Hustle In Brooklyn Season 1 Episode 9 – ‘Clapback Season’

On the season finale, Ivy and Jesse try to reconcile their relationship, but things turn ugly at Azia’s single release party. Meanwhile, Ivy takes a leave from her full-time job to pursue a freelance gig as a brand representative for Courvoisier.


    the show also ended in a rather unrealistic manner…….I was expecting more

  • 2sweet

    Same ere its shows their age lol

  • christjesus

    only 9 episodes? cmon brooklyn thot u were better than that


    I really love the show. Waiting for the reunion and season 2 in 2019……

  • Queen Beez

    I hope there’s a season 2, this was starting to get good..

  • Whoa

    she looks like she has a fake butt

  • Prive

    “Go locked up Again”… that was a weak as fight. Azias didn’t even know what to do. No fists, fighting yet yelling and hyping up how tough they are, looking Hella dumb.

  • Prive

    Yo, ya need to rewind when Dani went bananas at Azias event over homely hungry looking as Darnell she passed up some fiiiiiine brothas crying over a clown. Not me, not I…

  • rp

    Team Santos, Eva, Baggy, and Ivy!!!

  • rp

    Did u see how he was interviewing the guy in the radio station from London, okay!!!

  • EducatedRatchet

    Hard to believe nigs this corny

  • Chetta Elizabeth

    Daaaammmnnnnn Darnell… People Always coming for dani.. But darnell is dirty eva did read AZIA…he playing both of them…. I loove me some Santos.. The best one on the show.

  • Candace

    So…. I wonder if Darnell is using his “fiance” because she has a stable job and he hasn’t really “blown up” as a producer yet? Especially if when she kicks him out he winds up sleeping at the studio or whatever chick (Dani) will let him slide through.

    I was feeling Azia until I started to see the superiority complex she has, like she thinks she’s going to be the one to blow up from the show so everyone should bow down to her and her opinions.

    Alicia is too messy for the line of business she’s in, and how is she just burning bridges everywhere when she should be networking and building her contacts? I would not hire her as my PR person. Nope…

    Ivy… Meh personality, but I can’t knock her business sense.


    I like Baggy. Not too sure about his music but I liked the way he was protective of the women during fight scenes and he gave the most level headed advice, imo. Eva is a close second but she needs to tame her temper a bit more. Love her honest reads tho.

    Santos is cool. I like his integrity and honesty. He’s needs to count his blessings that Azia curved him… lol

    Dani… Has been problematic since I first saw her on IG. She seems to feed off negativity and made being a side piece her platform and she’s really filling that role on the show. It will be interesting to see if she can really transition into comedy.

  • Cardio32

    You can say that again.

  • NewbieNubian

    ALL FACTS!!!!

  • Chetta Elizabeth

    Omg its alot to unpack… Ivy is annoying cute face annoying soul. I love dani.. But they making her look real MESSY i hope next season she change and Glow up!.. AZIA just a pretty face. Her music so so. Darnell is whack and not ready to be married, if its not dani it will be SOMEONE else! Jesse sugary eva and baggy are fillers.. No real storyline Alicia is catty and messy… Well next season we will have paris on the show i cant wait!

  • Cubanita

    Darnell does’nt seem to want to settle down ,as in get married. I think he’s still with his fiancé because they have a baby, because why does he keep going back to Dani? But Dani needs to know her worth and find a better man , he’s engaged. She is a pretty girl so I don’t know why she’s hooked on him, he’s not all that and he lives with his fiancé. I’m rooting for her to do better next season , she better move on and focus on getting the bag.

  • DARS1

    We always look at the women but not the men. Darnell told Dani he isn’t with his fiancé anymore but then she shows up & kiss him on the mouth? Then while Azia was performing he went up to her laughing in her face….

  • Dee Cade

    Darnell needs to grow up and so does Jesse! Eva told Azia right but I’m definitely rooting for them both. Ivy is just blah for me and I feel like she’s really just an option for Jesse. I like her a little but she wouldn’t be missed.

