gotta be twins. If they hadnt show them in the same scene together I’d think thats Hollywood with a blond wig on.

  • Such A Baddie

    LOL lol and I’m short but not thattt short or maybe I am and in denial lol I’m 5’2 they gotta be 4’10

  • Such A Baddie

    Ohh okay. I have never seen her or heard of her until this show. I don’t see how she fits but then again she’s not the only cast member I’m not sure how they got casted lol

  • Enane

    You don’t need to be rude about it; relax. I didn’t know she wasn’t out here fighting Amara. That’s ridiculous. Amara seems like the only person with an actual career lol

  • Edstar15 already

  • JemTrini

    I said what I said because the previews have her on here looking to fight Amara….soooo bye

  • djtia what

  • Enane

    Jessie Woo (“new girl” statement you made) is very talented but I don’t know if Love & Hip Hop is the best platform for her

  • Enane

    You might not be Haitian so you don’t understand the accent and the humor behind why she says it like that. Comedy is subjective lol

  • Those shoes she’s wearing….lol. Trina your age is showing!!!

  • Enane

    I understand but I hope you have that same energy when it’s Beyoncé or Rihanna because these women where weaves at times. People tend to drag Amara because of her afro wig not realizing they’re being hypocritical.

  • Enane

    I really love her whole vibe being that I’m Haitian and love her comedy but I don’t know if Love & Hip Hop is the best platform for her.

  • DJ Tia

    EXACTLY that’s what I’m saying.

  • DJ Tia

    How is wanting someone to be open about their sexuality “wanting his booty”? -_- you make no sense right now. FYI I mind my own batty DAILY. Thank you!

  • Pierre_Menard

    Why you so concerned with his sexuality? You want his booty? If not mind your own.

  • Lynn


    ”Beat my asssssss” – alto singing Seester! LOLL Jessie Woo killed me!

    I am really curious as to what everyone is about with all the Amara accusations.
    If there is prove of her hitting up Gunplay his DM’s that is fucked up.
    But i dont believe that she would seduce or try to seduce JessieWoo her man like that..
    But ohwell I dont know Amara so..interesting.

    I hope gunplay nd Kiara can work it out. They love eachother hard!
    And I love Gunplay as well..His album cover looks revealing.
    Im going to check out his album.
    But he does HAVE to appreciate that girl! YEs she needs a thankyou and appreciation!

    I think it’s going to come out that Bobby and Prince have a secret relationship.
    But that bwoy Prince is jamaican so it’s going to be a long walk to freedom.

    TrickDaddy is really dysfucntional. Trina needs to do her own thing.

  • jus_saying

    This show is rachet AF

  • Sosa Baby

    Amara doesn’t wear contacts.. & her eyes are green

  • Sosa Baby

    Yesss. Looks & sound

  • Ian


  • Harvest

    Y’all give me laughs with these comment I swear!

  • Such A Baddie

    Pilsbury Grands!! lol Trina no them thighs too thick for the lace up sandals.

  • Harvest

    Naw, I know a lot of gay people and he just need to be him self and come out

  • Such A Baddie

    Sometimes the truth hurts lol

  • Such A Baddie

    I saw one of her music videos and she legit looks like a little person, the height, the build… I think the song is called plain jane. She’s stacked but still on a tiny frame. She’s short as hell but her face looks special too… no shade but she looks like she has some sort of condition or disability lol

  • Such A Baddie

    I know lol plus he straight cut her song! the shade! I think Trina forgets Trick is an old man (and shes not so young anymore either) he’s got health issues and seems set in his ways..he seems to be more interested in living his best life and not recording music…he wants to do everything on his time and how he wants

  • Sure

    Aint no one checking for it. Trina is done…She needs to just give up.

  • Zipper Skull

    Man, people in these comments got a whole lot of mix feelings, its left and right that they like this person or like that person. This season will be something. :/

  • Zipper Skull

    Hes just some “pretty boy” thats all

  • DJ Tia

    Is Miami Tip a little person?

  • DJ Tia

    Prince coming like a battyman why doesn’t he just come out. WTF.

