Hustle In Brooklyn Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘Hashtag I’m Worth It’

On the series premiere, Azia meets with Santos and Darnell, who promise to take her career to the next level. Meanwhile, Ivy hosts a successful video release party for EOne, and Alicia makes boss moves for potential new client Baggy.

  • All the guys are a bit suspect loool

  • Bellacam32

    I maybe commented on one show in like 5yrs on here, but this one has brought it out of me. I am from Brooklyn born and raised and I have a few things I need to say.
    1. All these so called “everyone knows them in Brooklyn” people I’ve never heard of them, neither have the many people I f’s with, so….yeah. They are in my age group, so I’m not just an old head talking sh…
    2. Way too many people on this show are not even from Brooklyn, I can tell by their accents and where they “live”. Most people won’t pick up on that since they aren’t from NYC, so I guess that’s how they get away with it. Go figure no one is going to watch a show called “Hustle in Queens”.
    3. That Haitian social media “star”, never heard of her. I’m assuming many of the people on here haven’t either, but that’s cute they had to give her something of relevance to add her as a cast member since she is bringing the drama.
    4. These so called “attractive/sexy” men, let’s use those terms loosely. I don’t know anyone who would be checking for Santos. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    5. That Jesse guy always looks so confused. I also thought he was gay.
    I like Ivy and the comedienne woman, thus far.

  • QBee

    Uhm..I don’t care who you are…you tell me I’m nothing and you’re gonna make me into something…the sh9t is over with before it has a chance to begin…who pitches business like that…Danielle it’s never ok to be a side thot…no sympathy…the ugly ass man even said he was toying with her emotions..the girlfriend must know he cheated and she stays…dumbass…Mr President…there will NEVER be another Tupac.

  • chiraq075

    This show fake corny, why dude in the yellow flannel say a lot of quotes

  • Chetta Elizabeth

    Omg Washington heights, laguna Beach combined this shit right here oh Chile this is so boring!

  • GG

    Chile what kind of fake ass Washington Heights spin off, scripted mess is this??

  • ChildofVenus

    what you just said is so true!

  • YoungBlunt &Mizguided

    Seems very scripted.. still watching but they seem real corny so far and extra lol

  • April Asayfe

    im from bk and couldnt make it past the intros

  • cara

    Baggy large LOL

  • Prive

    Laguna Beach with a tan, word?

  • Trelsie Simone

    This gives me YouTube web series vibes. I didn’t get through the episode yet but it just seems so scripted already

  • Juanita Applebaum

    im out

  • Alex Nash

    I love this show. As a New York native, this is my go to show. I have been on and off of instagram. I’ve been following Baggy Large for a while, he actually has nice music and he’s really handsome. It looks like it is filled with drama, inspiration, and motivation. Gotta love the NY hustle.

  • Cardio32

    I think that living legend award should have gone to Dr. Dre.

  • MéliMélo

    Maybe there’s a reason why these people were always behind the scenes and they should probably stay there. SMH

  • YoungFabulous

    How you gonna ask a dude if he loves you when he just proposed to someone else How dat work

  • DARS1

    Zoes in the building ayyyy

  • Queen Chico

    theyre somewhat like you lmao

  • Molly

    Azia is bae yesssss put on for Haiti

  • nat

    Just came here to say ill skip this show

  • R C

    Yea. Weak dudes like weak woman. #facts

  • NewbieNubian

    I liked it. I’ll be watching. Big ups my HAITIAN MASSIVE

  • Nah, I’mma keep hollering.

    I refuse to let *&^% like this define our generation as base, useless, self-absorbed and stupid.

  • Tia -Ely Royana

    ddamn this shit is boring…i still painfully watched it tho bc netflix is dry right now

  • Su Ja

    who are these clowns with tired ass plotlines

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    Wish I woulda read the comments before I attempted to watch this. Normally I’m the go against the grain tho but yea it’s dry.

  • Gemz

    Ffs. I rele tried…. I fuckin CANNOT. just not for me, but good luck to the casts

  • Chana_Winz

    This is painful to watch, maybe it’ll get better.

  • getyolyfe

    Noooo not worse than hustle and soul

  • mandyjoneslaw


  • cree


  • cree

    not a beautiful OG lol!!!

  • cree

    after reading the comments, i’m sure this is my new show to watch when i’m having trouble sleeping. (along with the haves and the havenots slow dialogue and pace)

  • Needabeezy

    Right. I said a love and hip hop spin off

  • CafeConLeche
  • CafeConLeche

    Yassss I just saw you comment too

  • CafeConLeche

    Thought I was gonna kill time watching this until ya posted Black Ink . But this certainly ain’t it chief

  • racq

    great minds think alike lol That intro was garbage Made me cringe

  • CafeConLeche

    I was about 4 minutes in. I thought I was bugging I had to come to the comments to make sure

  • racq

    First step: kill the narration ASAP Is this an adaptation of a hood novel? Is she supposed to be Winter from Coldest Winter Ever?? Make it stop
    Secondly, Why?…just why…Throw the whole generation away, myself included We ain’t shit

  • CafeConLeche

    That intro was very BETish

  • Tizzy Ann

    just another black woman being played by a trifling ass mf
    am so fed up with whole procedure
    she your world but still wanna mess around with other
    let a nigga try this shyt with me
    i blame us woman we are the reason man can get away with so much

  • Lost Sheep

    Lmao, Ikr? Everybody knows THE MAN!

