WATCH: The ‘Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte’ get grilled by The Breakfast Club over their controversial reality show

Hell broke loose a few weeks ago when the teaser for the Real Sidechicks of Charlotte hit the net and sent people into a frenzy over the shameless promotion of women who openly boasted about sleeping with involved men, leaving many to wonder why the selective outrage over glorified “side chicks” had only been limited to this particular show, while seemingly giving a pass to Love & Hip Hop.

Watch as the cast addresses the controversy surrounding the project during a recent stop at The Breakfast Club.

  • Noloyiso Seheri

    you preaching!!! amen

  • DramaFiend94

    This is disgusting and no one should watch this show. It’s sad to see that is no filter on the shit that gets aired on TV. Sidechicks! idiots

  • HonestA

    Lies, Jose still look busted can’t dress weave always fucked up , her body just looks good

  • Chantel

    These hoes need to have several seats!!!ASAP!!!

  • jazmine

    Truly disgusting they all sound dumb af wow

  • RoyalMrs

    I’m just being honest

  • RoyalMrs

    No even if they were plastic they would still be ugly I presume

  • Mimi ThimSlicc Jones-Morgan
  • RoyalMrs

    You are definitely right… let me get on that

  • thekeep itonehundred

    First season Joseline was busted

  • Choose the Red Pill

    Right. That annoyed me. Kneegrow needs surgery on that mentality.

  • thekeep itonehundred

    The white girl is funny looking but I guess because they’re not plastic their ugly?

  • thekeep itonehundred

    Never been a side chick. But if I was ever in this situation… I wouldn’t blame the other woman because she owes me no loyalty and plus I would just leave him

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Duval & Charlemagne in the same room together. Three words… Annoying as fuck

  • R C

    Prostitution is based on exchanging sex for cash. Theres a big difference. I get it, you really don’t like side chicks. But everyone isn’t a prostitute

  • Bri Truthful

    Basically it is. Cus one hand washing the other is what prostitutes do I give you what you want and you give me what I want the only difference I would say is the companionships that exists between them they actually talk to each other but basically it’s around about the same well in my eyes anyway.

  • 4thewire

    copyright that some chick will cash in with that

  • 4thewire

    when does it start????

  • Nelly Davis

    Agreed..and the one with the red lace front I couldn’t stop taking in her big forehead..

  • Wonder_Woman15

    Can’t believe they entertained these ppl smh

  • Choose the Red Pill

    They all look like pretty women to me (except the blonde) but when they open their mouthes it goes down hill. What a waste.

  • pooty


  • pooty

    maaaaaaaaan my thoughts…ctfu

  • ThinkItsNotIllegalYet
  • Jackee Shaw


  • RoyalMrs
  • RoyalMrs

    This is nothing but televised hoeing. Y’all know damn well it ain’t cool to be messing with somebody else’s man I don’t care what title they have if he has a woman he is off limits. And he definitely should not be entertaining another woman period. The show should be called “How to turn your P****

  • when will this be on tv

  • R C

    Nah just one hand washing the other. We want the same thing do how about you look out for me and I look out for you type situation. It’s not here in paying you for your service

  • zeadlotus

    Hardcore pussy hustlin?

  • mocha brown

    They breaking all the sidechick rules!! This is sooooo STUPID.

  • mocha brown

    Yesssssss I’m like yal ain’t sidechicking very well!!! Everyone head looks busted.

  • mocha brown

    Yes these are hoes and have sex for money a damn shame

  • Bri Truthful

    So Basically prostitution?…..

  • Sparta242

    Looks like a pimp and his backpage escorts they ain’t side pieces I’m sorry these girls are ho’s think about it

  • Hyewon

    To some extent, respecting family values is a feature because many of these sidechick situations won’t exist if all involved did that….the married men and the single women some of who are mothers. If the show is about their sidechick life, then the other “sides” in their story will have to be addressed one way or another.

  • Hyewon

    These women are trying so hard to convince people their #2+ spot is great when their reality is some hardcore pussy hustling. Most of them cannot get enough out of a man to do anything more than fashion and accessories to look good for the next man. Women who do that mess to get tuition paid or start up a business are the ones smart enough to be quiet.

  • Sleepyhippie

    lol i can feel your frustration from reading your comment but I find solace in the fact that none of these women are smart, apart from lacking a moral compass. They are dense bitches

  • Prissy Solo

    I am upset at the weave on each and every one of these ladies head.

  • Brown Suga

    Yeah, you’re right.

  • Hyewon

    One of the women did admit she’s not sure how to talk to her son about her side chick status and the show. Sad because it’s all about sex for material gain….a young pretty fool’s game.

  • Zarah

    I don’t doubt there are married people do that but don’t know anyone who sleeps with their husband for anything- when you do things together as a couple, that dynamic isn’t there….you can either afford it or not.

  • Yonda BeyondBeautiful Smith

    These are some DUMB Peacocks!

  • R C

    Please don’t be so defensive. I never accused you of anything. All i was doing was responding to your comment. And being a “prostitute” is subjective. How many times do married couples sleep with a spouse just to get something in return.

