Hustle In Brooklyn Season 1 Episode 8 – ‘Sky’s the Limit’

On episode 8, Jesse and Ivy find out the limits of their struggling romance, and Darnell makes the tough decision to recommit himself to his family. Meanwhile, Alicia makes an unexpected move to represent Azia despite Santos and Darnell.

  • TONI


  • L in the know

    She maybe dry but she is the kind of woman who will help her man to success if he has the sense to see it. Instead he is craving the crazy excitement from the side piece.

  • L in the know

    Way to go Azia, another song about money/papers. I thought she was looking for a number 1 record, cause this ain’t it.

  • Rudie Mac

    Cause the manager was trying to have a threesome now she came back to him

  • Morrocan Boy

    but she all on his nuts

  • Caribbean born here (different island)! Islanders are no different than any other groups of ppl and they lie, front, steal, cheat etc. just the same!

  • ZionLive

    As much as she’s a hot mess and wild. Dani is legit 1000% Haitian! Don’t knock my Caribbean’s. We not gon claim something we ain’t.

  • Rudie Mac

    You left out Azia getting a new ponytail or something

  • Rudie Mac

    If she boring leave her alone all that back n forth for the birds

  • Rudie Mac

    Eva curved him for the manager she had a crush on

  • Rhomn


  • R C

    I’m on the train with Azia’s boo. Lol

  • Bellacam32

    Why they so pressed for Eva? These girls ain’t got nothing going on…smh. Dani tried it in them Rainbow shoes. Trying to show out for the cameras, Eva will slaughter you girl. Don’t try to play Jamaicans, we ruthless!!! Alicia giving Grenadians a bad name, don’t claim that shit no more!!!! I used to think Santos was super corny on first impression, but he’s a cool dude. Thank goodness he don’t have a huge ego.

  • Tanay Stuart

    I think Azia is koo but I’m REEEALLY getting tired of seeing that blonde, raggedy ass ponytail or WHATEVER THE FUCK it is, lol! I feel like now, Azia kan see Dani 4 who she REALLY is and how everyone else sees her in the next episode when Dani turns against her. Azia has always had Dani back and defended her although I must say, looks like Azia is the one who needs defending. Did anyone catch when Eva told Dani “I kalled u in real life”, u doing it for t.v? I almost died, came back to life, and died again. Lord have mercy. Alicia messy and grimy as fuck and BEEN feeling some type of way since the ordeal with Baggy and the record label. All she does is keep shit going which is why Black Rose was her karma 4rm that messy shit she tried to pull behind her then homegirls back when she set up that meeting behind her back thinking it was gone get her somewhere, lol! This is #classic #messydrama # yeahdat

  • Alexa Michelle

    The fact that Eva says “I got anger issues” in every scene shes in low key irritates me . Like ok we got it

  • Alexa Michelle

    Eva and Baggy ?? Lol anyone else here for it ?

  • Fee2nice

    Now Dani turning on the only friend who had her back…. Azia just leave the trash out your life, all she’s going to do is stink it up…. Alicia is a negative Nancy … stirring the pot for the drama to get lit smfh … Jesse don’t want a relationship he acted like it because he want to have sex .. Truly believe he is afraid of a power woman

  • Lisa Lisa

    And she seems dry and boring af. I’m not surprised that he is feeling Dani’s wild ass

  • The Observer

    Couldnt have broken it down better myself…imagine Diddy waiting for some basic to tell him when its time to eat.

  • Miss267

    Gay Gay too

  • EducatedRatchet

    Is this show fake..cuz i dont know ny nigs this lame and fraud

  • Nova7

    lol thats me trying to find the good in everyone.

  • NewbieNubian

    He’s clearly not meeting the height requirement. I don’t think he’s into her either. They act like long lost siblings

  • NewbieNubian

    Then, after ivy made it a point to tell her boss over and over again that Baggy was trash, she tells him that she wants to work with him. I was done with her from the moment her boss said if she didn’t want him to meet with Alicia and Baggy he wouldn’t and the bih started cheesing. I’m a go getter. So I related to Alicia when she saw her opportunity and took it. I’m actually disappointed she’s such a basic bird cause I thought she was gonna be making boss moves on this show. Cause that’s what she made at that party, a boss ass move. You don’t wait for someone to tell you to eat if u hungry and especially when you’re in the entertainment business. It was Ivy who was moving shady. On some wait till I tell u u can go type shit. Come on now. That’s what “friends” do? No wonder they say “friends” hold you back cause they can never really be happy for u.