  • Lost Sheep

    LIL WAYNE? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He WISH he could step in Tupacs shoes! U gotta come with the skills, music, logic, wits AND knowledge tht Tupac had, WONT BE ANOTHA! Girl, they need to quit gassin him up, or the ugly mf gonna burn!

  • OMARI.

    i feel u. it really starts with the kids and what they are shown and taught by their guardians (and thats assuming the guardians haven’t been tainted by their own cycle of shallow ideas). i don’t think kids should be watching this show anyhow lol but it’s something POC have to get on the same page to teach children they don’t have to all be the same and want the same things, and that it’s okay to challenge themselves. wishful thinking.

  • I most definitely get it and agree (everyone has issues). I’m just so over the projected image that physical (non-intellectual) things like athletics or music are the only relevant areas that young POC should aspire to.

    There’s enough representation of that (and all it’s dysfunction), and educated men (not thugs, illiterates etc.) who move in this world treating ppl with respect are sexy AF!

  • OMARI.

    key word “token” which means they’d prob would just be there to make the other people look good and add a laugh here or there. naw we don’t need that. Diversity yes but not “tokens” and stereotypes.

  • OMARI.

    Wall St. players, attorneys, scientists, mathematicians, nurses etc. may have the same drama lol but with professions like those they’ve got way too much to lose to be caught up on some BET reality show having their dirty laundry aired. besides these producers of reality TV want to reiterate the same B.S. narratives anyway smh but i like the way u are thinking.

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Its terrible

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Yesssssss REAL LIFE STUFF

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Yea that would be a fresh breathe of air .

  • If highlighting up ‘n comers in BK, it’d be way more interesting if producers got away from the stereotypical areas of music, rap, fashion and sports — and their typical shit of delusional mofos with little $ that think they’re the shit, cheating, baby mamas, being played etc.

    What about some young Wall St. players, attorneys, scientists, mathematicians, nurses etc.

  • LucyLou4731

    Nice preview. Writers Please don’t bring the stereotype professionals street brawling. Teach, build and share a positive cultural message.

  • Tasticks

    And they did not disappoint!

  • Reina1718

    Me too

  • Tasticks

    I only came for the comments!

  • rp

    It’s interesting, but not captivating!!!

  • Cardio32

    What about Lil Wayne ? They keep calling Wayne a living legend.

  • Dizzii Nelly

    Im not even gonna bother… SMH. LMAO

  • Messy Mary


  • Addae Brunder

    Strps. I just lost 42 minutes a mY FKING LIFE!!!! This shit iS just! ANYWAY, go subscribe to my YOUTUBE! Tell emw aht kinna videos ya’ll want see.

  • Dodany

    They should make a show about real hard working people who don’t rely on becoming Rich and famous just regular hard workers that see shows like this like a bunch of bullshit LOL

  • Lost Sheep

    Amen, a bunch of pretty Girls n Decent lookin Guys, cluttered in one place is not reality!

  • Ineedtoknow555

    That old white guy doesn’t know shit about music or the culture. That’s the only rapper name he knows so he said it. He just wants to make money off them.

  • Ineedtoknow555

    Niggas like that always follow the same formula. They marry a librarian/church mouse and keep fucking the sexy/crazy girl on the side. The truth is he would marry the sexy girl, but he can’t control her and that scares him. The church mouse might leave him alone eventually, but the sexy girl will def leave him for someone else.

  • Lost Sheep

    HONEY, (poppin gum), there will NEVER be another Tupac! He been dead 21 years n nobody has stepped to tht LEGEND! Who are these ppl?

  • Ineedtoknow555

    I do not miss this elements you mentioned.

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    This is boring already! I’m going to go watch the other good shows on this site. They need to bring back another season of Beauty Bar, now I miss that show! Princess and Rell were my favorites!

  • Made Jade

    Only watched 4:26 of this. Not feeling it.

  • Miracle

    Well it doesn’t look like they’ll be any drink throwing or wig pulling so lets just see if people will actually watch it

  • Ms jai

    This better be good

  • MelaninGoddess
  • pai ling

    RC, what other shows are worth watching, you stay watching all the shows I like

  • The narrator sounds forced. bye girl. Sidechick and fiance both beautiful but storyline is wack. I’m bored already. Oprah 2.0 should listen to dad cause her sound is typical. One guy chasing the narrator, one cheating, one being sensible. Still bored. The pr chick gotta tone down the grandiose shit. Like sis you trying to help “baggy large” clown name ass. Lol. Got the record exec talking about you never know when you’ll find the next tupac *cringe* these vultures are proof that the game is fucked up .
    The show needs confessionals.



  • Nita_rae

    I’m still lost! Who are these people? Never heard of any of them? They need a new narrator. Y’all better start pitching your own ideas. They are giving out reality shows like Oprah

  • Patience Shaibu

    Just people trying to get rich and famous

  • Harpo, who dese people?

  • Keila Torres

    finally something to watch tuesday nights 🙂

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Faraoh Black looks young enough to be his daughters brother
    Alicia looks like the beautiful version of OG from BasketballWives
    Baggy is fine asf
    Feel bad for the Haitian girl, he only proposed cuz the show was gonna expose his side chick

  • 2sweet

    First lol show looks lit

  • R C

    Wow. The fiance is so submissive it’s scary.

  • R C

    Let’s watch

  • R C

    1st… this is new