  • zeadlotus

    I completely agree with you!

  • Why?

    Miami Tip is super likeable…understandable.

  • Mujer Bonita

    Hmmm … Same stupid and petty shit! Have some self respect and dignity people!

  • CAHluvtheSHAW

    I think it’s just to work with a old friend again imo

  • kyla245

    Ugh. Same shit, new season.

  • Julienne Trotter

    For some odd reason keyara reminds me of “Goldie” from “flavor of love” just with fixed teeth and better makeup

  • JemTrini

    You have yours and I have mine so..bye

  • JemTrini

    Nah Prince is the bottom with Bobby. You can tell Bobby would be the top, he is fierce AF and don’t let the make-up fool you, he is straight Gangsta

  • Everything You Said Was Backwards & Bias

  • QBee

    Why one of them is bottom and which one is top..Prnce is probably low key bottom for a Michelin man looking dude but will play top with Bobby

  • foxymoron

    To be fair they don’t need much encouragement to hate on each other. It seems to come pretty naturally not to mention they get screen time if they have drama.

  • foxymoron

    The whole point of this message board is to worry about these people. They serve themselves up so we can tear them down

  • foxymoron

    They need to talk about his jacked up hairline. What the fuck is going on with that weird shit?

  • foxymoron

    Wonder if Flav misses her?

  • foxymoron

    Oh my God TV dinner brownie Too fucking funny!

  • JemTrini

    Tip – you’re full of shit. You are a pigeon you bring and carry news when it suits you and you’re low key jealous of Amara. You’re not loyal

    Jojo – Yes this is what a friend should be, don’t say something behind someone’s back that you can’t say to their face. Tip got pissed because Jojo said in front of them ALL that she would go back to Amara and let her know. She never said yea yea and run like a snitch, she let them know she would check Amara…who vex loss. But you lost points for dating Unpleasurable P

    Amara – Girl do you and forget about haters. Sadly many people are like crabs in barrels and when they see you moving up, they will always fight you down and drag your name through the mud. Make that money, take care of your mom, keep your real friends close and get yourself some BOP and SPRAY THEM COCKROACHES

    Gunplay – SHAVE THAT SHIT ALREADY. Whatever you have in the back, looks like it’s pulling your hairline further and further. He’s two steps from getting Kata.

    Keyara – Long watery steups

    New girl – Cancel her please

    Trina – you know what you gotta do…buss his throat

    Trick – steups, waste of time. If you don’t wanna work just say so. Trina ain’t Joy, no need for you to be hiding from her and ghosting her. BE A MAN

    Bobby – Focus on your career and stop being a damn confusionist jeez…acting like a damn pantyman, only running and making bacchanal WITH EVERYONE. Talking behind their backs and creating confusion. It will bite you hard in the arse.

    Prince – NO STORYLINE

    Racist 1 and 2 – steups…cancel them already. Don’t nobody care about the problems they created themselves

  • JemTrini

    I would be vex too, he made him look like an idiot LOL but really it looked like a bottom and top play fighting LMAO

  • JemTrini

    Wearing contacts isn’t teaching people not to love their natural self. All these things are cosmetic enhancements, nothing wrong with dressing up the window sometimes. It still doesn’t take away from who you are. Women of all races wear enhancements either extensions, wigs, contacts, add breasts, add booty and other things but that doesn’t mean they aren’t proud of who they are…it is just cosmetic

  • not realistic

    You just confirmed what I wrote. While in class, try learning new words to expand your vocabulary beyond curse words. This is so sad.

  • 2sweet

    Im sure your the same childish wastemind gal that say 1st 2nd fuck off you Internet thug u troll what the true hurts u dumb bitch

  • 2sweet

    Y should i am i in class fuck u bitch after im a hnd graduate u must think u are my lecturer

  • Mystery$$%*-“-%+

    yes, im very much aware of the possibilities…and also of the fact that blue eys and grey eyes are recessive traits…..its fine if they are natural, but amaras aint…

  • Mystery$$%*-“-%+

    and its fine if they are natural..hers aint…

  • QBee

    If you’re gonna keep a dread..please keep it clean not looking like something is about to crawl out of come Jessie’s bottom lip doesn’t move..Trick looks like he has a mental problem..I actually like Midget Miami Tip..don’t know why yet.

