WATCH: Get a first look at The Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte reality series

The ladies of Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte are ready to push the boundaries of reality television to its breaking point with their premiere season that’s set to be unleashed later this year, and even while shamelessly shining light on women who boast about sleeping with involved men, the controversial series has already garnered a hearty following of supporters who are anxious to see what the show brings.

With production now in full swing, get a fresh look at the teaser below via Antwain Fox/20Vision Prod.

  • Qhikiza

    A mess!!!

  • SanMarie Kirk

    What kills me the most is that most say they will never ever ever do this. Yeah, until they fall in love with a man that never told them that they are laying up with another woman. Now could I knowingly be a sidechick no. Have I been in a situation loving a man that has cheated on me and I tried to work it out maybe while his ass was lying that he still was not seeing anyone of course. You have to set the grounds for what you would take and would not take from a man, and if you two are meant to be it will evolve. I’ve been with my soulmate for over 20 something years. Meeting him when I was just 27 years old. Woman flock to him and men flock to me, it was hard to not go into temptation for both of us at times. I cheated, he cheated, that’s life. The only thing I don’t like is if a woman or man goes after someone and they know that there is a family, marriage. Looking for a come up. Yet, I will never judge anyone, that is not for me to do. If you value yourself go and find your own little piece of happiness. I don’t like sneaky around or being a well kept secret. So when that young lady said, ” the fact is that he is both our man” she was telling the truth on some matters. Far as the show, what makes it different that LHH, Mona is doing her thing with the same damn issues. With all that said, I totally agree with you. LOL

  • thekeep itonehundred

    That song decent tho

  • Renee Adams

    all these shows do is make us look real bad… oh sorry they threw in 1 white girl so its ok… smh

  • Mrsphatcatty

    I will be watching I love some reality drama. I can look at this as taboo but they are bringing some knowledge and awareness to the whole side chick tittle. They fact that putting there selves out there is beyond me but alot of people can relate to them on some level.

  • Ash

    i saw that too; i was like wtf tho lol

  • leapyearpisces

    Right. Shat is wack AND insulting.

  • mandi
  • Veronica Kabuika

    this is the absolute as low as reality tv can go. I am in awe at the fact that these women are okay with being someones side chick as they call it. As a married women this is the most vile thing I have seen in a while. I hope that this is not a real show because if it is as a whole sciotey we should be ashamed.

  • Trelsie Simone

    Idk how any of y’all watched past the first 5 minutes but I couldn’t. I’m not married or even In a relationship, but the level of stupidity and ignorance was just enough for me to not even finish it.

  • Shannon Hendricks

    back in the day…a chick on the side stayed hidden….now they get more fame than the wife!!!

  • Shannon Hendricks

    So…the side chick went to fight the wife and the dude they was fighting over got slapped??

  • Shannon Hendricks

    Did anyone see that baby in the backseat??

  • Shannon Hendricks

    wow…get out my head

  • Nakia Corbin

    I saw Lovely Mimi too by the pool.She stay near some Ratchet shit.

  • Prissy Missy

    This shit is extremely sad and frustrating to see how low these girls can go. No dignity, no self respect, no class, no intellect, can’t even speak articulately and yet want to be proud of such a title. They all still look broke and like they’re on welfare and public housing. So how do they win in this situation? smh… I bet if they do get air time on national tv it will get high ratings just because people love to see a good train wreck!

  • Choose the Red Pill

    This isn’t even a trailer. Who the fuck put this shit together and decided that it should be shown on the internet? Take this shit down.

  • Leah

    Lmfao wtf kinda shit? They makin themselves look terrible. This has to be a web series what network would take this? And if they do theyll barely get views most ppl dont appreciate this type of female lmao you gotta be a low being to condone this

  • Stephanie Ana


  • Akire

    Good ? I guess anyone that sells alcohol and ass shots lol.

  • Sunshinegirl

    Me either. Who in the world would be the ad sponsors?!?!?

  • Adrianee P

    I think they make themselves look bad. Not the city, not black women. They just look bad.

  • Precious

    Looks like they filmed this shit on an iphone 7.

