Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte Season 1 Episode 2 – ‘Netflix and Chill’

The secret lives of 8 women are exposed through a season full of drama, sex, and scandal as cameras follow the Real Side Chicks of Charlotte throughout the queen city. Witness first hand what it’s like to live the life of the woman who comes in 2nd place, from lavish living to lit parties, this season will have you on the edge of your seat.

  • Sky Starks

    These women trash…Where the good hair styles n bad bitches

  • CocoB33 easy

  • Kamo Brinson

    They on scenes for a long time ..
    And mannnn.this better then l&hh
    Basketball wives…all of um…these women honest…
    And some of these men arent married..

    These women standing up for all the women getting played..claiming sidechick..
    Or dont know they are the side piece…

  • Gee Z Bee


  • Gee Z Bee


  • Khalil

    Okay people. Let’s not freak out. This show is obviously some half scripted half improv joint. I can’t lie. This shit is hilarious. I can’t believe none of ya’ll caught the editing slip up when they were bleeping out the cuss words and then for like a minute you hear every fuck they were saying between the white girl and Flavor Flav’s son. This is great shit to watch before you go to bed.

  • tiffanybrownjosiah easy

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    I guess girl….but ew lol

  • TONI


  • Cj

    WHO’S DEALING W THESE HOES? THEY A WHOLE HEADACHE LOL JUST LOUD AND AIN’T TALKIN BOUT SHIT. Maybe these niggas just like the fact these chicks ask for everything and give them space? lol What else could it be

  • SunSHINê

    WHO DOIN LAUNDRY…… freaking song keep playing in my head. DearArtist: kill yourself. be4 2019….please and thank you.

  • Bella Vicious


  • Shondeon

    Aside from this show, you know there’s a world FULL of black women living better than you right? Plus, on their own merit at that.

  • Shondeon


  • Myemaildied

    Why this just couldn’t be a low budget sitcom or something. Reality show ain’t it though

  • Myemaildied

    I haven’t watched it yet but your comment got me curious now

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    Wow, that whole scene with homeboy pretending to be shocked homegirl was in his apartment…and the stuttering….TERRIBLE ACTING. And is he wearing a SideChicks hat? LOL. I can’t with this show….but I’m still gonna watch it .

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    People do the most to be famous! I can’t even watch it… it’s a NO for me 2 mins in!

  • Sy

    They broke broke

  • Sicily Wilson

    This is like a bad comedy spoof of VH1 and Love n Hip Hop. From the music to the city shots. Everything looks so low budget and everybody looks a little thru.. This show is childish

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    Can someone PLEASE show me where the fine light skin nigga with the fur was…..cause I ain’t seen him yet and I finished the episode.

  • jennandjuice111

    The hairstyles are HORRIBLE.

  • Cynthia Watson

    This shit show is so funny to me

  • not realistic

    All jokes aside, I get the feeling these women want us to believe they only mess with ballers or men with money. I noticed all the NC men on this show are EXTREMELY unattractive. Yes, I’m trying not be insulting with my words. But are they no handsome in the face, muscular bodied, decent clothes wearing BALLER men in NC? This show says no.

  • NewbieNubian

    Lol, ok luv, enjoy.

  • Eleanor Garcia

    Damn this show makes Charlotte look wacked. I’m suggesting next Season name will be changed to The real pimps & hoes of Charlotte street hustle.

  • I like how this show is called ‘Real Side Chicks of Charlotte’ as if there are fake ones.

  • This is beyond trashy television, this is a full fledge dumpster fire.

  • Sirius Scarab

    Yo…. twan looks like biz markies son. Lol I don’t get it is he old or young?

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    Someone needs to stop filming these episodes from their cracked iPhone, this is some low budget z rated quality. This shit makes my eyes hurt!

  • Paizley

    I like how she jus let the white girl make it. Thas whassup cause shes the one that’s maaaad lol

  • mocha brown

    Awww shut up, who ask you! Go continue walking on water and saving lives.. I need this vice.

  • mocha brown

    Still better than Kirk and Rasheeda storylines

  • mocha brown

    Me likey

  • mocha brown


  • Distiletto

    Just like the real housewives… Them bitches be popped the 1st season…

  • Distiletto


  • mocha brown


  • Vee

    the fuckery is real…but what else can u expect outta charlotte?

  • lilbigz80

    Cheap $2.99 Charlotte hookers

  • QBee

    This is trash..with trashy hoes but I can’t stop watching…the men are out of shape..look disgusting..wouldn’t fucq any of them with Trump’s pussy. That Twan really thinks he’s sexy..with them ugly ass faces he was making when whatever her name is went to his lil ass flat..their brick looking asses looking lobe0sided as fucq.especially the friend has brought for the cheek going south.the other north…they’re using the show to plug their dry ass music cause I don’t know one single artist they’ve debuted.