  • Zarah

    I’m fully aware of what the show is about and find it disgusting, never one to blame to single person as stated above nor did I place blame on the women in the show but just saying- these girls won’t have anyone to be a sidechicks to if the married people and couples put their family first. When you work hard to provide, spend time with your kids and family, there is no time for something such as “sidechicks”. These girls are basically disposable prostitutes picked up by selfish men with low moral character….nothing to be proud of.

  • R C

    Lol this is a show about SIDECHICKS! Let’s not lose focus here. There are no “respecting family values” because that’s not a sidepieces concern if it’s not the spouses. Not that I’ve ever been or thought about being anyone’s sidepiece but we shouldn’t hold these woman to a standard when the men put these sidepieces on a pedestal. The men who are married are the issue and don’t respect family values.

  • R C

    I agree with your comment but that’s not how they view their situation. They don’t look at it as being “2nd” cause they not his girlfriend. Our mentality looks at it as being second, not having worth or self respect but for sidepieces whether men or woman it has nothing to do with that it’s strictly sexual business

  • R C

    I don’t think they would care. Sidechicks want to be that, a sidechick. They don’t want commitment or the responsibilities thst come with boyfriend relations. It’s all about sex and what you can do for me and what I can do for you. Usually a mutual understanding

  • R C

    With thst title I hope they bring it. … I want to see the messiness and drama. If ya going to be sidechicks I want to see celebs outed. I want to see sidechicks interacting with married/taken men. I want to see what type of conversations and transactions that goes on. I want to see the type of ppl ya carry around ya. I want to see all the babies made, all the secrets. I want to see the trapping and finessing they do. I want to see them being exposed and exposing ppl. What I don’t want to see is them trying to change pols minds on what a sidechicks is, I don’t want know woe is me crap, no pity party. Just own your sidechicks ways.. They should of contactef superhead to be like they godmother who they can turn to for advice… is this to much to ask for?!?!?!?!?!

  • Zarah

    Single people can do as they please but those that are married or in committed relationships really need to refocus themselves especially if kids are involved- very immature and selfish. Appreciating and respecting family values is severely lacking.

  • Sabrina Rivera

    We have Trump for president.. Yes, this network will pick up!!

  • Sabrina Rivera

    Facts!! but on the contrary, lady 1 would no longer be number 1 no matter what the cost. When a less of a man decides to cheat, lie, etc.. it’s a “blind” loss to lady 1 and a mega win for lady 2 and/or lady 3. So degrading to know for every one man equals 10 women. Woman need more options and should flip the script* 1Love

  • Ebony Da’shay

    Pimp and his hoes right lol

  • speaktheee truthh

    I’m surprised the breakfast club did not ask “if someone did this to you how would you feel?” I think things like this in this generation highlight a lack of shame! I mean they contradicted themselves when they said they wanted monogamous relationships but when infiltrate on someone else.. it just doesn’t make any sense. These women are very insecure this is so low down and sad! There is literally no life here!

  • Ebony Da’shay

    For the men on the show that’s the last thing they want they been there done that so they don’t see the good in it cause of their own experiences

  • Bri Truthful

    I just don’t understand. What’s so great about being 2nd?? No matter what he do for you no matter how much he gives to you he will never do for you or give to you as much as he gives his #1 cus she is #1!!! The title holder they key holder the bag holder!. You will always get LESS she will always have MORE. does that not sound like a L to you? But these hoes swear they be winning

  • BoomShakalaka

    This show won’t get picked up. Reality shows need an aspirational element for them to be interesting for networks and viewers. Love &a hip hop started it was about the love lives of rappers. Basketball wives started it was about wives of rich ballers. Housewives franchise is about rich housewives of whatever city. These girls don’t live aspirational lives. The show won’t be a success so won’t get picked up.

  • NubianQueen

    People need to let these girls live and stop being so judgmental!!. The breakfast club and Duval kinda disgusted me with the level of ignorance that they displayed during this interview.

  • Steffon Robinson


  • Steffon Robinson

    People are so judgmental. They’re exposing their skeletons and living in their truth. I don’t agree with what they’re doing, but I’m not judging their situation.

  • Steffon Robinson

    Exactly. I agree

  • MzNeicy

    lmfao he said your pussy aint doing what it suppose to to get your mama out that trailer lmfao!!!!!!!! not jesus sent it to his spam folder lmfao!!! can’t wait to see this ratchet shit!!!!!!

  • Malia

    Yes! In that order

  • Malia

    I agree

  • Malia

    This is a poor representation of black women 1, 2 ITS a poot representation of marriage and relationship thers these women got to be have something deep down inside that’s going on with them that they feel like they have to boast about being with a married man whether he pursued them initially is still tacky as hell I had saw a preview with the girls like yeah I had im messing, with your husband and I had his baby like bragging about the s*** but karma is real okay and don’t forget that the Bible is the is the foundation of this Earth to begin with so you going to pay for all that b****** is tacky wanting a form to talk about this s*** this is truly ridiculous and I was going to tune in just to see what was what but I don’t know now tacky as hell

  • Santanaa

    This is the sorriest shit I’ve seen , all them bitches need they muthafuckin ass kicked and the producer of this shit need to be whipped like a slave .. lord what has this hot mess of a world come too ?