  • True. A lot ppl wouldn’t be honest about who it was that put ‘nigga’ and ‘bitch’ on wax and sent it across the world, but hopefully they’ll notice just who (dirty bum in the studio) is putting BW out here like this to glorify ho-dom b/c it’s not whites.

    The Pookie-from-the-hood married men these rodents service are, obviously, broke AF b/c they’re the most busted, unattractive, saggy, ‘go get yo damn hair did’ heffas I’ve ever seen.

  • yeah yeah yeah

    But everybody can’t go to college sis

  • leapyearpisces

    Being born and raise in NC all my life, and after graduating from UNC-Charlotte, and havin lived in Charlotte from 1994-2008, I am so hurt and ashamed. I mean damn, NC wasn’t even good enough to get a raggedy Real Housewives franchise?????? This is the BEST that NC could do or get? 🙁

  • Bri Truthful

    Do damn that shit was 8minutes Long

  • Carmen Ewing

    Sure did

  • WhitWhit

    Girl you caught that too!!!

  • Bri Truthful

    I didn’t even watch the clip but the fkn title is self explanatory!!!!!
    These bitches making black women look bad af. ( I know they all ain’t black by looking at the pic but it’s the majority) Smh. How can we ever make a step forward when shit like this pushes us fkn 10 steps back!

  • Ree_RN

    I am not watching the video and I won’t be watching the show, but I do have a comment. The only reason this is even a thing is because side chicks haven’t been getting their asses beat enough!!! The audacity and the nerve to make this a show!

  • Nadine Murrell

    Did anybody see that poor baby witness physical abuse and not bat an eyelid be abuse they were used to seeing it! The sad vicious cycle continues with this RATCHET bull SHIT! Where the hell is cps to take that toddler in care ! They don’t deserve children! They do anything for a dollar and drag up there kids! SICK!

  • kneesee

    Look like a low budget try. This wont make TV.

  • Roza Hennessy


  • Roza Hennessy

    Say word to the birds. This is selling your soul no joke. Im watch it anyway though lol

  • Marzzz

    Imma watch it anyway. #fye

  • Stephanie Ana

    All for a purse n std smh what women with no Morals do….

  • pooty

    wtf and wth! reality tv has hit an all time low!!!

  • KiyahMsFit

    Setting women back with no precedents and if it were my man u hoes would h treated as such…dick,chicken wing and fries. Like never get the same treatment. And someone stop telling hoes their homewreckers…. its the men…if he has no respect y should the nxt bitch… so u see a sidehoe just reveals if u have a hoe on ur side…Get it???Got it???Good…not watching past 2:47

  • KiyahMsFit

    Same shit im saying. Like u hoes are ugly n real cheap looking…

  • NY NAY

    Clearly he (the men) can’t afford to maintain both wifey & side hoe bcz them bitches look dirty & broke! Need to sit their asses down with that nappy ass power puff girls hairdo & the classic “I don’t have $$ to get my hair done bun! FOH !!! They came on the show to get that $350 per episode ! BUM BITCHES !!!

  • Lady Imz

    I haven’t watched this yet BUT the title AMAZES ME

  • Kiks

    Omg seriously now girls are going to be mad happyto say they the side chick. This is what the world coming to smh

  • Carmen Ewing

    Why was lovely Mimi in the preview tho

  • shasyl

    This is a waste of time and am not going to watch this shit,who really come up with this trash of a show,this need to stop at this preview.

  • WhitWhit

    Yesss that’s it …Say it don’t remind you of that though ctfu hell naw the new #PimpsUpHoesDown

  • kjazzy31

    Good one. Hoes selling coochie is EXACTLY what this is.

  • kjazzy31

    Real recognize real. That’s exactly what he’s doing! S&^% he said it “been on the scene 12yrs rappin and didn’t this kind of publicity” AND… there you have it. Dumb ass broads. They gon’ mess round and get f*&%#$ up!

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Please tell me this shit on youtube and that’s it. Because the editing looks dusty and these heffers irritating smh #EpicFail

  • ZionLive

    They really glorifying side chickens

  • M Sams

    The Real Whores of the South. Get this lame shit out of here. These bitches need real jobs and some self esteem.