  • Dee Cade

    Dani’s not anybody’s friend. She just needs to hit bottom so maybe she will wise up. If your friend is having a function you don’t do anything like that. Some people you have to cut off because they are dead weight.

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m glad that my girl Eva snatched that soul out of Azia’s body and Dani tried to snatch that wig! Azia is beginning to be disliked by me for being undercover messy. Alicia looks like a black Beavis! Dani is a hot ass mess and needs to reevaluate her life because she’s constantly fucking up being with a fuckboy like Darnell.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Dani is a whole mess. She is so bent outta shape over Darnell she is lashing out at everybody and the only one who really rode for her was Azia and I couldn’t understand why. I’m glad Eva straightened her ass out cus she was starting to get on my nerves.

  • Whoa

    you better preach. Azia’s ego is too big for her own good.
    Jesse is probably shaped like his mom. I can bet that.
    Baggy be wearing t-shirts like he is struggling lol, he can walk round without one.
    Alicia just looks off. like she always sniffing shit.
    Danny poor girl it nothing like get your feelings played with
    D aka flamingo needs to go somewhere. His bm is sooooo soo boring. omg did i say she is boring.

  • kiwi

    …i love eva’s energy

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Lol she delusional, she was just asking him to not speak to the girl he is cheating with, now u asking about a wedding??? To me she’s to stupid one not Dani.

  • cara

    Loool he seems like “good guy” but somethings off about him

  • Jus post my damn comment

    He sees Dani cuz he wants to, he’s with that BM cuz he Is forced to. He didn’t choose anyone. He’s playing them both. The BM is actually the silly one cuz she knows he wants Dani and not her and even Dani knows it.

  • Cardio32

    He’s a herb and he favors a guy I used to deal with. They both try to play the good guy and a Romeo but they are real soft and corn-ball like.

  • Cardio32

    Yeah I mentioned a while seasons ago, that Darnell looks like Chris Brown and Swizz Beats had a baby it would be him.

  • kiwi

    …yep, she can clearly see he’s not ready

  • DARS1

    His peanut head ass get on my nerves

  • Myemaildied

    That stupid ass smirk on his face

  • LaKeekster

    Ivy is hella annoying. She clearly doesn’t wanna be in that “relationship” and she doesn’t even know what she really wants. And it’s cool not to know what you really want, but sis come on! Be straight up! Cause this shit don’t make any sense: You really don’t want to be in a relationship, but you taking it real slow, but it’s exclusive. It doesn’t make any sense, either you’re in one or you’re not.

  • LaKeekster

    Me too!!!! It’s so clear he does not love her and he does not want to get married. And he kind of admitted that he’s not ready for it. I wish sis could see it.

  • YoungFabulous

    Dani go out and get your own man and leave that woman fiance the fuq alone. stupid ass if you let him drop in whenever he wants for a casual fuq without a commitment he will continue to do it. Stop being a door mat dummy.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Dani you playing yuself! He chose her. Let THAT sink in. Yu STILL giving him pu8sy? You have solidified yuself as his no effort back up plan. While we’re at it stop getting drunk going off on people cuz Darnell only likes you for sex.

  • BlakBaddie

    I don’t see how you can try to like her, she does too much -we could tell that from the podcast – eOne Is behind the show so they going to make her look good no matter what

  • Prive

    Someone commented below that Dani probably put voodoo on Darnell, lol. Darnell is a lame as clown. Eva Sooooo broke it down and left Azias entitled ass have it , she was speechless. Azia talking about highschool shit… This fool sounded clownish talking about she got cases and been to jail, ha. Running back and trying to back track with Eva and Ivy thinking they were gonna side with her and gang up on Crazy. She wasnt expecting that shit. Loved this episode.

