Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 11 Episode 1 – ‘To Love and to Cherish’

On the premiere, Cynthia and Porsha rave over the new men in the life, while Eva flaunts a new ring and a new baby. Meanwhile, NeNe prepares to fight alongside Gregg as he begins his battle with cancer, while Porsha rallies all the ladies for a surprise trip to Miami to show the Leakes their support.

  • oneandonly

    I love the fact that Porsha is really smiling and it’s looking good on her!!!! Gone GIRL….

  • oneandonly

    Okay! She’s giving both of their asses the blues, no filter at all but I love it! That’s little Split image of Kandi’s mother.

  • oneandonly

    I agree with everything you said, but not on the part about Porcha! I love the fact that she seems really happy. Nowadays, in time dating a person for years, and years before marriage is out the window. I woman knows if she truly sees herself with a man or the relationship moving forward in a week tops. At her age she should knows what see wants

  • oneandonly

    I totally agree!

  • laidbackgal4real

    Awwww Porsha sooo in love … I pray she has strength for what comes next with her boo …. cause lawd knows some people smile in your face and stab you in the heart …

  • MissyJ

    Porsha is acting real desperate. Geez, calm tf down. I mean we all get gushy when in love…but did she say they both excanged I love you’s the first date? Those are awful strong words for someone you barely know. She dives head first with these guys.

  • India

    Here we go again! Why is Kandi talking about she got the tea on Porsha man …why even bother listening to what anybody have to say about anything that has to do with Porsha..Kandi clearly said she never wanted to be friends with her again …

    She needs to listen to Todd and stay out of it
    This is exactly why her ass got caught up in that drama before …when the shoe is on the other foot she plays the victim …smh

  • Brooke gg

    Porsha was so cute this episode, i just want her to be happy.

  • Nikkihatch

    Everyone in Atlanta knows Kandi. If you from round here with money you know her and her family, just what it is Porsha shouldn’t feel no type of way.

  • TS BBC

    nah he aint ugly he just outta shape wit that potbelly, but at least its fixable. she just need to tell his fat ass to workout an diet an he’ll be ok.

  • PowerFanatic

    Let me know if I’m tripping forreal. It’s like someone was there that we didnt see?

  • jazziedread1

    i dont think hes ugly

  • Lisa J. Taylor

    lmaooo now i gottah go and look at that scean again, i didnt peep that

  • leowoman

    Love me some Porsha

  • HonestA

    I don’t think so , it’s not like he didn’t want to be a father ,they sayin Eva won’t let him be one and if he’s mentally ill somebody should help the man but she’s wrong having that girl call him daddy & Eva was a bitch on top model and I know she just did that shit on purpose

  • TS BBC

    Porsha love them rich* ass men you mean……to her money can fix uglyness and thats how most women think like aswell

  • nyc

    5 months is not enough time to meet, get pregnant, get married….please girl…how much about him do you know!? You didn’t even know he regularly hangs out at OLG’s… didn’t even know that he knows Kandi….what more important things don’t you know? You thirsty for a ring like you haven’t been married and now divorced. It’s just too much. Even if he didn’t want to propose he’d probably do it to calm you down cause you talking about it all the time. That’s how females get themselves caught up in bad relationships where men begin treating them like dirt cause you make yourself seem desperate……..
    NeNe my prayers are with you all.
    Kandi…yo had better listen to Riley cause that’s her heart speaking. Obviously she feels like yall are replacing time spent as a family with money, for some children that works and they won’t openly complain but she’s telling you what she’s feeling and very clearly. LISTEN!
    Todd if that requires a change in lifestyle then make the change, DUH! Who cares if instead of having someone cook yall now gotta cook or trips cut down…your children are asking for yall!
    Kenya needed to be here for real.
    I didn’t even realise Sheree wasn’t on the show until just now as I was typing lolololol Bye girl!

  • Marry Jane Goodrum


  • RealInsight

    Not jealous at all. Always liked Porsche and show love on her instagram I just don’t approve of her as of late and the dumb comments she made from time to time. But her level of desperation is unbearable to watch.

  • Bella Vicious

    Wow! Are you mad or just jelly?

  • Bella Vicious


  • CC smithe

    Why all the hate on Porsha damn let a bitch live hating ass hoes… You bitches will be with a man 10 years and he still wouldn’t want to marry you.. .don’t be mad it is a such thing as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

  • Nova7

    That sounds about right.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    that baby look like he see into the future

  • Lovë 22

    It bothers me a little that Eva really just acts as if Kevin doesn’t exists and before yall start I’m aware of all that happen between them but that is still Marley’s father. She can try and act like that’s not her father all she wants that little girl looks JUST LIKE HIM (whew child) and she will grow up asking questions!!!

    I just love Nene and Porsha, always have always will!! Yall leave Porsha alone she 37, she ain’t got much longer to procreate!!