  • RoyalMrs

    Cancel this shit! Hello brokensilenze y’all don t have to waste y’all time on this show it won’t be on t.v. very long

  • RoyalMrs

    Now see this some worldstar shit on a major network! I can’t deal

  • WhitWhit

    Dude pimpin the shit outta these hoes

  • WhitWhit

    This shit remind me of that old HBO special that came on late at night back in the day following prostitutes around and interviewing them on the corners and they kept they mics on while they was with they jawns who know the name of that show

  • WhitWhit

    I don’t feel like this is like LAHH but at the same time I really don’t know wtf LAHH is about cause it definitely ain’t love or hip hop but i do know it aint about no ugly hoes selling coochi to stay relevant most of the people on there work hard and have a Brand or something behind they names ..Who these bitches got …a Charlotte pimp name Willie Ed lmao. .it just doesn’t look good for any body or their city and BGC is no longer with us #RipBGC

  • Lovely Queen

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever spent 8 minutes on in my life.. #Disgusted… It’s a NO for me dawg!

  • Lovely Queen

    Crusty left toe

  • Lacy4u

    I dont know if you guys were aware that MempHitz, Toya’s ex, created a show years ago called Real Side Chicks of Atlanta. Included in the cast was the white girl Sara Oliver from Bad Girls Club. Sara was alao on Marriage Boot Camp with her now ex-boyfriend Ink who was also in

  • Lacy4u

    There’s actually a petition on changedotorg’s website. It has over 1400 signatures so far.

  • Ariel

    THIS A MESS! It cyant run!

  • mocha brown

    Lol these are strippers that are trying to et this show picked up by some network. Peter Thomas prob has his crusty left toe in the mix

  • mocha brown

    Looked like it’s taped with an iPhone and prob will air on youtube

  • mocha brown


  • This raggedy shit doesn’t even have a production crew. Just some ignant nigga following a bunch of lowlife hos around with a cheap videocam..

  • Rokses

    Well at least producers have picked out the right name for their show. LAHH Atlanta could have gotten away with the same title easily.

  • Lo



    I only watched 30 seconds. I’m done.

  • Shaneice Knowles

    Please don’t tell me this is a real show, and did Mona create this? I didn’t click the video, because I don’t want to even wonder what crazy mess this is about. Lordt, take the wheel.

  • Nita_rae

    if it was better quality and not filmed with a JVC straight to vhs camcorder. Just maybe I could see it being of some sort of entertainment. Or even shed the light on morally corrupt people of today. But it’s in bad taste, bad quality and all of them bitches look like they turn into gremlins if they get wet so they got to go.

  • Nita_rae

    Yes, somebody shut this shit down.

  • Nita_rae

    Everybody love being the side chick until you finally do decide to get married and karma punch you in the throat

  • Zola

    Having an ENTIRE show dedicated to side chicks being loud about their life….that is side chick overload, too much, lol.

  • Ree_RN

    UMMMM I have to draw the line somewhere. Fuck NO. I’m not watching this bullshit. Not on TV, not on Brokensilenze, not even on youtube. This is a fucking disgrace to black women and if I didn’t believe it before that there was a goal to make us look like fools in Hollywood, I certainly believe it now. The sorority show gets cancelled a few episodes in but this even makes it to tv for a whole season? Who’s gonna be the star of this show? smfh This lil preview is all I’m giving this show.

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    This is what happens when military nuccas wife the base local skrippa broads. This is the result. A bunch of jody babies…lmfao eewwhh

  • Kamo Brinson

    Me either it’s just..just ..just ridiculous…and I use that word cause I can’t even think of something to fit this bs..

  • jasmine

    They need real producers behind thins because that was super boring and super dry.

  • Scarlette

    Or how about just changing the channel boo….

  • Scarlette

    Hmmmm so let me get this straight…. People in here dissing this show yet tune in to love and hip hop every week where half of the cast are side chicks? People need to stop with this selective outrage

  • LovelyKiKi

    Viral boycott? Stop judging people!!! If you don’t like the concept of the show then DONT WATCH!!! There are a million other shows on tv that you can watch instead but why boycott it for those that want to see it???? I swear yall are always so JUDGMENTAL of people in the comments on here!!!!

