Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘House Warming’

The secret lives of 8 women are exposed through a season full of drama, sex, and scandal as cameras follow the Real Side Chicks of Charlotte throughout the queen city. Witness first hand what it’s like to live the life of the woman who comes in 2nd place, from lavish living to lit parties, this season will have you on the edge of your seat.

  • gail hunter

    This show is Raunchy as hell!!! Straight Ratchett!!!!!!

  • DeezZ

    The word is “Clout Chasing” honey lmfaoo

  • Miyaa_20

    Amateur season or what? Like these girls are really unbothered being a side chick-.-

  • darlauknoistayblessedhenley no but

  • MzNeicyReal wrote

  • Desi

    What in the camcorder hell was I just watching!?????

  • Mikaal Brown

    What the actually fuck is this, nah I’m out.

  • latonya Spivey

    I guess this just adds to the list of bum ass reality TV

  • itz_justme

    I can’t even take this show seriously it’s so poorly acted and scripted…and just cheap.

    It looks like someone with an extra 500 dollars in their paycheck thought that just because they’ve watched all the other ratchet reality shows, they know all they need to know to get a hit for themselves.

    ….but this ain’t it.

    I can literally feel my brain melting with how forced these scenes and situations are. It took everything in me to watch one entire episode. Life is too short to waste another one.

  • SofiyaDaGreat

    “filmed with a toaster” I’m DYING!!!!!!!!!!

  • SofiyaDaGreat

    LMMFAO @ coin purse!!!!!

  • Daem

    Y’all mother fuckers need to stop hating. This show aint no different than any other reality show. Y’all bugging…SMH

  • Rochelle JustluvmeBack Jones

    GurL ypu a million dollar meal ticket?…. oh yeh WHAT! Where?

  • Sheso One

    Right lol

  • Shondeon

    Ok, GRANTED, it is taking everything in me to finish watching this episode. However, Devil’s Advocate,….. you can’t speak for a man!!! Granted, I don’t get down like these chics on the show. But, I know from experience that it’s the chics folks ‘sleep on’ that catch the man’s eye and attention. IJS

  • Myte Myteo

    Who ever is cheating with these women need to learn how to do it right, nothing but quick weaves and fashion nova smh risking it all on that!?

  • Im me

    I see people are saying they hate the show saying its low budget and trashy. But I kinda like it because its raw. (to a certain extent) They don’t have a lot of makeup caked up on their face.The car beat up in the back was something you see everyday in the hood or even on the street period. And the things they are dealing with is some real s#!+ people (and even some of ya’ll) deal with everyday. Yes its raunchy but don’t act like some of ya’ll don’t go through this or see this everyday.

  • Quina Famila

    Now i know why I aint pop in Charlotte yet. Im

  • Susie Wong

    Bloodclart ! what a load of trash- a lot of the reality shows are trash – but this oh Lord !!!

  • Nichole Fauley

    Please don’t post any more episodes of this garbage. It’s not only garbage it’s low budget garbage. Low budget poorly scripted garbage.

  • Jazzy Woods

    I think she was saying motherfucker

  • waaaahooo

  • Lmao I stopped watching when that chick said she is a model. I can’t.

  • slapahoetribe

    This Shit Garbage

  • Claire Obiaju

    bless you for making it through the end of ep 1 xD

  • macymonroe

    This shit was horrible. Is this even a real reality show or just some folks bullshitting around?

  • EagleEyes

    It was like driving by a car accident….. I could’nt stop watching this shit… on to Ep 2 wish me luck y’all…..

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    This is a mockumentary not real. It can’t be real with this low budget shit and ugly ass nobodies. Reality tv is getting shitty as fuck.

  • South Michael West

    I stopped at 6:31… couldn’t do it. Y’all can have it …I’m out. ✌️

  • NadineD

    This show was so sh*t. I won’t even subject myself to watching ep2.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    which coins….?

  • Alexis Scott


  • N’Deye Delgado

    The hair on these women…… they lewks…. omg… all of the no’s … just NO

  • Ms jai

    These comments are hilarious

  • Aushai Mccraney

    First of all who gave theses hoes a show???? These no moral having bitches straight look like a fool with this low budget show. Not to mention it really degrades who women are when making this.

  • kneesee

    Just ratchet because clearly they acting and it’s horrible.