    Kandi will find a way to remind us that she think she can sing, a caller tone…really girl that was so 2000’s!

  • India

    I heard she got fired because she had no storyline

  • leapyearpisces

    For real if you watch the re-run, look at his face when she is getting clothes ready to go on the trip, she says, Mikey you like this one? Mikey looked at her like, bih, if you don’t leave my azz alone, I’m full, I done took a shat, and you need to change me. Mikey is not with shats. LOL.

  • kfishburne231

    Kandi and her negativity just gets on my nerves. always have something to say about everybody man. I am really proud of Nene she is really holding it down and taking care of Greg and being strong for the family. I am happy porsha found somebody she like. eva has a beautiful family.

  • leeleebaby

    Its hard to see Greg like that

  • ShayBay

    Ahh , I think I remember something like tht . Mke sense now , smh & I didn’t knw Andy Cohen has so much power over the housewives brand !

  • Paizley

    I low key wonder what she knows about him tho. Seems like he knew her too when P asked him but didn’t wanna say how. Ppl sayin he’s gay, and they are in ATL sooo….spill tha tea! Lol but I’m sure she’s heard the same rumors if evone says that about him so it’s her choice.

  • Loppy

    Lord, I can’t deal with Airhead Porsha having all of this camera time.

  • Samie Sauce

    Yass. I hate when a man isnt being a MAN. Speak up. aint afraid to say sweet nothings in private but wanna be on camera and not even give us some Real on how he feel about her. Look what he allowing her to tell the world either back her up or shut it down. All that stuttering shit got me annoyed.
    I love Porsha

  • Nova7

    Loving Porsha on this episode. It seems like she can fully be herself. I’m happy, she’s happy

  • Zarah

    Happy for Porsha but her man comes across shady with all the one word responses like he’s afraid to talk on camera.

  • Nova7

    Yessss I miss my girls. I see Sherree isn’t on the Roster! I’m sorry to hear about Greg and his cancer.

  • Sandy Jacobs-Bird

    Rileys attitude has always been a little too spicey for me.

  • Sandy Jacobs-Bird

    There is nothing more annoying than a bitchy, messy, know-it-all, full of attitude, smart mouth gay man. I want to reach into the TV and bitch slap Don Juan. Cannot stand him.

  • Sandy Jacobs-Bird

    Exactly this. With all her cheques, she has the childs hair all dusty at an award event.

  • Sandy Jacobs-Bird

    Agreed. She seems to be forcing it…And her d’ter even said “no”.

  • Sandy Jacobs-Bird

    I cannot stand Kandi or Don Juan. And you’re so right. She doesn’t like Porsha so why she in her business!?

  • Nikkihatch

    Yes Porsha! She seems happy af! Live your best life boo you the hubby and baby

  • RealInsight

    Yes cringy is the word. And the fact that she’s pregnant by him just wow. As long as she gets her baby she’s fine and she got knocked up by a man who can pay the child support if it don’t work out

  • leapyearpisces

    I actually think he is cute BUT HE IS funny looking. He always looking like he wanna go get a switch and whip somebody”‘s azz. I was like I haven’t ever seen a baby that does not smile at all, but that mofo kept a “you say one moe thang, and its on” face. LOLOLOLOL.

  • leapyearpisces

    Because remember a couple of years ago, she went on a tirade and dropped the disgusting “f” word in relation to gay men? She pratically got in her knees to Andy and pleaded, and pleaded for his and the LGBT community’s forgiveness.Well, the word was she was set up to be a full cast member until that happen. Well, Andy exiled her and she was no longer a friend and she wasn’t on for about 2 or 3 seasons, we’ll she finally wore Andy down and he decided to bring her back on as a friend of the show, but reportedly, he will never give her a peach.

  • leapyearpisces

    and Ripley was DEAD serious, not one smile did she crack, and even Todd”s daughter agreed.

  • leapyearpisces

    She was laying it on quite heavy last night. It was cringy. Like a bad acting demo real. I believe her and this dude have entered into some type of agreement. Maybe he signed that wack azz baby contract that the other dude wouldn’t.

  • RealInsight

    I just want to fast forward over all of Cynthia’s parts. She may be pretty but she is such a snore. Boring and you’re 60 years old ma’am and you’re laughing over cheesy lines you’re a mess. Anybody can have you obviously

  • RealInsight


  • RealInsight


  • RealInsight

    PORSHA IS SO DAMN DESPERATE!This is why no man takes her seriously. She’s only with that ugly dude because he has money. She will be a slut for any man who is willing to pay for it. The way she changes her voice she clearly is putting on a show and trying so hard it’s phony and desperate. I’m not happy for her because she rushed and this is not true love. That man lusts her and she is using him for a baby. Just sad so girls pay attention and make sure you don’t look so pathetic and desperate simply because you past the 30 year old mark. Her and Cynthia hurt my head with this dumb girl nonsense all these girls are with wack dudes this season. Yikes!