  • Hunnylicious

    but it was refreshing to see her be real! show some real emotion. She was coming off as an unfeeling selfish bitch before. it was almost like the worship Trina show. This Trina here, I can work with. She showed some raw realness!

  • Hunnylicious

    But Prince isn’t Latino though

  • ScottsdaleFinest

    Right! Wtf was that on his head? He’s trying to fit in hard bahahaha

  • ScottsdaleFinest

    It’s becuase since the show she’s had the most success out of all of them! Lol

  • ScottsdaleFinest

    He has lupus.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    O lordt!!! U tryna kill me today with the TV dinner brownie face chile lmmfbao!!! I 4got all about those.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    That’s that Martin Lawrence/Jeromey Rome Rome walk.

  • bossrere


  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    JOJO — If you aren’t comfortable with your body than don’t dress a certain way and use your damn purse to hide your belly. It just draws attention to whatever your insecurities are. She does look chunkier but she still looks good. Well…from the neck down.

    TRICK – WTF is going on with his health? He looks grey and …awful!

    PRINCE – Ummm…’re GAY. BI? PANSEXUAL? But 100% heterosexual? NOPE.

    AMARA – LMAOOOO What is going on here? She pullin’ a Danni from that BET show….tryin to smile in the girl’s face and sit on their man behind their back? Smh.

    Veronica Vega – I had no idea this girl hangs with my family in Miami and they said she can SANG SANG SANG SANG. Like Mariah/Whitney…so what is the deal with her shit music? She’s trying to fit into this mold and it’s NOT WORKING. Someone reinvent this girl and help her display her actual talent.

    TIP – I like her.

    GUNPLAY – STFU. Yes, I want a thank you, moron. And a sorry…and whatever else. Tired of this “Ride or Die” bullshit. Some dudes think once a strong Black woman is there holding them down that gives them the prerogative to completely dry your damn well without any replenishment ….then what do they call you? ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. Ugh. FOH. And he KNOWS he is talking inappropriately with women and HE STILL yelling at her about some other shit. NEGRO you should be sucking her toes. DUMMY

  • Gabrielle Murray

    blaclk people have blue eyes and grey also if you didn’t know. My great grand mum is a living example

  • tiffyblanco

    Trick look like he been shooting dope in his face. 0.o

  • G_Amsterdambuhd


  • Such A Baddie

    I have no idea who this Jessi woo girl is. I never seen or heard of her until this show….and still don’t know or care what she does and not sure why or who caster her… where is the love or the hip hop connection?

  • Such A Baddie

    Trina girl, why are you crying about a TNT album that no one is anticipating, checking for or gonna buy. I do not wanna hear that in 2019. Just make more music by yourself… they had a couple classics 20 years ago leave it there. Trick is old and isn’t interested.

  • Such A Baddie

    People been saying he’s gay since the 1st season and he didn’t hang with bobby then ..their new friendship is not helping the speculation lol

  • Such A Baddie

    djsjdsls;alasdl fkfd;s I’m logging off lol

  • lilli lilian

    That was the #1 reason I came to the comments first….I was looking at that knee and thigh squeezed in them straps like “is this a look, is this ok” But thanks for clearing it up for me…it’s a biscuit look and it’s not ok

  • Dante Armstrong


  • TJ Kin

    I really like Jessie Woo, but idk about her being on here lol. Mona gonna have her looking crazy like how they’re tryna do Amara at this point.

  • Su Ja


  • Su Ja

    why do we have to see hollywood hang with black people. Like it isnt gonna change our minds. We all know he’s racist. Its just so cringy to watch that fake shit

  • Su Ja

    me too it made me sad

  • ShayBay

    Bitxh , didn’t you just read I said nothing against gay’s .. ain’t nobody homophobic , dumb ass it was a joke .. retard

  • cara

    Trina looks like she’s been bleaching

  • Prive

    Vexed lol

  • Prive

    It’s an actual song not belonging to a show.