  • Audacious Bade

    they are treated like the side bitch they are. low budget ass show, Love and hip hop wannabe.

  • EagleEyes

    this must have been written directed and produced by Worldstar nothing but low budget people and low budgets artist that no one ever heard of it look like one long ass bootlegged hip hop video

  • Doris G

    Charlotte North Carolina what is going on; every building has a crown on top, and these women are the queens, say it ain’t so. Charlotte this has set the city back 200 years. We send our sincere condolences to the Charlotte North Carolina. Where is Peter (Cynthia Bailey’s estranged husband), he was suppose to be bringing new business to Charlotte, how this happen.

  • Doris G

    LOL, me too!!!! They could have gotten some side chicks that were living one third of the way large.

  • Inipow

    Pray for us !

  • Inipow

    You just insist on getting me fucked up AND fired . How the hell am i supposed to work after you say some shit like that . Where my damn lighter at ….lol

  • Chana Hill Hardin CW

    this shit looks like a b rated almost porno

  • LaNiece Robinson

    lmao…Back yo ass up off my man..First of all he’s green my favorite color..That big belly people thinks he has, is just his big green dick tucked up..And have you ever seen him eat, so you know how he gets down…And if we ever are in need for some money, my baby’s a Gee with his shit..You see how he can wipe out a whole town in one night…Okay…lmao….

  • Cee Celly

    God forgive me for watching this I’m ashamed of myself

  • Cee Celly

    That white girl should be ashamed of herself, the cringe is too strong lol

  • Chante Houston

    Omg I can’t believe this really is a show and no wonder why these chicks are side chicks they all look dirty and nasty and that nigga with the dreads is ugly as fuck he must got some money and good d**k because oh boy looks disgusting smh

  • Scandalous

    brixx & any other lone snowflake is STUPID for hanging around these dirty north carolina niggas. like jews, mormons, chinese & other grps, whites have successful businesses, banks, educational institutions & shit and KNOW HOW TO ACT.

    niggas been here 300 years and still SOUND LIKE SLAVES and CAN’T SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH. they’re still begging for welfare, blaming racism, acting like ANIMALS and can’t get it together. niggas have NOTHING, control NOTHING & have NO POWER as a group bcuz they have NO MORALS and refuse to call out ghetto trash and get some damn discipline. nah they rather cry “racism” and demand “prison reform” when their CRIMINAL ASS, murdering, dope selling sons RIGHTFULLY get 25 years or life AFTER TERRORIZING THEIR OWN PEOPLE & community.
    until they prove the ability to do better, act like they got some gaddamn sense, raise decent kids & quit populating the country with more & more criminals & dumb dirty hoes, black females should be FORCIBLY STERILIZED.

  • Pisces3384

    This show is horrible but I will say I enjoyed those dudes in the beginning getting game ran on them the way some of these dudes do us women.

  • Why?

    I swear the further/deeper into the south you go, the further back fashion goes. NC seems to be in the early 2000s

  • Juanita Applebaum

    what kind of f*ckery fashion time machine is shador in? her attire is the worse, go back to work at a retail store that don’t have yellow sticker tags ending in .99

  • disqus_QNEq9TsWK4

    This looks like a horrible porno.

  • Tiffany Brown

    What in time entire fuck do they have on????

  • Clayne Rojano

    What in di ass is going on here?

  • a.

    facts I’m crying lmao

  • Rere

    I cant even watch a full minute of this episode, I’ll try again later…lol

  • Ruthyana Hermes


  • Ruthyana Hermes


  • Ruthyana Hermes


  • Ruthyana Hermes


  • Ruthyana Hermes


  • Ruthyana Hermes


  • Inipow

    Btw You know I love the Grinch don’t you ! Lol Even with his makeover or is he using a filter? His skin so clear and his teeth are clean and straightened.

  • Inipow

    I can’t even , with these FOLK! Yes , I think more people need to be reminded of what Christmas is about . I’m so thankful for a Christian background as it employs a Christian life . Although I stumble and sometimes fall (fail) , but the blood of redemption Chile! Grace and mercy , nothing but Grace and mercy .
    Happy Holidays Sis!

  • Why?
  • BreZee

    And dont look like it’s enough money. I can do my own hair and make up and come out better than that.

  • Meg Fleckney

    You can smell the stale pussy through the screen. YUCK.

  • Malefa Motitswe

    Is the caucasian side chick on something? she doesn’t seem like she is here with us on planet earth.