  • kneesee

    What in the Tyler Perry/Lee Daniels reality show is going on here?? Or is this the new seasons of punkd? And had the nerve to have a pretend chef in that public housing apt talking about high class condo. goooodddbyyyee

  • PassionQueen77

    This show is better to watch then Love and Hip Hop New York. The cast of the woman seems alright.

  • Excepcion

    I blame Drake for all this going on

  • Bone Carrier

    What In the 1999 reality tv is this? When was this filmed? Clothes and hair is from the 90’s , I couldn’t get pass the first scene. Whoever filmed this show on their Nokia flip phone please stop!

  • Sherree Lee

    Please find something else to entertain your minds then THIS GARBAGE! Cause clearly this is TRASH!!!!!! As it’s WORST. I’m OUT

  • Sherree Lee

    I couldn’t get past the FIRST scene in the bedroom smh GARBAGE! I’m OUT WACK AS SHIT !

  • BoomShakalaka

    I have never seen a more sorry state of ghetto-ness in my life. Wow tbis show is bad. And i KNOW say that white girl wasnt saying “nigga” all those times they were beeping her.

  • braveheart341

    If this one chic don’t stop saying “bag”

  • kinky twist

    Dianna is cute but she need to get lipo and a ass job if she wanna be a bougie side chick cuz her ass is looking all box shaped eww , she cute tho little light skin or whatever lol

  • braveheart341

    WTF is thisssss?

    It seems so….fake but also like some pimp shit. It’s seedy and disgusting.

  • braveheart341

    LMFAOOOO i’m saying!

  • Indies beauty

    I lowkey like it lol

  • Miss267

    And is the gay guy suffering from Down syndrome? Something about his mouth area don’t sit right

  • Miss267

    25:01 is that a beer?

  • ninaS

    I keep waiting for Peter (real housewives of atlanta/ cynthias ex) to pop out lmao. Am sure he made an investment.

  • Jenny Nduta Gorvieh

    lemme watch whole season first review it later lol

  • Bella Vicious

    Damn these “ladies” look busted asf…. what happened?

  • Love ♋

    Girl I believe you can too! So serious. Lol

  • Enya Anika Allstarz’

    I Know right?! the music is so trash! put me in the studio please believe i could make better Loooool

  • Love ♋

    What The Entire Hell…. So much in one episode. I think the music pissed me off more than anything. Lol

  • They should change the name of this show to Ratchet and Raw.

  • :/ Yurr

    And people say Love and hip hop fake HAH….its more real than this lol

  • ShayBay

    What. The . Entire. Fxck is this ….. I cannotttt

  • Distiletto

    The Orange Is the New Black version of her, at

  • Rican Flava

    Ok, I got as far as 19:14 that damn knife and fork scratching onto that plate trying to cut that damn banquet meal did it for me. Yes, it’s very, very low budget and everyone is styling themselves, including obviously hair and make up! Now if it makes it to a season 3 then I’ll consider running back to watch I’m not going to judge or critic only because they’re doing their thing while I’m here watching them. Good luck ladies

  • Domi Nache’

    So basically this show is a low budget of a mix Real Housewives show/Love and Hip Hop shows.. but with regular people.. got it.. lol

  • Tizzy Ann

    am not watching this trash

  • tinycurls

    You forgot the oozing.

  • tinycurls

    I’m conflicted. On one hand, I like the show. On the other hand, it made me a little sad that my life is so boring. I wish I had friends that knew how to make beats, monetize their vaginas and do the fool everyday.

  • Shera Latoya

    That dude with the white chick looks like a monkey…show is interesting however.

  • Brittany Johnson

    zte phone- fq that!

  • Trixy Lerue Reyes

    This is horrible but funny

  • Kamo Brinson

    I just don’t know what to say…
    I read thru the comments….then looked at the show..
    I just don’t know…smh
    It’s bad these women calling themselves sidechicks,but then again in reality we have real women out here sidechicken…
    Like all these women doing is putting it on tv…
    Both on TV and reality it’s sad…
    but I can’t judge them at all…
    They making money and that’s clearly their mission..whether it’s on TV or not women still gunna play this role….some fall in love with these men..some don’t ..LORD…
    Just can’t believe your mercy,patience,and forgiveness ….TV just not safe nomore..

  • Ms.KerryBaby!


  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    Nisha reminds me of Deelishis or however the hell she spells it.