  • Trick Daddy is a dumb fuck.

  • Kimberly Martin

    Trick daddy tripping. Fuck that TNT album Trina the streets fuck with you regardless drop yo own shit.

  • Kimberly Martin

    Amara wig is FAKE that’s why

  • Nicole Shaw

    Welp i tried. But i cant. Im outta here. ✌

  • Fouet Bonbon

    Prince ass is beggin’ for some man to come take that booty. He may or may not have been with Bobby…but he done let someone (male) play with the booty hole.
    A Definite Bottom

  • Dodany

    i need me some Omara la Negra. que Negra mas bella. wow

  • Jenny Nduta Gorvieh

    ima edit it out real quick i thought betty idol was weird that valley girl voice idk let me stop lol

  • zeadlotus

    Everybody needs someone like homegirl that was comforting Trina, she is so pretty to me. I always regarded Trina as a strong ass woman so it hurt me to see her break down like that.

  • Stoner Lily


  • Fouet Bonbon

    They have that same racist spirit is what make them look alike.
    Now both them bitches are gonna try to make the viewing audience THINK their “down”. And It’s all B.S. Just like the shit on the season one reunion when they were talkin’ that typical racist response about having black people in their family when they get called out about being racist. I’m done with both of them puta’s.
    And Trina should have got into Veronica’s bum ass for using the word Nigga in her music and in the streets, like it’s all gravy.
    You Nigga’s out there let these make believe blacky whitey bitches get away with to much shit. INSTEAD of checking they Mf’n asses. You cosign thinking they are down for your black ass just because they act ethinic when they are undercover against you.

  • Straightshooter

    IDK but it was funny That’s a meme “I know one thing. That bitch betta not be there when I get there.” LMAO

  • not realistic


  • not realistic

    Whatever. You can’t even use proper sentence structure or punctuation, but talking about “mental capacity”, “substance”, and “thoughts very child like”.

  • G_Amsterdambuhd

    He got that same sideways walk like ayanla vanzant, ‘cept he moves faster

  • Tya Monroe

    Girl stop is he paying yo bills..ok then I say what I I was saying he’s real flamboyant suspect asf

  • Augist

    The girl with the silver hair talks so slow to me

  • Augist

    Am I the only one who thinks Veronica and Young Hollywood look like twins.

  • Seba Williams

    Trick daddy walk at 34:29 . WTF is that?

  • Straightshooter

    Dem legs busting out like a can a biscuits in that thumbnail LOL!

  • Rosi

    There are lots of pretty boys who people don’t think are gay.

  • G_Amsterdambuhd

    The wig is fake?!!? LMAO.. damn not only it’s a wig but it’s a fake wig. Dayum!

  • Rosi

    He does model.

  • Rosi

    Prince, you’re a little feminine. That’s why people think you’re gay, not just bc you hang with Bobby.

  • Coco

    I dislike Young Hollywood, he’s so smug, he wants to hang out with Black people on the show so he can look less racist.

  • Coco


  • Rich

    Dull start although the season looks good.
    I used to like Jessie Woo but I can’t take her accent switch each time ugh.
    I’ll always like Amara, this ‘man stealer’ edit she’s getting is dull.
    Bobby and Prince is funny.
    The two rodents Young Hollywood and its twin West Hollywood (Veronica Vega) shouldn’t even be on this show.
    I hope DW smacks her down.

  • OMARI.

    Prince snatched bobby good wig. lol

  • Mystery$$%*-“-%+

    ok first off, why they budget so low that they used the same intro as season 1??????

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I caught that too

  • Erica Pagan

    Funny enough I practice Wicca and my last name is Pagan. So cant quit that. But ty so much for taking the time to respond to my comment. However as a lover of villains o just dont think all people should give themselves such a coveted title. But you are entitled to your opinion. Sorry my humor isnt sufficient enough for such a high caliber of humor such as yourself. Thanks for the Input and Blessed Be.