    Honestly, this show is so bad….but I can’t stop watching, I have hope real professional producers will pick it up and make it work…anyone else?

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Umm Umm gurl you know you can’t say Black Beauty, that’s racist, lmbo….But, give it to them baby….And half these m/f’s wouldn’t know a Queen if she sentenced they asses to the dungeon…Don’t sleep on the Grinch he gives insight on Christmas ever year by stealing they shit to make them realize Christmas isn’t about a bunch of Whoo’s getting shit they really don’t need…It’s about being thankful for the love of your family and friends and that shit money can’t buy…And don’t look for no mail today because regular mail service has been canceled for the recognition of national day of mourning for Bush, gurl this is some straight up fuck boi shit…

  • lilli lilian

    and Lord knows that’s not a cute look, lol

  • lilli lilian

    I made it all the way to 22 minutes of this 29 min show, but was forced to stop because the dude with the corny sidechick hat was seeming special ed and I’m not with exploitation of the disabled. That heffa see that man slow and she got him on this show humiliating himself, just wrong. And who special ordered that damn hat?

  • Scandalous

    THIS is why black women need to be legally sterilized, or forced to get permission before being allowed to give birth. they just won’t close their legs & keep fucking losers and spitting out these UGLY, saggy titty rats like shador, storm & xar who they rase to e as disgusting as they are. they can’t stop making stupid choices & don’t mind EMBARRASSING their whole entire race.

    blacks have NO morals & must really be genetically inferior because they can’t do right, live right, or make intelligent decisions to save their damn selves. how are you the poorest, still begging & think it’s ok after being here 300 years? how are you 13% of the pop yet STAY having the majority of HIV along with every other venereal disease? WHY ARE YU SO GADDAM DUMB. how do you fuck off every opportunity and can’t stop repopulating the hoods and ghettos with fatherless bastards that also grow to be dumbasses, hos, strippers, welfare leeches, maladjusted fucks & violent criminals JUST LIKE THEIR MAMAS AND DADDYS.

  • Myra.S.A

    i was actually looking forward to this show till i saw the quality of it, PURE TRASH SORRY.

  • Inipow

    STOP ! I am not going back in time out fucking with you . Trying to keep me from living my best life ! Damn you Dutchess.

  • Inipow

    Hey My Luv!!

  • Inipow

    Hey Sis ! Yes I had to let the let the beast of burdens on here who love to insult know what BLACK BEAUTY is.
    Gone let Black Jesus use you girl, because you got white Jesus on the run hanging with the Grinch.

  • Why?

    Brixx and Nicky looking like 2018 Pumpkin and Flava Flav in that car ride….

  • Why?

    Cuz it probably wasn’t. Homeboy don’t look like he can afford a $2-3k/month apartment like that one…that accent screams Harlem or Bed Stuy and that jewelry sounds like pans rattling when they bang together

  • Why?

    An oval is a shape, my friend….

  • BreZee

    Watching this show is like watching porn…there’s so much shame afterwards…my ancestors ain’t die for this

  • BreZee

    Dianna really thinks she’s better than the rest of them. And someone please inform her that bougie is NOT a compliment nor does it mean sophisticated/refined. It means to live beyond ones means. Meaning you’re trying to live a caviar and lobster lifestyle off a peanutbutter and jelly budget. Migos got yall fucked up!!!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    why do i feel like that scene with fat boy was not filmed in New york

  • Jus post my damn comment

    damn is there At least ONE stripper wit out a damn dream?

  • Jus post my damn comment

    these scabs love drama, from the one wit the two side dudes, the bi-sexual with her man and woman and child, they all love drama but im all in lmao

  • CtheGod

    That Twan dude look goofy asf in that whole damn ensemble truna be in the cut @ the party n these hoes really taken with him. No sir. Cary boi just tryna get his numbers up cuz him n Dianna clearly aint involved..nikki bandz said everything except “i’m not married”…even said he was gonna put her hungry ass out. Girl do better. They do look like they are struggling each n every one and that isn’t the problem . but if u gonna be a glorified side chick at least look like it is for a reason.

  • Malasha Rienecker


  • Coco

    Nope. Lol

  • Nova7

    This was filmed almost 2 years ago…they did an interview with the breakfast club a whiiile ago.

  • Queen Chico

    this shit ratchet asf, ghetto asf, messy asf, boujie asf & im here for it!!!!!!!

  • Queen Chico

    im done looool

  • Queen Chico


  • Queen Chico


  • Queen Chico


  • NewbieNubian

    Y’all really watching this shit? I’m disappointed in y’all. Thought this was bout be 60 comments of us talking about how much we are paying this bullshit dust. Do better y’all.