  • DJ Tia


  • PrincessKuteface

    You know this some fake reality shit, what men that got known wives and bm’s gone come on tv to be outted, No wonder they on the side, just simple minded, ratchet, nappy edges, thin weaves, no type of fashion, or sense of decency or morals for themselves. Then the dudes look corny and bummy af, but then it hit me I was thinking side chick was like a sugarbaby since they all on tv… Just rename it Hoes of Charlotte and I be okay.

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    They should have all been holding prosthetic vaginas with herpes and red inflammation …that’s pretty much their peach.

  • Lost Sheep

    I dont like it n prob because im so use to fake reality TV, its too real! Everybody aint beautiful with wigs n fake Diamonds n gold n carrying a fake Chanel Bag n tryin to make us think all tht shit real! Ppl doggin this show but Love ang Hip Hop just as bad, with all tht fake glamour!

    Im going to force my self to watch REAL reality! This looks like it was shot off the streets n in real houses n real ppl n real hair n the more I type real, the more I like the show! THT TITLE GOTTA GO!

  • Ms.KerryBaby!


  • Nat

    The preview is enough for me i forgot i already said this is a no. What a horrible example for those who don’t know any better. I thot, love and hip hop was bad

  • Pisces3384

    I don’t even know how to feel…

  • Gbunny

    You know what? Despite what people say about this show, this is really reality tv. Not that reality tv that when you walk in their bedroom early in the morning, and they have make up on yet, they claim they just woke up.

  • moeka


  • QBee

    Are there no decent looking people in Charlotte..

  • Briona Loyalty Harris

    RATCHET AS HELL…’s a no for me I knew it was gone be some bs when I seen the name and y support something like this I’m out lolz

  • Kyra

    Everything was terrible. ESPECIALLY the weaves. But I couldn’t stop watching.

  • leeleebaby

    I came to the comment section to see if this was reality or scripted TV. And I am sad to see that this shit is an actual reality show.

  • kfishburne231

    all these girls look dirty and just look like they sit outside on the porch drinking beer and getting high. and the guys look whack as shit. the white girl remind of the girl off hustle and flow

  • Rokses

    The show does nothing for these girls and the interview showed their ignorance even more.

  • nikki brown jones

    This show is dumb including the name. I turned it off after the first two minutes!

  • These girls need to go and shower 10 times in the same day. The show is full dirt.

  • Onetwothree JAy Love

    Lord! I don’t know where to begin… who else couldn’t take the wack-ass music they were promoting in between show? All that shit sound retarded

  • Gidi

    Worst reality show on the planet

  • Chanelle Petty Fried Rice

    No Comment

  • Danielle Murray

    SMH SMH SMGDH – they wouldnt bring on Shawty Lo show with his actual bm’s and kids saying it would be too ratchet but we gave this crap the green light – this ish sooooooooooooooooooooo corny – i’m done after 7 min….

  • NikkNikk78


  • nashae’ sang-froid


    Who wrote this garbage? This is the ghettoest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Are these are the dustiest sidechicks they could find? Are they trying to prove a point?

    Stiff weaves, cheap styled clothes, and rented houses …whew chile the GHETTO!

  • DARS1

    The comments went from 0-100

  • NikkNikk78

    Looks like they filmed this with an iphone! Terrible!

  • J World✨

    Whewww chile the fucking GHETTTTOOO

  • Renee Adams

    utter foolishness…

  • Yetunde

    Anything to be on TV.

  • LiLondon

    Yaaawwwwwnnnn when you’re already questioning why you even watch these ratchet shows and then they make this!!! So dry

  • P8perpl8nez

    What in the whoooolleeee entire f*ck was thissssssssss….

  • Malefa Motitswe

    After watching this in intervals during the course of the day, I am so confused. This show is all over the place, like they had other episodes that we missed out on and we’re playing catch up and have no point of reference.

  • Mj

    Was that her chef or did she ask her granddad to cook for this low budget reality show. What type of ratchet world of ratchetness is this. Just throw the whole cast and producer of this show away. Someone ..please…angles bad, acting bad, scenes are bad. I dont know any of the “celebs”. And no they didnt try to force those music clips on us. To summarize…this was trash.