  • Coco

    They have Amara looking like public enemy number 1 on here because they know she’s the break out star of this show, so they’re trying to make her look bad. If Amara had any sense (which I’d like to believe she does) she would remove herself from participating in this show so here career can fully thrive. She doesn’t need a check like the rest of them.

  • narinity

    trick sit your old ass down and let trina shine like she wants too. i dont give a fuck to hear any of there music tho it all sucks, amara voice is super annoying and her song at the fashion show was wack as fuck.

  • Tima Yangala

    I like Amara over all …


    Exactly, they are all hating on Amara for no reason even Gunplay said he just wanted to make his girl jealous and that nothing happen between them. Well I guess Amara has to prepare for more enemies cos with fame comes more enemies

  • Alyka Morgan

    Amara and Jojo my bitches…. PERIOD I like Tip tho
    Shay just a irrelevant and salty bitch… So u mad because Jojo is with Pleasure?? That’s y u really mad ??? Smh

  • Koko Dizzle

    He better him being in the closet is boring

  • Erica Pagan

    Sorry Baby Hollyhood. Americas favorite villains are Thanos, Killmonger and Joker. How dare u even think u qualify as a villan.

  • April_Moon

    Gunplay and Keyara has one of them unhealthy hood type of relationships where all they do is fight and fck, very toxic situation for both of them

  • Hotgirlchina

    I’m sooo tired of Trina with these crooked middle parts with the lace wigs. Ugh

  • Rere

    I didn’t really get into this episode, I give it a D


    i feel you! but we all will be tuned in again next week tho!

  • Lovë 22

    Lol exactly!!!!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    That fall was funny as fuck. That’s why he’s still vexed with Prince.

  • Lovë 22

    What teleprompter was Trina reading from in the opening scene lol they didn’t position it right, it’s not align with the camera it shouldn’t be that noticeable!! Random: but I miss Trina and Kenyon Martin together.
    Spectacular…lord he’s always been my favorite, with his fine self!
    Gunplay is looking better these days, still bat shit crazy but looking better lol
    Come on teeth, push thru Bobby!!!! I lost my shit when you fell into that window tho lol

    I can’t lie, I’m really enjoying all this diversity on the show, so much culture, Miami is a true melting pot!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Prince looks and behaves effeminate. Having make-up wearing Bobby has his road dog damn-near affirms it. Do you boo…but I wouldn’t want my daughter dating him. I’m happy Amara successfully used this platform for her glow-up. I hope her DMs to Gunplay were not as they were portrayed, She can do so much better. Veronica’s hating ass is getting what she deserves. Hollywood is a fuckboi. Trick Daddy needs to sit his fat ass down & focus on his health.

  • Thatsriteitsmeimhere!

    Yeahhhh… well…(yawn).. I guess. Possibilities of a POSSIBLE slot filler…

  • 1Love404

    huh lol???????????

  • M A

    Oh it’s a wig

  • kinky twist

    Im sorry but im tired of these artist lingering on old ass music , take it to the house i was soooooo long ago ! Trick daddy face do look like a tv dinner brownie tho lol What else yall got fuk ,prince fine, young hollywood fine .

  • Michele Ellis

    I do not like that Jessie girl I feel like she’s willing to do or say anything to be on camera

  • Xoxopinkey

    They can definitely make it work. They’re communicating just not clear enough so that they both can understand each other’s POV and come together to compromise.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Tip seems cool but the fact that she just hopped up after tryna bring some heat to the table had me hot! how are you just gonna end your moms experience bc you couldn’t handle what you was stirring up?

  • Xoxopinkey

    I’m happy for Amara! Her manager does look a little shady. I hope she ain’t out here looking cray cray.

  • Xoxopinkey

    When Joy said anybody is better than Shay I chucked hard lol she’s right. Shay is a hot ass mess!

  • Xoxopinkey

    It’s about time for her to wrap up careee and move on to bigger and better things.

  • Xoxopinkey

    I like Prince and Bobbys relationship. There needs to be better boundaries period that alone will tell you if he’s really your friend.