  • Yo Mama Neighbour

    This seems like a scheme Tod set up

  • Hyewon

    Don’t think I can do this one. I’m here so I obviously watch some ratchet reality TV but this right here……NO!

  • Kamo Brinson
  • Linda Lumpkin

    What do we need to do to start a viral boycott of this ever being aired out there? If you put the time and respect into getting a ring I believe your Wifey title should mean something. This show would take all the respect out that. Memphitz had a trailer years back that he was trying to get picked up, and it never aired, somebody shut it down called ATL mistresses.

  • Such A Baddie

    Omg Mikster

  • mikster

    it looks a mess. not the show but the person filming lol

  • SupremeRose

    Hot ass mess

  • Pebbles

    Get ready for side chick Atl, side chick Miami, side chicks ny , side chicks La ( los Angelas) watch…

  • Such A Baddie

    Even I have reality tv show standards

  • Renee Jones

    I betcha Peter has something to do with this corny shit isn’t Bar One in Charlotte.
    This shit is dumm as hell and I mean dummmmmm.
    I wish the fuck I might look at even a preview of tha shit. I won’t waste my free time on this

  • D Redd

    What in the ratchet???

  • Annie

    me either…like yall supporting being side chicks now, who does that..oh i know…thirsty people.

  • I can’t believe this

  • M A
  • M A

    Wh you do y’all keep saying black women there’s a yuk ass white girl on there to . Side chicks are not only black women.

  • Cynthia Watson

    Can’t be side chicks without niggas entertaining them. Honestly I couldn’t believe this was a show smh

  • Linda Lumpkin

    Who will be able to call their man their own, if we spot lighting side B and mistresses. Realty is getting ridiculous. They gone get a check from your man and the tv, they are gonna be out of control. This is damnation, this is surely not God will, promoting infidelity.

  • BreeBreezeey

    They need to go on and shut this shit down before it begin like they did that Shawty Lo (RIP) 10 plus babymomma show they tried smh brothas and sistas please don’t support his bullshit…..

  • lmfkngoode


  • Andrea Berryhill


  • LaNiece Robinson

    Lovely MiMi talking all that shit on LHHATL about side chicks and noting doing hoe shit…But her fish face ass in the mix at the pool…#FakeAssHoes….

  • Damn

    Seen this like 5 months ago I thought it was a joke … it’s a joke alright but it’s really a show

  • Damn

    Why must our black women settle for less over and over again for fame

  • Damn

    Innocent bystander at a pool party lol it wasn’t a side chick pool party hey just decided to film the side thots at the mansion to make it look lavish .

  • Stacey Angela Williams

    I don’t they care about the harm done.

  • JujuOnMyBeat

    If this is for real, it’s just tragic…on so many levels.

  • Sleepyhippie

    This shit looks homemade

  • Talone

    Yea she really looks like Camilla but I don’t think that’s her

  • Charm

    Thirst af.

  • Talone

    Im like wasn’t Lovely Mimi just tryna fight Tresure for being a side chick for married men?????

  • Matty Burnside

    Ew, wtf? Them hoodbugars look like the D team. #benchwarmers Yikes. Great guggledymuggeldy!!!
    Them hoes be a scarin’ me in night terrors, matey (<–in my pirate voice) Must be protectin' my gold before yarn digger be a comin' for my loot!

  • Charm

    Didn’t I see Lovely Mimi? Ain’t she married? Betta know what show filming before you get caught in some mess.

  • Charm

    Show is low budget like the chicks…..

  • Jessica Johnson

    I seen dat shit ….a mess

  • Jessica Johnson

    Man say…this shit bet not come on tv….sidechicks realty show get the fuck outta here

  • Love ♋

    If I want to see fight videos, I can go on Youtube.

  • Love ♋

    Those were what we call whores.

  • Love ♋

    Say it again, sis.

  • Love ♋

    but she don’t support side chicks on love and hip hop though…. right. *side eye*

  • Love ♋

    Sooo… I thought this was a parody, but I see now this shit is a real show! lol I’m not going to support this buffoonery.