  • Insight2020

    I’m just so happy for Porsha. I KNEW on that last reunion, she was speaking her desires into reality and here we are! Her and her boo kinda favor each other too when they smile. 🙂

  • Straightshooter

    I hate seeing Greg like this but I LOVE his spirit! You got this man!!!!

  • Benquisha


  • Ja’Nice Locket-Dortch

    I Can’t Argue With Riley’s Complaints… And It Didn’t Even Seem Like They Were Even Taking Her Serious…

  • Domi Nache’

    Being a paid hoe dont make you a housewife.. lmao

  • Angel Moe

    I don’t like Porsha’s man. I hate to see her so thirsty and in a rush. She can do so much better.
    I don’t think Kandi is hating, I think she really has some tea on dude. He seems to have something to hide. I also think she’s trying to look out cause she knows Porsha is ditsy. They’re both my fav so I hope it play out well.

  • Cynthia Watson

    She better hope she still getting checks at cynthia age

  • ImSomebodyToo

    Porsha is hilarious

  • Impossible Bitch

    Because heauxing is not an actual job……

  • Impossible Bitch

    Cynthia…. you too damn old to be acting like that over a mufucka you just met. Peter ain’t teach yo ass shit huh? I like Eva lil family. But I will say that she tries too hard for tv….u know? Like she’s forcing it. She moves weird to me. I definitely feel bad for Nene and Greg. That hurt my feelings when he was crying, I think it’s hard for me to see any man cry, that shit is heartbreaking. Porsha girl, go ‘head. She did it right. Hoes too concerned about looks n shit. She got an established man with a good credit score, self-made, no fucking kids, and no ex wives…. this heaux hit the jackpot!! That’s why bitches be at home watching this shit hating with they Section 8 dependent asses. Choosy bitches be getting left behind, all chasing the same niggas. Sad af. Kandi, I still don’t like u or Todd, or Don Juan. If you got so many checks to count, wtf you still doing on this show? What type of exposure do you need? Your damn child just told you that you aren’t there enough…..on camera. I’m glad to see Porsha sister coming on the show looking halfway decent now. I was tired of that one green jacket and that thin ass messy bun….. you’ll get you another man yet Lo!! That’s it… until next week!!

  • Steph Scott

    Was that a diss to Cynthia’s modeling career that Eva did?

  • Impossible Bitch

    I swear I was like if Don Juan bitch ass say that line one more time……ol Sweet & Sour Patch kid ass nigga…..sweet af but always got a shitty attitude …..

  • ThaRealMrsPeterson

    So I seriously, can’t get passed the 4 minute mark before I comment because I don’t care who he is, what he owns she better own a strap-on because that man is sweet and low honey!

  • Steph Scott

    No. Sheree attached herself to a sinking ship last year by standing behind Kim Zolciak’s lying, racist ass.

  • Steph Scott

    Dayum! Porsha’s body is bangin’! Omg

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    He needs to wear a girdle or cover up all that gut he got

  • Ms. Mk

    I think she lost her place when she got with a guy in prison. They can’t film in there. And we all know she ain’t had no storyline besides that. No fashion line, chateau is finished, all kids are grown and away…I see why they had to give her the boot. But I love her all the same.

  • Ms. Mk

    With that type of money, anyone is a looker. LOL!

  • Ms. Mk

    It breaks my heart to see Greg like that, but there’s a God and He works miracles everyday. I pray He heals him coz I would love to see him back to the funny, wise man that he’s always been. God’s strength upon Nene& the fam. Eva, never been my type of girl. I’d rather watch Sheree than Eva. Porsha is giddy like a school girl and I’m with it! I’m here for season 11 let’s go!

  • Rosi

    That baby is not cute. Weird looking like the father.

  • Rosi

    He looks okay to me.

  • Renee Jones

    Agree 100%

  • ChildofVenus

    You know they start stuttering when they can’t think of a lie fast enough

  • K.J.M

    Sheree, just didn’t make the cut..I’m guessing the home didnt matter.

  • Trice

    FINALLY! Someone told her /sold her the dream she has always wanted to hear. Look where he at, on TV! I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. Seems like a repeat of the Angela Simmons story.

  • K.J.M

    I think so as well.

  • K.J.M

    Eva, know she has a cute little boy and her daughter is a cutie too..

  • K.J.M


  • Fee2nice

    First date “I love You” is really “lust your body … lust your wallet” but at the end of it all I love a happy ending so hope the best for Porsha and groom to be

  • Paizley

    HAppy for Porsha! They need not start hating on her man let him past stay right there!

  • Grace Turner

    I’m sorry but Eva need’s to stop having that little girl sit in that man’s lap!

