Hustle In Brooklyn Season 1 Episode 7 – ‘Girl You’re a Mess’

On episode 7, Eva throws Baggy a surprise birthday party, and Alicia makes a tough decision about Black Rose. Meanwhile, Danielle’s comedy show causes Darnell to start to question his work relationship with her.

  • L in the know

    At this point. Eva is the realest one here. Azia wants everyone to keep it real yet she flapping her lips to Alisa behind Eva’s back for speaking her truth. Disapointed in Azia as she up until this point was looking like she kept things 100. Dani did look a mess on that stage and if the editing was kept real, then people did leave and she was not that good. Dani is the type of person who will bring down everyone around her and have a reason based on her past why it is happening. Excuses do not equal success.

    Alisa is just mad that he prison dude was trying to talk to Eva. Instead of thanking her for giving her the heads up, she like the classic dumb female is mad at the wrong person.

  • shataya stewart

    Right same thing I’m looking for

  • Nova7

    No she do look like a horse fr fr. I peeped that day one.

  • Mrs.Yummie

    I understood exactly what u were trying to say. Good point. U were not bashing anyone. U were simply stating that THEY (manipulative men) try to prey on certain types of women.

  • Whoa

    ALESHA SHUT THE FUCK UP AND KNOW YOU’RE NOT ON FOR SECOND SEASON (if they have one). Alesha is desperate for a story line. She had a strong one with baggy and lost that, than Black (cornball) rose shows up out of nowhere and clings on to her (played on her low self esteem and need for a story line for a come up), and now she is trying to start a random argument with Eva? is it just me or does seem like Alesha shit is scripted?

    So once again Azia is above everyone else and wont listen to other peoples opinions. Idk why people think Eva is being jealous of Danni, what is there to be jealous of? so what is Eva isnt a “popular” , Comedian yet. Another woman telling another how to brand herself feather then sex is a problem? No i dont think its Azia job to grab her friend off the stage but it is her job to be honest with her and hopefully her honesty would lead to her friend getting help. Its too many thot thinking females on these comments.

  • Whoa

    best comment ive seen

  • Addae Brunder

    Alicia gonna get wtf coming for her she instigating horse face looking ass.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Alicia is a dumb miserable bitch. She’s mad cuz she fell for the okie doke and just has it in for Eva now when she was only keepin it a buck wit her. I hate bitches like that.

  • Prive

    Eva with all that comedic advise when she aint even funny.

  • Prive

    Yes I been waiting for my big larged yet small armed woman. I miss no lung having as Minnie even, lol.

  • Prive

    Baggy in the thumbnail posing like his inner self. Lol shit made me laugh. Is it just me ya or is Ivy MAD annoying. Like this girl really think her shit dont stink and she aint all that. Dani honey I just dont understand a thing she is saying what is Darnells attraction to her? He thinks hes gonna be another Self and Cardi if he lets her go, lol. Im glad Azia apologized aaaalllthough, it was somewhat insincere considering she kept saying so and so told her, “I should, they said”. Like she was being forced and not genuinely coping to being wrong. Huge EEEEEGO if I must say. Clearly she was more at fault bc she even told her girls Episode 3 how she want giving up the tata ESPECiALLY if a dude wasnt gonna help her with her career. Talking about Santos. So many occasions where she overlooked she had a boo, he will break up with her if he hasnt already after seeing these episodes unless hes a sucka. She was def exuding single. Shit he probably broke up with her b4 filming of this episode hence her apology.

  • Jenny Nduta Gorvieh

    dani.. i… just…no boo lol

  • QBee

    How are Black Rose and Alicia already in love and saying ‘I love you already’..hella fast..I laughed when he said he wanted her t get his tag tattoo…Azia continues to impress me.

  • leowoman

    Rose is a little to desperate for me. Fine as helllll, but desperate. I bet his feet are all the way fked up. Dàmn prison system.

  • leowoman

    Alicia is also ugly as fk.

  • leowoman

    Danni is a hot aśs mess. Just like a foreigner in America looking to one up a woman with their Puśsy.

  • Thank you queen. That’s my whole point, how anyone sees him as a potential mate I’ll never understand. All I can do is ask my sisters to fall back on these high risk HIV carriers no wonder they market PReP to straight black women.

  • As a dark girl who always checks those that disrespect us (my comments are open), no I’m not hating. I’m saying IN THE MINDS OF MANIPULATIVE MEN, these are the girls they seek out because THEY THINK we are the easiest to manipulate. Reading comprehension.