  • Truth

    These crack babies have grown up and they do not have any sense .

  • Akire

    I really don’t think any network will air this fugazi bs.

  • cocaína.maui.wowie

    Mannn wtf is this generic ass shit man

  • Akire

    Sooo Lovely Mimi is on here. I wasn’t gonna watch this clip because of the title. Now y’all got me wondering….

  • R C

    Is this already on? Where is this playing?… I’m confused, is this real ?

  • 6sidesfinest

    what the hell… who r these bottom feeders and who gave them air time… what a shame

  • lmfkngoode

    Lovely Mimi spotted

  • Bad & Bruja

    I’m happily married and hypothetically if that were to happen: sorry, not sorry…if the chick actually knows about our marriage, I’m beating his ass and hers. We shared the vows, true, so he will get it the worst but she also attacked those vows by knowingly messing with a married man. Knowledge is power so if I know that bitch knew, she’s getting the brakes beat off her ass too.

    Now if the chick had no clue, that’s a different story. These low moral having ass rats know the situations.

  • Yonda BeyondBeautiful Smith

    Pure trash at it’s worst! They will sell their soul for a story line, and a few likes on Instagram.

  • Tia -Ely Royana


  • Tia -Ely Royana

    See how they throw the one white woman in there. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah the entire cast should have been white, with one Black American and one Asian -_- foh home wreckers come in ALL colors. -_- lmfao

  • Tia -Ely Royana

    Oh please this shit is so bootleg what did they use to film this? A razor phone. -_-

  • Tia -Ely Royana


  • Tia -Ely Royana

    I see a white woman in the cast too!

  • Tia -Ely Royana

    [email protected] A. omg. smh

  • Myemaildied

    Def look like a music video.

  • M A
  • mirra.k

    Bitch read it again!

  • knyc taj

    all yall maya angelou ass bitches up here preaching …… how the hell yall end up here 97% of the shit on this site is ratchet asf…..yall act like all black people related fuck these hoes they dont represent you white people dont walk claim the cashme out side chick mama june the son of sam ted bundy jim jones ect why yall care so much make sure your kids dont watch it and get your life or grab some popcorn and stfu

  • knyc taj

    fuck that im all the way here for the ratchets , thots hoes and side bitches i think i will be highly entertained with the fuckery …. you cant be mad at a side bitch unless that bitch know you ive been maried 12 years if icatch a chick with my man im beating his ass cause obvisously he aint scared enough and the chick dont owe me shit …. then man is who i shared vows with

  • StraightShooter

    They’re really pushing this agenda through reality shows to promote breaking up black families. The more they air these shows, the more normal this fvckery will become! This is in poor taste and SHOULD NOT be aired.

  • Chantel

    These hoes got some nerves, so this show is gonna be real then.SMH. THESE HOES HAVE NO VALUE. A REAL BXXCH WILL NEVER BE A SIDE CHICK ONLY WIFEY!!!!!

  • I was thinking the exact same thing lol!! Geez! Smh.

  • I saw the title and the first thing I thought was “What the hell? This better be a parody!” LOL.

  • Romz

    This is what we’ve come to? I can’t believe that I am seeing beautiful strong black women doing this type of filth. And I say they are strong because us as black women possess so much strength. These women have been led astray and maybe even abused for all we know. And these producers are exploiting them. They have no self worth of respect. And it’s so sad!

  • NY NAY

    One or a couple gonna get hurt really bad or even killed!

  • LaNiece Robinson

    The chicks that fuck dudes with AID’s…..

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Did y’all see that little boy sitting in the backseat, in the car where the side chick slapped ole boi……

  • LaNiece Robinson

    For the Love of Money $$$$$$$$…..W0W…..

  • SexiiSag

    This is a bad look to anyone that’s on this show… No self respect no morals.. Just sex and money. This is not something to be proud of. Jesus show them the light!

  • Ema

    I am speechless! and I always thought that they couldn’t do a show more ratchet than BGC… they just proved me wrong!

  • Pam Mitchell

    You consider yourself a basic bitch? Are you proud of that title?