  • Grace Turner

    The tag lines are wack!

  • Pebbles

    Not a good sign when people totally forgot about this show

  • Sicily Wilson

    What the hell. I didn’t know this came on last night where was the trailer for the season. I was just thinking I’m ready for Married to Medicine to go off so this could come on. Look at God lol this is my favorite show

  • fancey

    Porscha cheeks gotta be hurting she been smiling big this whole episode. she in love love. Im happy for her

  • Eleanor Garcia

    NeNe truly loves Greg I hope he gets better. Porsche is still flakey AF. 5 months & this new man gonna show who he is shortly.

  • Bella Vicious

    Kandi needs to stop talking about everything Porsha got going on…her husband Todd dont pay her no mind and she doesn’t give her kids attention either. Kandi has a bitter heart just like her momma Joyce. Bitch move tf on…phaedra lied on you get tf over it!

  • NoRage

    I noticed that about Cynthia too I wonder if it’s just an act at times though

    If Todd is an opportunist I’m Feeling a roast coming on for him and Kandi especially if she’s trying to shield him from being exposed the editing would be crazy

  • shasyl

    I felt so bad seeing him looking a bile frail

  • shasyl

    She is definitely miss with her quick comeback shade but am sure she is well off without this show.

  • Ci Ci_24

    Man, i cried when Greg busted out crying. He’s usually so upbeat and positive. But i believe And trust God for full total complet healing. He has a strong support system. I’m loving Porsha and Nene’s sistership. I’m here for it. Ok Ms. Bailey better find her some LOVE. Now, idk if it’s just me but it’s coming off like Porsha is super thirsty for this ring. But do ya thang. Ok we Settled that whole Porsha and kandi thing… but why you getting tea about Porsha and such.. mmm i guess So..

  • Josie da Goddess

    Eva is so beautiful and her entire family..she got snatched back really fast..go girl.

    So sad for Greg…praying for him.

    I’m happy for Porsha…and btw Kandi…worry about your own damn man..your daughter said your husband is an opportunist.

    Cynthia is so simple minded to me…But I still wish her well with her new beau.

  • NoRage

    I think that’s why she’s getting shade from folks, she seemed more humble to me at first now it’s different it’s awesome to feel proud of yourself and give yourself pats on the back but it feels and looks better if other folks are lifting you up and people do lift her up because her talent is real, she’s hard working and beautiful I hope she doesn’t chase the real ones away by getting a bighead

  • Addae Brunder

    lolol, she ain got nothing else going on in the damn show. she always working.

  • NoRage

    I though mama Joyce raised Riley but she said her mom was there all the time when she was younger maybe as she got older mama Joyce was in her life more because she does seem to have her ways towards her mom

  • Josie da Goddess

    I was saying to myself as well about the guy in NeNe’s store…smh

  • Ladyshopper

    Can’t stand Don Juan and then there’s mini Joyce (Riley) that I’m not feeling..

  • Ladyshopper

    Yep you’re correct….I don’t want to see Don Juan all season, can’t stand him. Nor do I want to see mini Joyce with that hateful attitude…ewwww

  • Rere

    It may be me, but Kandi is ALWAYS ALWAYS talking about her money in the opening credits, not to mention on the show…I mean we do get it, you got money.

  • Fouet Bonbon

    Is it me, or do these gay men seem jealous?
    I notice in NeNe’s Store, That The Gay Guy was rolling his eyes when Porche was acting silly and having fun. And standing in the back ground not smiling.
    Then to I think maybe production probably told the extras to quietly sit in the back while the scene is being shot, or something.
    Then in the scene with Porche and her sister and the gay guy, had there faces kind of tuned up. But like i said before, Maybe its just

  • Jus post my damn comment

    is porsha pregnant or her fiance, chef Blair is fine asf

  • Mombasa Soyini Cox

    Definitely sad to hear Greg has cancer. His sense of humor always killed me . But he’s a fighter kick that cancer butt Greg. I no how it is a survivor myself. God bless u guy’s.

  • NoRage

    Hmm I wonder what Porcha’s man knows about kandi & vise versa Porcha seems extremely happy even her playfulness with Kandi on the phone they always seem to target one person to roast especially with the editing and shade each season

  • Bella Vicious

    Kenya who?

  • Angel Moe

    I’ve been waiting for this to oop up but I’m too tired to watch.

  • Pink lemonade

    It feels super weird watching this season and there’s no Kenya honestly I keep waiting for them to go to Kenya’s house but they don’t s***

  • NoRage

    It is I haven’t watched in a long while I was surprised at how he looked it broke my heart he was such a robust man it hurt to watch I’m praying for them all

  • mikster

    Greg got cancer!!! Oh no!

  • Chloe Mailey

    So sad with Greg and his cancer