  • BlakBaddie

    Team Dani they got her on the show to make themselves look good – so many things could have been avoided – Azia is very messy, I’m glad Eva called her on that

  • NewbieNubian

    Anyway finished watching and I still fuck with Dani. Azia lost hella points with me tho. Talking bout she got cases cause she had no hands. Bih u dk what loyalty is cuz u was steady putting Dani in a can then telling her later u understood. Anyway, not saying Dani was right, but Darnell is the devil and Azia is only friends with a Azia.

  • BlakBaddie

    Baggy remind me of dj envy

  • Nova7

    I understand Aziza POV and unfortunately things can get sticky when your playing the middle person.

  • Prive

    He was an ostrich on Sesame Street, lol

  • Nova7


  • Nova7

    I cringed when Darnell Girl was like what about this wedding.

  • NewbieNubian

    The comments be having me soooo shook to watch cuz I root so hard for Dani to clean it up, find real friends and finish glowing tf up. Siiiigh. Ok pressing play now.

  • Erica

    Dani is so FUCKED. someone put this bitch out her misery!

  • Lacy4u

    So Darnell King is also an actor that was in a movie back in 1993 called There Are No Children Here starring Oprah Winfrey and Keith David. I think what makes him look so familiar to me is he reminds me of Swizz Beatz (Alicia Keys hubby) for some reason.

  • cara

    Azia is fake and Danny would’ve fucked her up

  • cara

    Something about santos irks me lol . He’s always tryna be fake smooth

  • R C

    He actually looks better in person

  • Anita

    She’s more like an anaconda…

  • Danielle Murray

    I really wanted to like Ivy – simply b/c CTG vouched for her but lawddddddddddddddddd – she works my nerve – I hate how she talk to Jessie – I hate how she handled the Alicia/Baggy situation – she rude in her approach then quick to cry.

  • Jae

    OK was Darnell on some sitcom in the 90’s earl 00’s? I can’t shake the feeling that I know him from somewhere.

  • IG 100shotz_ant

    I’m sorry but azia music some shit moe

  • DARS1

    Who is Asia?

  • DARS1

    Azia started that physical altercation. Both her and Dani got hyped but Dani calmed down to explain why she was upset w/ Darnell, and Azia continued on with “You a get popped” and put her finger in Dani’s face. I would’ve swung too tf. Then for Azia to go sit w/ two females that don’t like Dani to team up was fake asf & I’m glad Eva walked away. Don’t try to come our way now that you guys aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Darnell likes when Dani get angry at him, I think it turns him on. Dani has to learn when to pop off & when not to. I don’t like Alicia, but her putting Jesse on blast was hilarious, because Ivy continues to look stupid. Jesse is an undercover brother. I love Baggy’s personality.

  • leowoman

    I’m thinking that’s the show Dani should be on.

  • Whoa

    Eva is my girl. I like her all the time. Azia has faked balls lol, Eva is the real one! Azia is a fake person and she not a cool friend. The fact that she doesnt care if her friends are making a fool of themselves says a lot. The only thing she care about is herself. If Eva dont snatch up Bagggyyyyyyyy bitchhhhh!

  • Miracle

    Chile… there’s a whole show called real side chicks of Charlotte that’s out now so…what Dani is doing right now pales in comparison

  • leowoman

    Well fkin said!!!!!

  • leowoman

    All jokes aside. Dani is playing the shīt out of herself. Not because she is messing with someone’s man, but because she is a black woman on BET, practically bragging about being a proud sloppy drunk, that boast about getting attention from men who see her as nothing more than a cum bucket.

    I feel bad for Azia, she’s definitely misunderstood, and I know the dāmn feeling.

    But Dani… she will not be satisfied until someone throws that ašs over the Brooklyn bridge. I am genuinely worried for her.