  • realrapcrush

    But y’all steady saying her friends should of stopped her performance no that’s her manager job to do that not her friends ! Not if she ain’t have no manager then maybe her friends should of did that

  • Lmfaooooooo not venom though!! *wipes tears*

  • LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO! I think they have the same shape of head, but that’s about it.

  • rp

    Jesse should have check this disrespectful drunk ass thot Dani, Dani is going to do her nonsense on wrong individual and check properly!!!

  • rp

    I agree!!!

  • Shenelle M

    I was soooo embarrassed while watching dani and I don’t even know her! Her manger and friends not stepping in to find a way to wrap her set up is disappointing! I don’t find her funny at all! I am glad that Eva spoke up and was honest… Dani doesn’t take comedy as seriously as Eva! So it’s embarrassing for her as well… especially when shes trying to come up in comedy the right way!

  • Cynthia Watson

    Alica is a wick miserable bish. She need to pay attention to her karma. Azia is wack. Dani needs to get it together.

  • Takerra Ucouldneverbeme Houser

    Omg Danni was a fucking mess

  • Ama

    Alicia is vindictive. Her eye twitched when she “confronted” Eva. She’s a little crazy

  • Dee Cade

    Jesse is wack for trying to flip that on Ivy (even though she somewhat annoys me)….He don’t really want to be with her like that but don’t want her to be friendly with other dudes. I like Eva…Alicia is just really messy for no reason. Darnell……..stupid!

  • YoungFabulous

    How is Dani gonna be a comedian when every other scene she needs subtitles to understand what she’s saying

  • Faye Oxley

    Baggy looking a hella lot like Akbar from Love & Hip Hop. His twin for real!

  • Lava King

    If this aint Steebie and Jossoline 2.0 Iono what today is. She gone end up pregnant before the season is over lmao

  • Ms jai

    Exactly what

  • Erica

    Believe it or not black rose dodged a bullet where Alicia is concerned. Dani is a functioning alcoholic.

  • rp


  • Truth!!

    Dude just did a 10 year stint then calls you a “bitch” on sight, and that’s inviting? …Is that kinda BS sexy, intriguing or interesting? …If so, it’s a shame how low some individual’s expectations and standards are.

  • Ditto re: Eva!

  • How do you get caught on stage questioning why ppl are leaving during your performance, then turn around and swear up ‘n down that ppl weren’t leaving when it’s pointed out to you?

    Severe intoxication is not a good look!

  • Eleanor Garcia

    Maybe Eva has consistently tried to show not only Dani’s wack lame hoe ass but also ivy as well as Baggy & weakass bish Alicia have her a heads up on her man with receipts! I don’t feel consending attitude coming from from her she’s just a straight up no bs type of chick & comes from place of caring. She did talk to Dani afterwards & when talking to weak ass drunken reck like Dani the message only gonna be recurved if deliver it little bit mister softly. Insecure bishes don’t like it without bs & fluff cuz they’re brains weak! I can’t wait till Alicia gets knocked out next episode.

    Dani’s thirsty AF for someone to love on her. Bein on ya knees in front of some dude like a bobblehead? Girl you gotta snap out of it or soon ya won’t be anything other than a joke & already halfway there dingbat!

  • The Observer

    Dani is a very stunning woman i wish she would recognize this sooner rather than later. Put down the henny because the beer googles have you falling in love with some ugly mf’ers and squandering your talent.

  • realrapcrush

    Ok so I love Azia she is so pretty to me n her n her dad relationship is A1 um Dani is a bit much she’s cute but she is doing way to much it’s like she looking for love she so losttttttttt ……… with no caution it seems she tends to turn to drinking to forget her problems rather then deal with it . Alicia girl I know is women we love hard but a nigga fresh outta jail that’s a no no girl u can’t save somebody who don’t wanna save themself … ughh and ivy is so damn insecure she remind me of a teenager … I’m kinda happy dude stop managing Dani cause she out here tweaking I don’t feel like somebody should of stopped her show tho that’s for her manager to do n he seem like he was fed up so !

  • rp

    Alicia is so wrong on all fronts, and Dani is just ridiculous and silly, she be embarrass!!! And her so-called performance was disgusting and sad!!!

  • rp

    I agree 100%!!!

  • bossrere

    smh i was never a fan of dani but DAMN! this girl is literally digging her own grave slowly but surly.why are you so pressed that “ivy’s man” didn’t come to your performance when all you could talk about was how packed it was?

    i was hoping Eva would knock alicias teeth straight!!! Alicia is unhappy and extremely insecure and it shows!