  • YoungFabulous

    if her house so big why everyone had to pile in the living room slash kitchen impeding on the chef little bit of space to cook lol …is he a chef? why the fuq is he cooking after everyone is already there. hair stylist dude talkin bout he hungry!! you gotta wait awhile ole boy just started cooking

  • Molly Whop

    Why that bitch had all those singles on the floor like she had big

  • Molly Whop

    I agree…..Straight bullshit..I think the shit is scripted….If you go on youtube you can see those same back alley strippers and fake ass rap stars from the hood movies…Why was that statue at the “High End Store” chipped up..A Hood nigga with a decent camera filmed this..Yeah, cut this shit

  • Whitney Bernadeth

    This show will get canceled lol

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Ugh this show is disgusting asf this how HIV spread …lorddddddd these hoes dumb asf.

  • Malefa Motitswe

    The 1st scene ahahahahahahah EYEEE CANNUH!! I am going to watch this show based on the comical relief alone.

  • DaNiro Elle Brown

    Is this a reality show or a poorly acted TV show cause they were so stale and such a mess… It was all so forced and felt like they were being feed lines and really tried to take these formulas from LHH & RHOA of setting up fabricated events to talk but it avtactua felt terrible.. now this is a mess… I can’t even make it half way through… I understand they are trying to be a thing but sonethsom about this feels super inauthentic..

    Whew Chile, The Ghetto…the Ghetto

  • not realistic

    Wow, they put in no effort! Maybe that’s a good thing. They’re trying to more, I guess. Conflicted.

  • Romz

    Low budget but I think production did the best with what they have. I like the show I’m gonna keep watching!

  • taj

    Yes this is soooo ratched.. LMAO

  • taj

    What kind of low budget mess is this…OMFG…why!!!!!!

  • Hotgirlchina

    Yeassssss I remember this and they had a few episodes…..

  • Sierra Vaughn

    I been waiting for this to come out since some of the girls were promoting it. I hope they show Peter on here when he was married to Cynthia lol!!!! I can’t wait to watch

  • His-Girl

    They don’t care about how this crap make them look. They are broken.

  • Lusciouslee

    What in the bullet hole pussys, ghetto ass ratched, trap house, lesbian, trick hoeing, grap a bag of chips reality tv is this. This is sad, this could have been way better, Very low buget But Imma still watch lol

  • The watcher

    I actually like the ratchetness. They not tryin to be prim and proper and get endorsements and shit

  • Josie da Goddess

    “I just CANNOT” in my Joseline’s voice.

  • Christine Marrow
  • Brittany Johnson

    exactly… I cant be watching a busted side piece with saggy titties and wearing two dollar jeansf- fq no- talk about “imma a side piece”! Bitch bye! wheres kim zoziack at so she can show these hoes how to be a side piece- duh fq!

  • Brittany Johnson

    worse acting award goes to this bum sh**! I mean com’on now…who the fq they think watching this sh**??!! what an insult for them to produce this and then think we are so stupid and low brow that we would find this interesting and good??!! GTFOH

  • Christine Marrow
  • Brittany Johnson

    this show fake asf!

  • Brittany Johnson

    FR! these hoes need to find them a kim zoziack big poppa – then we can talk bish!

  • Brittany Johnson

    I hope this aint a mona scott production- ughhh

  • Brittany Johnson

    I agree. It looks like a wanna be reality tv show- epic fail-ughhh

  • Brittany Johnson

    This show is trash- just like a knock off gucci sweater- ughhh

  • Christine Marrow
  • Juanita Applebaum

    im watch and hope that by the next episode we dont have to see anymore confessionals of old girl in that joannes fabric for gucci velvet dress. the nikki bandz dude looks like a gremlin, the cary boi dude looks suspect, old girl house front door was too close to the kitchen to be actin like it was even a mini mansion and she had that ugly sectional in there pause ma. everything else on tv is just as fraudulent, whats the big deal about watching this show they all got the same story line different night of the week.

  • Santana

    Lmfao whole playlist for each commercial break!

  • Christine Marrow


    This show is giving me, Low budget at the bottom of the list Netflix movie. The same lady that narrated Bad Girl’s Club is narrated this show.


    No one is mic’d up, it sound like everybody sharing a boom stick and the editing and camera work look like it was done by a unexperienced film student.


    Then the damn music promos make up most of the show! I do like the fact that every time they mention someone new they show a photo of them with their name. I don’t think I will continue this show though. I’m not even at the 30 min mark yet. SMH

    Over all this show is ….