  • NewbieNubian

    Lol why is the barber scene so trash tho. They didn’t need to be in the barber chairs lmao. Clips buzzing no hair being cut. Shorty wasn’t even trying with that comb. The male barber deserves an Oscar.

  • Lacy4u

    I wonder how fast Baggy will be skinning & grinning in Ivy’s face now that he know she’s available? It’s so obvious how much Baggy is feeling Ivy. That’s why Baggy told Santos Eva was just one of the homies. I do think he was interested in Eva at first though, that is, until he met Ivy! Let’s see if Baggy decides to try to shoot his shot with Ivy or not. Of course, he’s going to be hella mad when he found out it was Ivy who curved him out of a shot at getting signed by E-One because she was mad at Alicia. LOL

  • Butter

    First of all before I even watch this I just wanna say that, Darnell ” makes a tough decisions to recommit himself to his family ” EVERY DAMN EPISODE!

  • Whoa

    omg I knew I wasnt the only one

  • kneesee

    I love Baggy… he so cute to me.

  • cara

    Loooooool azia tried to come with the back hand but Danny caught her Looool

  • champaignkisses

    Tomorrow on…”As the Hood Turns”

  • Prive

    lmao Azia got busted by fucking Dani. Eva is pretty, I didn’t think so at first but I think it’s the hair. Baggy showing a major manlier side and not ask all that mesSy shit. And jesse likes drama. He reiterates how shit actually went by making sure it reaks drama. Pitting girl against girl. Lol he didn’t think Ivy was gonna react that way. Even though I don’t like her I hope Ivy moves on. Alicia bitch you should be apologizing to Eva you hater insTigating shit.

  • rp


  • Whoa

    Is it just me or Azia keeps danny around to make herself look good. lol I cnt figure out no other reason.

  • The Observer


  • Whoa

    lol @bm boring. i thought the same thing. she is as boring as watching paint dry. poor boy prob got his breaks beaten off by danny. she prob made his body feel things he didnt know was possible, his dick trying to make him believe he in love with danny.

  • Moonlight8

    They didn’t feel like a couple, both of them were doing their own thing.

  • QBee

    Ivy is just basic..she thinks too much of herself..Jesse was looking for any reason to escape…Danielle was fighting Azia when she’s the only one on her side..nah..cut her loose.

  • realrapcrush

    Thank u Danny n Darnell is better his bm is to weak Danny more strong n she have a cool personality she’s a baddie n she ain’t scared unlike his bm she to weak for him he only want his family but not her .!

  • realrapcrush

    Okay so I got it being ratchet and being a hoe on tv will get u booked more n more hype lmao it’s entertainment y’all scripted hello they playing characters …. Danny acting like she a slut n a drunk . Alicia girl u need to get it together azia the only sane one but the only one that’s actually worth watching ivy act like a lil ass girl yo and that dude is real life gay
    And dude with the baby man this show just show me how hard it is for man to fight temptation but his bm seem to nice n boring so I c why he was fucking Danny

  • gg

    eva is not a saint, she just like to play one. we might be able to see thorugh alicia’s game, but eva is a snake, the kind that stay lows and attacks. she is demeaning to dany and others but try to play the victim… she is messy but trying to play it cool. dani is rough, but she just a puppy needing love but bites you when you show that you can hurt her…a little naive. ivy.. that girl thinks she is all that. alicia has issues…insecurities that she is trying to hide, azia needs to be real and stop playing the old goodie good girl

  • The Observer

    It’s your opinion and your perspective however I will not negate from my perspective. They both tried to mess with the girl and hoped she wouldn’t retaliate. Ivy was shady from the get-go and wants to be seen as a boss. She was envious that Alicia would actually shine with Baggy that she went to her boss and interjected in something that had nothing to do with her and messed up not only Alicia’s bag but Baggy’s too. Baggy is such a clown that he didn’t even realize that Ivy stopped his flow but I am sure he sees now that Ivy messed his bag up. Eva, wasn’t coming to Alicia “woman to woman” she was coming to Alicia because she felt played by black rose. It would only be genuine if Eva wasn’t carrying on conversations with black rose and video chatting (keep in mind she new black rose was talking to Alicia from he first night they met). So they got what they deserve, you give off insecurity and bitterness and that’s the same energy you are going to get back.