  • Danielle Murray

    Its one thing to be open minded and give an ex-con a chance but it seems like yall rushed into things. I know the show is not in real time but it seems like you rushed into things. You let him gas your head real quick with some compliments and next things we know he’s your MAN… Let him go con someone else and be glad you only loss some time.

  • Disagree.

    First, before her performance, even Azia questioned Dani about how much she’d been drinking.

    Second, Azia asked Eva (way more successful than Dani as a comedienne) what she thought about Dani’s performance. …Don’t ask a person’s thoughts then insert a finger up ya ass and get an attitude b/c you don’t agree with their POV.

    Do you but, third, if someone I deemed a “friend” didn’t step in to protect or check me when I’m failing/falling, I’d question whether they were true a “friend.”

  • kiwi

    …yes, right, and no!

  • Scandalous

    darnell got low standards cuz dani is ugly as fuck and got some ugly bony legs.

    alicia is ugly and stupid cuz only a stupid bitch would fuck some jailbird fresh out the joint. FUCK THE BLACK ROSE’S and ALL FELONS. THEY DID THE CRIME, SOLD THE DRUGS or MURDERED so I don’t give a shit what happens after they get outta jail. Money has already been WASTED on housing and feeding them in prison, so they don’t deserve a free ride or 1 penny more of society’s money when they get out. If they fuck up AGAIN I hope they go straight to the electric chair and death, cuz criminals and FELONS don’t care about nothing but themselves.

  • Imalay

    Yessssss right I love AZIA

  • Imalay

    Azia wasn’t the one with the attitude it was Eva and if one of my friends pulled me off the stage while I’m performing and there’s phones out and all that I’m beating the shit out of whom ever had the audacity to pull me off , at the end of the day it was dani who should’ve never drank that much AZIA did the right thing idc!!!!!

  • I can not believe y’all be fucking these jail birds. They always prey on church girls, dark girls, fat girls, and ugly girls cause they think those are the easiest to manipulate into fraudulent relationships. My sisters, fix your crowns.

  • Outside of her horrible sense of fashion, I was OK with Azia until she got all salty with Eva telling the plain unadulterated truth. …Someone should have signaled that drunken incoherent fool off the stage, others are allowed to have a different opinion, and Azia could have disagreed with Eva without all that attitude.

    She especially could have disagreed without running to report everything to Alicia’s dumb tragic ass, who is just asking for smoke. …I don’t condone violence (outside of self-defense), but I can see Eva dragging Alicia and her tired “baby hurr” lacefront from here to Jamaica if she doesn’t check her messiness and bitterness. …It’s not Eva’s fault that the “Black Rose” she “loved” hit the punani then ghosted to Facetime other chicks.

    I knew ppl would be laughing at (not with) Dani, and acting as if every man (Jesse, Baggy etc.) is attracted to her is pure delusion. Constantly talking about how you “suck d!ck” is hardly comedy, and the girl always looks and sounds like she’s got a mouth full of *%$ snot.




    yooo not the milk thistle, go off holistic sis

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Alicia standing there looking like Venom with all them damn teeth and her tongue hanging out her mouth stirring the pot. All of this Cuz Black Nose dumped her ass.

  • R C

    Alicia is a punk, Eva should have dropped her.

  • Eb

    They embarrassing Dani fr….

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    Danielle is going to crash and burn. She needs to ztst all that drinking and stop trying to hit on everybody man. Alicia is too fake for me. She is not a real friend at all

  • R C

    They need to bring Geordi shore on here. It’s a good show. It’s better then this crap. And what happened to little woman Atlanta

  • Taj

    Baggy look like an Ewok from Star Wars so I don’t know why he thinks he’s so cute. I stay rolling my eyes over how these women be chasing his ass. Im like, aint it supposed to be the other way around???? Women PLEASE STOP chasing men

  • Scarlette

    Darnell still has a lot of growing up to do, just because a guy has kids it doesn’t make him a man, it’s desperate chicks like Danielle that validates their egos. Oh…and Eva complaining about being hairy but she’s masculine as hell! Bitch need to drink some milk thistle tea to increase her estrogen levels ☕

  • nashae’ sang-froid

    I’m just here for Azia! She recently followed me on IG, so I’m a little intrigued lol

  • ChildofVenus


  • Ms jai

    Bout time