  • Xoxopinkey

    I love Gunplay but I honestly feel like he should seek advice from someone that’s married btw I guess they needed something to talk about lol

  • Xoxopinkey

    Is Pretty Ricky going to be on the B2K tour? I’m asking for a friend lol

  • shasyl

    Kandise you are an ugly big forehead lace front wig wearing bitch

  • Dee Cade

    Clearly somebody told Trina to turn up or get cut!

  • Causewhy?

    Gunplay is VERY basic. When he was in the hallway crying all i could think was that his hair look llike three big braids wrapped in couch cushion. Trick Faddy needs a complete overhaul. He puts me in mind of the poop emoji. And why he always bbqing huge cuts of meat? Get healthy man! And why does it seem like bobbylites is slways wearing the same thing? And why Amara cant put her fro up in a puff? Or twists or off to the side? A blonde streak. Something. These are questions that need answers.

  • Everything Krysta said I felt that!!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Why is Prince not a model??

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I don’t think Prince is gay, he’s just a pretty ass nigga and ugly women can’t take him.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I don’t think Prince is gay, he’s just a pretty ass nigga and ugly women can’t take him.

  • Sierra Vaughn

    Yes I think that was her

  • Carrie Kittles

    Not sure why but amara always was annoying to me!!! Love Kearra and gunplay! I hope continues to fight for what they have! Amara in every dm huh? Jojo reminds me of Nikki baby. Tip definitely pulled her card!!! You can’t be real acting like that!. Over this show already!

  • shasyl
  • Jaz

    Why does it bother you if the afro is real or not. Worry about you sir

  • shasyl
  • Lacy4u

    So are you agreeing that I should go to bed or that you can see she has on an afro wig? LOL

  • Lmmfao EXACTLY

  • Lacy4u

    Is it just me or does anyone else seem to think that Amara is sporting one of those half wig afros?? It appears that she has her own hair pulled out along the perimeter (from ear to ear) but then she has a fake afro wig sitting on top of the hair she has pulled out. Every time she’s on camera I can’t stop staring at her hair. It actually looks like I can see where her hair ends and the wig begins. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me and I need to go to bed. LOL

  • rp

    The show is so weak and stupid, not interested!!!

  • R C

    This is like a english telenovela.

  • Lacy4u

    Whoa, wait…is that the same Miss Mulatto that won the Rap Game???

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    TRICK IS TOXIC AF!!!!! He is CLEARLY suffering from severe depression from his battle with lupus, and emotionally tortures and beats up whoever is close to him, his ex-wife, Trina etc. He may even be messin w Trina to get back at his ex-wife. Trina needs to roll the eff on before she wastes whats left of her career waiting on Trick. She needs to work w other Miami artist, see if Rick Ross can help her flip her relaunch her career.

  • bossrere

    I get it she’s hatian but why does she keep sister like that? That’s annoying
    I’m not feelin jojo as of right now, something is just weird about her.
    Trina that tNt album won’t save you, move on to new business ventures while you still have a platform.
    Keyara and tip seem like the realest ones on this cast…. so far

  • Queen Beez

    Is Prince gonna finally come out this season?
    I like Keyara. It’s not everyday you see a woman admit that a nigga ain’t good for or to her, and she stand her ground & know her worth. Don’t give in girl, once a cheater…. most likely always one.

  • Love Jones

    Amara is the only rising star on this show, so now everyone hating on her. I guess Amara is Jessie whoever reason for being on the show. Jessie rubs me the wrong way. Oh, and her mother talking about Jesus with all that spiritually in Haiti and that is what she clings too? LHH turning the chocolate sistahs against eachother. Good job Mona Scott smh.

  • facesittr

    same thing I wasthinking it looks like a strung up ham or pernilll

  • shasyl

    Prince is gay and he need to cut the bullshit

  • 1280Fifth

    That scene with Jessie and her mama in the church was hilarious! Her mama is sooo Caribbean. When she was like “ boom boom” I died.

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m here to see my girl Amara La Negra!

  • Lala Marie Powell

    `st okkkuuurrrr

  • shasyl