  • Addae Brunder

    Danny is a just a whole mess. I like that Iva bring out tha Patois now an again, but me mudduhs! She cover tha up good boy. i LIKe HER MORE.

  • Addae Brunder

    Well damn, took everything out my mouth. lol

  • Danielle Murray

    I feel you point of view but I dont think Jesse is interested in Dani at all. I think he she her for the mess she is. I really feel Ivy was handling him like a chump and that got old quick. Its all about her feelings – to hell with his.

  • Sofire

    Ugly b. itches always be venamous

  • Sofire

    Someone come get danni and throw that whole b. Itch away aready!!

  • mish mash

    When is Alicia gonna receive that ass-whooping she’s due?!….When is Dani gonna realise she’s drinking in the ‘last chance’ saloon!?…..why Ivy think she way more cuter than she really is?…..When will Azia understand that Santos is her guy?!… Eva steady playing with Baggy emotions.

  • mish mash

    Thank you!

  • mish mash

    Alicia Horsemouth is straight poison…..from the first episode she been venomous.

  • Kel

    Ivy didn’t mess with Alicia. Alicia was the backstabber who goes behind her friend’s back to do shady business because she is all about herself. She was the one talking bad about Ivy to Baggy. She tried to make herself seem more than what she really is. Alicia is also jealous of Eva. Just because her so call man was checking Eva as well. At least Eva was real enough to let Alicia know what was going on. But no, Alicia mad at Eva. Why? She is jealous. She so jealous she started unnecessary shit between Dani and Eva. Plus she got Jesse to leave Ivy. Alicia is a bitter woman. One every person should be careful around.

  • Anah

    I like Baggy and Eva together,they good for each other

  • Gracias!

    Alicia the poseur was trying to sound intelligent in her manipulations, and got E.A. Poe all wrong. It most definitely is believe ‘nothing you hear’ and ‘half that you see’.

  • Nova7

    Hmmm I wanted to like Alicia Horseman but this bit is low and insecure. Ugh

  • Ama

    This bitch “believe half of what you hear and all of what you see” no dummy. That’s the blind leading the blind lol the saying is “believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear”

    I don’t like Azia. Respect her ambition but she acts funny.

  • NessChappelle

    Alicia looks a mess. Face, HAIR/ WIG!!!, hairline, etc. she’s also being very messy. Be nice, girl…

  • Any pimple on an ass can open an Instagram account and, nope; I’m not buying Dani’s claim that she “grajute college” until I see receipts.

    There’s a cultural connection (Haitian) and then there’s being 100. Dani-the-drunk is old enough to fight her own battles, so Azia can back TF off and quit putting up revisionist history as if ppl don’t have eyes/ears. …Jesse was standing there talking to his GF (not “disrespecting” Ivy, per Azia), and dirtbag walked up demanding to know why Jesse didn’t attend her wack “comedy” show.

    And, oh, so, because a woman (Eva) refuses to indulge your insecurity and pettiness, you send a text in another direction to stir shit? Gotcha, Alicia, and you’re beyond disgusting AF.