  • Daddy Pea

    LOL… Are you F***en serious??? I remember them talking about this on the breakfast club. They actually have a show now??? SMH Damn Shame… That they want to be viewed this way.

  • Indies beauty

    This has to be a love and hip hop parody.

  • Dizzii Nelly

    This is just …a meas.. they a mess and it’s just a mess BUT I’mma keep watching lmao coz it’s definitely entertaining

  • Ashley True

    I couldn’t even get 10 mins in before closing this [email protected]!!

  • mikster

    No no and no lol

  • Queen Chico

    i like drama, im watching lol. learn what not to do or say from dummies on tv shows lmao!

  • Queen Chico

    what a waste of money and production.

  • Ama

    A show full of insecure woman. They look and sound a mess.. embarrassing. Money over their self respect

  • Ama

    This is low budget asf. I’m not sure how y’all watched the whole thing. They’re too loud and trashy.

  • India

    Lmao I haven’t watched it either but I was looking at the women and was like wtf…

  • Prive

    Dont watch Dars! Save your self!

  • Prive

    THIS IS SOME LOW BUDGET CLOWN SHIT. Not even Peter Bailey wanted part in this, lol. YouTube scripted looking trash show.

  • CtheGod

    I watched, but didnt comment because I STILL dk how i feel about it

  • DARS1

    I haven’t watched yet so another comment will be posted from me…I’m just tryna figure out why women who wants to be taken serious be apart of a show called REAL SIDECHICKS…WTF

  • Baybeetricia

    it’s up

  • Baybeetricia

    It was on Youtube, that’s where they put it so….as long as no network took it…’s up for grabs and they can do what they want. YT will take anything LOL

  • Baybeetricia

    I can’t front….I will continue to watch. The editing and filming is not bad, their confessionals and ish is clear to me, and their storyline, as weird and off beat as it might seen isn’t half bad; as far as side chicks go I guess. Hell, this reminds me a bit of LHH ATL season one when things were really REAL! I don’t understand how they finding the most bust up men and then proudly saying they are side chicks. How sway? I thought side chicks are on the same level or maybe (idk) better than wives? Why these women look just if not worst than the men? Either way, here’s my two cents so far:

    Diana is pretty but that’s about it. She ain’t no one damn friend to be inviting that man, who she was told not to, to that house. Then gonna lie. Chile please. She woulda get pop right in her mouth
    Lysette, STD and cutlass are real. Play with the wrong or you gonna get one or the other.
    Brixx, sweetie, eat something, and remove that horrible clip in your got in on the back. It ain’t even the same color. (How she okay with her “man” cheating on her as long as the other women got money but mad cause he left to go with one and didn’t tell her? Make it make sense.
    Xarbie: She gotta do something with her makeup. It don’t look right on camera.
    Shondra: It is NEVER cute to be talking about you sucking dick at a table. It just isn’t.
    Nisha: Girl, LOL, DV case immediately upon opening. I can not. I don’t know what she doing with that gf she got but…..if she like it.
    The stripper one (Can’t remember her name): if you tryna get out the club, get out the club. If your man tell you come home…come home. Stop doing the opposite of what you say you gonna do. I guarantee life will be easier.
    Gay dude: He flipping messy for no reason….and it ain’t cute!

  • Candy Jones

    They making all types of shows.. i think i need to make me one

  • WHAT IS THIS TRASH GHETTO MESS????? I’m embarrassed for all of them.

  • Baybeetricia

    I watch this on YT cause YT recommended it to me. No lie, their comment section is FIRE!!! lol

  • Erica Pagan

    It appears he had access to her residence and she didnt want shorty to know. Then assaults him, taunts him saying he cant prove how he got the scratches on his neck cause he didnt film it, then called the police on him but he came back with his main chick to her house and he got arrested and no footage was subpoenaed from the show.
    Plus stand your ground doesnt always work as a defense.
    I say scripted or she will be in trouble once this airs.
    There r women who get thier ass beaten and killed. This was just an avoidable situation that I guess gives a story to a woman who is just all around toxic.

  • Nia

    I’m just shocked at this point… what a waste of money is going on here?! Who care what side chicks do? I’m sorry but it’s all about choices…

  • EpitomeOfClass

    Right! That’s why he with that white woman! Most downlow men get a woman outside their race because the know a sista ain’t having it!

  • EpitomeOfClass

    More than likely because he was at her residence therefore she had the right to defend herself. She could’ve shot him if she wanted to smh.