  • MyThoughts

    Or how about just changing the channel? Just because a few people don’t want to watch something doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be on tv at all. It’s a lot of white shows that I don’t agree with either but they have every right to air it for those that may enjoy it.

  • linda

    That’s was probably someone’s mother fighting with no panties and y’all except white folks to take us serious when we are joke to our damn selves…… so they giving side pieces a platform now? Watch all them celebrities side bitches speak up now. #shame

  • introduction2life

    I won’t be watching this trash

  • PreshyB

    omygosh….coughs. yall aint right. snickers.

  • PreshyB

    Oh shit…no real mistresses are 5 years and up and dont pull this shit. No. And No, I’m not a mistress. I’m from the old school in stfu and be about your biz.

  • wavy cap

    you know damn well black people going to be locked in every week to watch this mess.

  • mirra.k

    They gave basic,bitches a platform.. They could’ve came to philly and followed me and my bitches around..but we ain’t fuckin married men

  • Gmail4life

    Laughing my ass all the way to the floor. Lol..damn the new welfare come up check ” you fight !guess what you can get this check too” Damn

  • Dooms

    Hope you guys band together and stop n it from airing … just like yall did with that shawty lo’s show ” all my babies mamas”… this isn’t a good look .

  • Truthteller20423

    What is next: The real child molesters of DC??? No thanks. I’ll pass

  • Yetunde

    It’s a very sad day for our culture.

  • LucyLou4731

    Stop using our culture to degrade

  • Wonder_Woman15

    I don’t have no words

  • wuzzy

    lol not edited yet

  • wuzzy

    Although I do like reality tv…i’ll pass on the one

  • wuzzy

    Tacky, embarrassing and this is how you want to put your city on the Map lol shame

  • Vee Vee

    exactly hyping it up and filming females fighting disgusting

  • Vee Vee

    thought the same thing

  • Vee Vee

    This is Ridiculous and of course black women acting like damn fools and making the rest of us decent black women look stupid, some hungry dumb hoes, certainly will not be watching this.

  • 23 Isback

    I’m putting the responsibility in the hands of Black Viewers to not support this nonsense. We can talk about exploitation all day but as viewers,people need to take a stand not support this nonsense.

  • Queen

    Come people really? Grown ass women acting like this. So sad

  • Cubanita

    I can imagine lool what a mess

  • LeadingLady

    Lol I peeped that. I was like why is Lovely Mimi filming for the side chick show when she just went off on Tresure?? lmao

  • J-Dub

    Wow a dream come true

  • Nik Nicole

    This Is Ridiculous

  • Lacy4u

    So…Lovely Mimi was going ham on Tresure P & Moriah about them being dignified side chicks on LHHA yet she’s allowing herself to be filmed in a reality show that’s glorifying side chicks? WTH? Pick a side & stick with it.

  • Lacy4u

    So the acronym for this foolishness is RSCOC….how appropriate since all they’re doing is mainly smashing cock & fighting. LOL

  • SoLoDoLo

    Damn yo l&hh wasn’t enough huh? This is a new low…forget the bottom of the barrel im talking 6ft under it…

  • Psab Psab

    These hoes! The men are also to be blamed! THIS IS SO DAMAGING TO THE SOCIETY! #sidechicks# WTF

  • Kayla Majors

    I cannot.

  • Goddess

    i know right can’t believe some celebrities wana see this like hell naw this is just fuckery period smh

  • Sunshinegirl

    This shit is disgraceful. Exploitation at its finest.

  • Genevieve Brock


  • Ex-Sidechick Nicole

    Hoes winning nowadays boo. Keep up

  • MelaninGoddess

    Wait I think I almost just threw up in my mouth. Was she fighting on the ground with no panties on??????

  • braveheart341

    i couldn’t even finish the whole thing. Got second hand embarrassment and had to click out.

  • KandiKaneBanks

    Wait they’ll have a spin off lol

  • KandiKaneBanks


  • Bribri

    Let me find out u got one somebody getting fucked up n some sh#t getting bleached too

  • Bribri

    Wow anybody get show.. So u proud to be a side chick . ughhh

  • Cubanita

    I thought this was a joke loool this is a mess. Now the side chicks get a show . I’m surprised VH1 is’nt producing this.