  • Nit18

    He ugly AF huh

  • Addae Brunder

    yes yes to this

  • realrapcrush

    Okay baggy is fine asf azia talented but she gotta realize everybody not your friend girlllll … ivy I don’t really like her but she bout her business n I can’t do nun but salute her Dani is lost asf likeeeeeeeeeee darnell must got some good good lol



  • R C

    Darnell better not ruin what he got. He has something really good. She’s a beautiful woman and she seems very loyal.
    I really like Eva and she was right with what she said about Azia. Azia went real hard for Dani even when Dani had no leg to stand on. Azia feels threatened by Eva and Azia was the only one hating on Eva. Big Facts.
    I feel like ivy’s manager I think it was, who she met up with to talk about the deal. He was wearing the glasses when they were at the restaurant, I think likes her.

  • LOL you got jokes!

  • R C

    I ws on the train with Asia’s boyfriend yesterday lol

  • bossrere

    My blood boils during dani’s Scenes!!!!!!! Words can’t even being to describe how much of a mess she is!
    Darnell is a fool, the worst thing he did was give Dani the opportunity to say “ he fucked me three days ago” boy you better kiss your entire relationship GOODBYE at this point.
    Azia I was really a fan in the beginning but Eva hit you hard with some BIG FACTS and you deserved it ALL. You really ain’t got no friends or loyalty because if you an Dani didn’t pop off you wouldn’t be running to Eva.
    But shout out to Eva!!!!! She’s really growing on me and she seems SOLID AF!

  • Lol that shit seriously annoys me. When I come to the comments section and at the top I see, 6 comments, I get happy to see what they have to say about the ep. Then I scroll down, and all I see is “1st, 2nd , 3rd…6th!’ And i’m like what kinda elementary fuckery is this? Mchewww! (hiss).

  • Serious hypocrite! Eva was right to get in her ass and I am so here for it!!! Also, she was very classy about it. She didn’t even yell at her or nothing. She was cool, calm and collected.

  • Phew, finally some sense!! I was like is that person really watching the same show as us?? lol smh!

  • Romz

    I think Eva had a right to be angry with Azia. Azia could have left things alone but she started trouble for Eva and progressed the issue which led to confrontation which Eva didn’t need. Azia is only back tracking now because her and Dani are no more. Eva May give her a chance eventually but she saw Azia and called her out on her bullshit, and she is grown enough to say I don’t want you in my space.

  • How does humble pie taste, Azia???

  • Cynthia Watson

    Im so glad somebody told Azia how much if a hypocrite she is
    She dont have any friends cause she don’t respect girl code
    Dani girl at this point u playing yaself
    Alicia is the worst kinda of chick. I hate her kind. Throw the whole bish away
    Darnell is caught up in all the lights and actions.
    Dani the nigga drop you and you go fuck him smh

  • Bey Martinez

    So no, “Next time on Hustle in Brooklyn?” Heard you! This episode was very telling about a lot of things. Darnell’s wife is going to end up getting physically hurt, because the way Dani reacts to him is so far gone. Dani is partly to blame for her actions, but that’s only because Darnell keeps stringing her along. If Dani doesn’t end up pregnant, she’s going to end up putting Voodoo on his ass (if she hasn’t already done so).

    Azia is the true definition of loyalty and for Dani to pop off on her, shows an underlying jealousy that was awaiting to be unleashed. Dani got those palms though, I will admit…but it would have been cool to see a true square up.

    Alicia is the true definition of a shit starter. She inserts herself into situations that have nothing to do with her, and then calls foul when you call her out. How did Jesse get your sister’s number, Sis?

    Jesse, smh!!! It’s either you want Ivy or You don’t. I want y’all to win, I do!!! But it’s your subtle way of being noncommittal that breeds distrust and allows contempt of your character.

    When Eva was going in on Azia, it showed her insecurities and that was a character flaw. Up until that point, Eva was one of my favs. Azia has limited friends for a reason and for you to insinuate that she has none was an unnecessary jab. Go work on your anger, Sis. I want Baggy for her, but if she is going to be an angry gutterbutt, then leave my boo alone!!!

    Santos can’t help his feelings for Azia and it’s so sad. Find a whole other girl and focus your energy with Azia on getting those bags.

  • Bey Martinez


  • Ms jai

    Love this show