  • Casmoney

    I can’t believe Danny and azia is gonna be mixing a lot of these mf’s be wave riding

  • Briona Loyalty Harris

    Yaaaassssssssss that part

  • Ancient Wisdom

    What kinda fucked up mindset do you have to think its a good idea to date a man fresh off 10 years in prison? Wow!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Baggy is sexy. I like him & Eva together. Darnell needs to man up before he fucks up his family. I love me some Santos he has his shit together like Aziza. I think they will end up together. Jesse is fine but he seems sweet. Ivy is full of herself.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I like Eva she is a good friend. She doesn’t start shit and she tries to keep her composer when these broads come for her. Aziza is fly as hell. She is beautiful, smart, talented and keeps her business 1st. I’m pissed that drunk ass Danni swung on her when she stays in this bitch’s corner even when she shouldn’t.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Danni & Alicia are miserable troublemakers! Every altercation has 1 of these hoes at the center. Danni pushes up on every man in her eyesight. Alicia is a straight up hater carrying bones like Sheree from RHOA tryna ruin shit for the next lady. Alicia fix your teeth and your weave. Danni go buy yourself some self-esteem.

  • The Observer

    I aint mad at Alicia. Ivy and Eva shouldnt have messed with her at all. Ivy messed with Alicias business because you her ego couldnt comprehend someone getting to the bag without her help. Eva knew Alicia was talking to black rose and insisted on talking to him and only told Alicia because black rose was out with her while sidelining eva. Non of those girls had good intentions and were shady as hell. They are simple getting their karma back.

  • rp

    I agree with your analogy of this miserable piece of shit (Alicia)!!!

  • bossrere

    i wanna knock alicias fuckin teeth straight with her miserable ass…
    last episode you were cool with ivy when danni was acting out at the bbq, now your running to her nigga with assumptions about her….so because black rose played you now your mad at the world?

  • Molly

    I only like Eva & azia tbh…Eva gave Danny her honest opinion & Danny is just a hot ass mess & mad she didn’t lie like everyone else & say it was good. She needs to work on her thought processing & Why did she fight azia though? She actually was the only one defending her lol now she just looks dumb. She needs to regroup.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    all of these cast members except Azia is full of shit. seriously. dani is messy but the light skin chick did say some indefensible shit. all the characters are not good people, corny or self-centered. i dont in anyway think this chick likes Baggy either.

  • Moonlight8

    Or (from my point of view)… Jesse loves the attention Dani gives him and that’s why he is not claiming Ivy and makes it look like Ivy is tripping…BUT when it’s the other way around it’s a problem. And he can’t handle strong women, he probably thought she would apologise or something…

  • Ms jai

    U so crazy lmao every time I see u on here I be like damn they beat me to the punch ….I can’t say he or she cause I don’t knoe if u a male a female lmao but u good in my book

  • R C

    I still say Alicia needs that beat down

  • R C

    Oh well now Jesse has all his time for his boyfriend. Ivy needs to be embarrassed she dared a gay dude bump all that other mess.

  • Sirius Scarab

    alicia been feeling some type of way about eva ever since black rose. now shes manipulating danny to get on this band wagon? those drunk bitches are a mess. I feel like ivy and jesse are honestly tit for tat, and could move forward from here. but the way ivy responded….,made me think jesse should just keep it pushing

  • rp

    Ivy did nothing wrong, but Jesse on the other hand, did not check Dani, which caused these problems. Alicia, is in Jesse ear, just to represent Azia!!! To me Jesse seem that is gay!!!

  • R C

    She gets me vexed with that boogie clueless b.s

  • Danielle Murray

    Way to Jesse b/c Ivy has been team tooooooooo much from the jump. And she is super lost b/c she thought Jesse was thirsty to be with her and would put up with the childish bs. Santo can kiss you on your forehead but Dani cant ask him what he’s up too – girl stop.

  • Moonlight8

    Jesse is a BITCH!!

  • Meg Fleckney

    Sigh. These shows man….the television equivalent of LaCroix. Watered. Down.

    Anyway, the only chicks I even like are Ivy ( idk why tbh ) and ummm…I forget her name but the very bubbly chick that threw Baggy the party. Shes adorable and I love her. Azia is ok, I respect her hustle the most, she might actually go somewhere.

    Dani irritates me and her titties look sloppy at all time. Shes beautiful, but she needs some guidance, and I hope she gets it.

    Literally ALL of these men are excused from the table. They can leave. Bye. Tho I halfway like baggy and whatshisname…JB? the one who seems perpetually in his feelings.

    Anyway, fuck this show….as I keep watching every week.

  • IG 100shotz_ant

    Alicia ugly is shit master splinter looking ass