  • Chrissy

    This is their reality – let them tell it. I won’t be watching nor will I condemn them. It was only a matter of time before something like this would come out.

  • Brown Suga

    I honestly don’t think any network will pick this show up. But to answer your question…. YUP, I’m here for the fuckery.

  • Leah

    Are people really planning on watching this

  • Beaudeenicole

    This is RIDICULOUS! Praising and glorifying adulterous behavior. These boys and girls have no morals or values these days. Just because you didn’t know they were married in the beginning does not mean you should continue to sleep with them. When you know better, you do better. You mean to tell me you don’t have an ounce of respect or self worth to realize that you deserve better? All I see are a bunch of little girls living in grown women bodies. And to the boys that like to cheat. Yes I said boys! A real man doesn’t cheat. Society has placed so much negativity in people’s minds telling them that all man cheat to the point where women don’t sit back and wait for God to bring them the right man. PSA: All men do not cheat! I have one! A king! Someone that respects me. Doesn’t hide his phone, finances, passwords, love, respect, etc. from me. The problem is that some women and men (you have girls who cheat too) just settle for anything. Marriage is sacred. It’s something God honors. And to those that are not married, if you’re in a relationship and you know your partner is cheating, don’t go marry them a year or two later. The only difference is you’re going to be married and getting cheated on. Wait on God! It’s sad and really breaks my heart because these women are beautiful and deserve so much better than what they are allowing themselves to have access too. Money comes and goes, but my morals, values, and dignity is what’s more important. God Bless everyone who read this. Follow me on Instagram Subscribe on YouTube @beaudeenicole.

  • SapphireRoyale504

    The title of this show should be Welcome to Thots R Us!!!

  • The truth

    bruhhhh this muthafuckas are so disrespectful. how u going to tell a woman that she needs to consult Bernice surgeon cuz she needs work done… this old black muthafuckas are so disrespectful… anyway I already like the girl with the red hair that checked one of the guys, and she can actually talk and now exactly what she’s doing

  • linda

    First of all i thought this show was getting cancelled and now they promoting it and doing interviews? I never seen anyone so proud of being a side chick and this heffas got kids? If this isn’t an embarrassment then ion know what it is

  • Nanoi Francis

    Little Duval’s transphobia and cavlier comments are disgusting. The sidechick thing is just hoes being hoes, both the men and the women. How much easier would it be if people just said monogamy was not for them? Just straight up tell any romantic interests you have and move on from there together or on to the next. Of course, a patriarchal misogynist society is the reason why people condemn sidechicks and turn a blind eye to men in the first place. The red-haired sidechick is right: Why do guys get off scott-free thinking hoe instinct is what is “expected” and they’re just “men being men”? Then, they, and everyone else will condemn the girls that sleep with them? The men who told their partners they were monogamous? Last I checked, we are all adults here. Charlemane said that his cheating WAS NOT a reflection on his wife or her abilities. He was gonna have a sidechick regardless. Monogamy is a decision you have to make together. But too often these men (and women) are saying they are serious just to get in the sack. NONE of these shows would exist if people were just straight up with each other. Lies and deceit for sex and money. I hope they make this a real show ASAP!!!! MONA SCOTT!!! SOMEBODY CALL MONA.

  • linda

    Lol…. exactly she’s so smart with her mouth she like hold on y’all don’t need to say nothing i’ll do the talking

  • yummmycookies
  • Brown Suga

    If you gonna be a hoe, be a good one. We all heard the saying ” A wet pussy and a empty pocketbook don’t go together”. They all look busted.

  • Talone

    Hmmmm so if this is what side chicks are looking like these days then these men really have some low ass standards lol. But I guess it makes sense since they never take them out in public during daylight hours

  • kjazzy31

    The chick with the red hair is the Madam…. I’m assuming. GTFOH.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    ARE of age**

  • Ree_RN

    why glorify being a whore? This is another reason why STDs are on the rise. We should aspire to see women elevating and demanding respect for themselves…doesn’t sound like willingly being 2nd best to a dishonest man is elevating or demanding respect.

  • yummmycookies

    girl you aint never lied they look a hot mess

  • Pam Mitchell

    All of these types of shows are an embarrassment but not to women, they can only be an embarrassment to themselves and since they’re not, then I feel nothing towards or about them. L&HHH, L&HHA seems to be everyone sleeping with a taken man. The man doesn’t care or respect himself or his wife/girlfriend and that’s who people need to put the beat down on.

  • Lacy4u

    If you’re not interested in listening to Little Duval talk, then the interview with the Side Chicks begins at 13:50.

  • KeishaBae

    I dont see what the problem is. All of them is of age. The men are the ones that are cheating, not the women so why the double standard?????

  • Holly

    They all look raggedy though

  • MelaninGoddess

    This is a sad day for women SMH. How in the hell did it get to this point in society? Too beautiful and too smart. Diamonds in the rough and don’t even know it. I mourn for my queens.