  • NewbieNubian

    Y’all really watching this shit? I’m disappointed in y’all. Thought this was bout be 60 comments of us talking about how much we are paying this bullshit dust. Do better y’all.

  • Gbunny

    Why wouldn’t you wanna go to the guy’s house? He’s paying for your photoshoot, not your friend.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    lmao…You put a pic up…Hey girl….They been collecting them funds since before Pastor Jenkins died in 1929…And h3ll naw, it ain’t in my blood to behave lmao….

  • Domo

    These some ugly ass side niggas

  • Bella Vicious

    Did this chick Tiffany say ” I have to keep my body in shape” it’s clearly her first time in a gym… girl please

  • Bella Roe

    Lol right

  • Bella Vicious

    Dianna is shady asf!!!

  • Bella Vicious

    Why are you here then? Just to tell us you’re not watching? Right mhm ok

  • Tashatha Latham

    I swear I can’t help but to watch this show, I do not understand Brixx at all, like you pressed and for what, she mad at all the wrong people LOL I need they IG I wanna see if they really turnt

  • Tashatha Latham

    I am too, Im like is it coming on tomorrow this my guilty pleasure LOL

  • Trixy Lerue Reyes

    This is a mess of a show… but very entertaining…

  • Danii

    When was this filmed? Everyone looks so dated. Weaves stiff, no makeup, wrinkly clothes. The list goes on and on! And Brix? This child is so lost in the sauce lol I seen someone say, “what channel is this on?” Hahahaha!

  • Danii

    Only here for the comments lol

  • TMP_Kisses

    I have one word… Ewwwwwwwuuuuwwwwwwuuuuu

  • TMP_Kisses

    One word! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwuuuuuwwwww

  • you damn well this mess aint on tv lol…at least not yet. they were suppouse to be on netflix.

  • i love this show, i just have to get high af to watch it

  • Vanessa

    What channel does this come on?

  • jay reflex


  • Pebbles

    im Looking at the screen like Brixx say it with your chest put some base in your voice.

    Her come backs wasn’t even that great …. I need y’all to add another white chick that’s straight hood that would gather them all together .

    Brixx sounded as if she was about to cry.

    Maybe if she be around them long enough she will grow hair on her chin

  • R C

    He looks like as dyke.

  • Tya Monroe

    Bruh even the music promos are wack this show is a mess, I dont see it getting a second season

  • YoungFabulous

    Why he look like he should’ve been on woop day trick get em or hard out here for a pimp

  • YoungFabulous

    I guess I’ll be watching this train wreck or am I here just for the comments lol

  • gg

    her dude is ugly af, how you gonna be a sidechick of an ugly ass man that is dating a trailer trash becky… like come one.

  • R C

    Where are Brixx parent’s? That girl is so lost…
    And these girls are side chicks but why them and there guys both look broke. I’m super confused.

  • M A

    lol ok last ep. she wasn’t even bout it when her dudes other side chick walked in had me crying whispering and shit

  • Inipow

    You Preaching the Gospel and teaching the Psalms.
    All I can say is about this show is JESUS WEPT !

  • Inipow

    So you just not going to behave at all? Just going to fuck up the church money , from the benevolent to building fund?

  • R C

    This is tragic to to watch lol

  • Renee Adams

    ok … smdh

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Damn, they made a whole show with an iPhone…..

  • Kia Smith

    whose idea was it to make this nigga wear a hat that says sidechicks

  • Chloe Mailey

    Tbh I always think side b’s are regular and that’s why they take them. They feel too much pressure with the person they are with so they go below so they can feel that power again

  • Thehaitianqueen

    The makeup on that girl. Her face has 2 colors….. cray

  • Distiletto

    One bitch is a sidechick to a nigga called “Twan the Dude”……….She has failed at life..

  • Distiletto

    That gay dude is actually claiming those hairstyles…lol

  • Pebbles

    I agree!

    They need a hood d white chick .. brixx not cutting it..

  • Nikkihatch

    Y’all killing me with these comments I agree it’s literally so horrible I’m watching cause I’m in shock


    When the white girl came on I had to cancel it.

  • Shera Latoya

    Lmao omg the weaves are horrible!!!

  • Shera Latoya

    I don’t care how much people say they don’t like this show, they still gonna be watching it. Lol

  • Domi Nache’

    This show is like a train wreck…like you wanna look away but can’t stop horrible but its differently real.. lol..

  • Ttrini

    Lawd help me but this show makes me giggle and smh lol its soooooo bad its good lol smh