  • Lisa Lisa

    This show is dumb af

  • Kalinga Silva
  • Tamika Burney

    This filming is just horrible… PERIOD

  • I guess it’s safe to say that this is the first and last time i’m watching this mess. If you’re gonna be a mess of a show, at least be an interesting mess. All these so-called side chicks are side chicks to bloody nobodies lmfao….fucking jokers.

  • Excepcion

    This shit look like it was shot on a Canon Rebel first generation thats for starters and second is this a joke ? like the Palesi Payless kind ? cmon yall.

  • Tasticks

    Absolutely dreadful.

  • Erica Pagan

    wait she did all that and the cops aint take both away?

  • Shanese

    ew wtf? cancel this shit immediately

  • LaLa London

    Yea couldn’t get passed two minutes, I thought this was supposed to be fake. Are these supposed to be celebrity side chicks or just side chicks in general?

  • Jus post my damn comment

    OMG this!! Somebody on Youtube said: “If your’e 24 and under you’re a side chick, but 25 and older you’re a side hen” LMAO

  • rp

    Stupid show!!!

  • Coco

    OMG!!!! I cannot believe such shoe even exists, how incredibly degrading.

  • And all these music promotions. What the fuck?

  • I’d imagine Oxygen.

  • Nah, this ain’t it. Nope nope nope throw the whole season away, hire a better production crew, make the acting seem a little more realistic. The scenes are going so fast you can hardly understand where anything is going, like where’s the backstory to any of these characters. One big ass mess. Thank you, next.

  • Breauna Fullington

    Yea he has brain flu. praying he makes a full recovery. ive been rooting for him

  • Breauna Fullington


  • Tima Yangala

    I cant watch this not interested at all


    What channel does this bullshit come on… Really??!!

  • Should have just titled this show: ‘Messy’.

  • R C

    Ooh these ppl are messy messy messy. Just a mess. Smh

  • Tasticks

    They couldn’t secure a network to pick it up so it aired via YouTube.

  • Harvest

    Poor Charlotte

  • oneandonly

    Wow! It’s never about what you do, it’s how you do it! Side lovers have been around for years, and they’re going to be around for years to come. Bullshit is at an all high and it’s sad. To each their own. If you like it, I love it! ThisshithastoSTOP

  • Ariana

    lolol i really didnt think i would ever draw a line…..but alas here it is. i can’t be watching this waste show. couldnt even make it through the episode.

  • I didn’t think any show could get lower than lnhh but this takes the win. Struggle strippers with no talent and a bunch of down low dirty foot simps . Bye Charlotte

  • girlyardie

    Da fug. This is 2taboo and irellevant 2 any body life

  • girlyardie

    Let me help sum a these. Hoes out males and females cuz nigga be betting 2 much on they ducks 2. When u hear the expression sex sells. It does not means fucking out your brains. Think Beyonce Kim k. DenzelThat’s is what they mean people. The illusion of sex. Beyonce playing peek a no with the pussy on stage to sell tickets. Denzel taking off is shirt in the movies. Um Kim k was a bad example cuz she did five up the pussy all willie nillie lmao. In other words sexy sells. I don’t know no ror eva hear of no rich street walker. But carry on hoes. I don’t know what am talking bout

  • Nova7

    Is this scripted ?

  • CtheGod

    I thought they signed petitions to put a stop to this…. Guess not. So lemme check out the shenanigans

  • Malia

    All the Trapp Music plugs lol

  • Chinkieyez 420

    But u gotta watch it girl, it’s like a train wreck that u don’t want to see but u can’t stop lookin.
    They got real holes in their cars and everything.

  • Michelle Louise Clark

    Have u read about Alexx Banks on Twitter? He’s very ill 🙁

  • Michelle Louise Clark

    WTF 1:50 in my ears r bleeding

  • Danii

    omg lol I thought this was a joke. This whole thing is very low budget and all the women look like crack heads.

  • Putting my 2 cents

    Ok thanx not watching it lol

  • Breauna Fullington

    WHERE IS READY TO LOVE .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Smmfh, I watched this on Youtube and I had no idea this was a “real” show, I thought it was some hood sh1t!! This is waaaay too scripted.

  • Domo

    Pround hoes….. never seen pround side bitches

  • Ms jai


  • Domo

    This embarrassing smh

  • Domo

    This embarrassed smh