Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 16 – ‘Wedding Crashers’

On the season finale, Safaree returns to set the record straight, and fresh new intel threatens A1 and Lyrica’s vow renewal ceremony. Meanwhile, Apple learns the truth about her father, and Moniece squares up for a final showdown with Princess.

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  • CeeCee

    does boobie or whatever his name is getting to check any1…aint he a cheater too..ohmeegee

  • CeeCee

    wow princess doing the most with her c-section cut…aint she afraid that shit bust wise open an let her deliver her ovaries dwllllll

  • CeeCee

    rock star shud lol

  • CeeCee

    marcus look like a gangster nerd

  • Candy Jones

    Marcus is a dirty dog
    Brooke is a fool

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    U ain’t lyin and the way he lick them [email protected] lips is something serious!

  • Breaking_Stereotypes

    I can’t stand lyrica I swear. What kind of “friend” hashes it out behind closed doors then tries to bring it up publicly for the entertainment of others smh. Real friends don’t try to play friends like that…

    Also BOOBY IS SOO FINE lol that is all.

  • ImSomebodyToo

    what kinda weird shit is the fake daddy ? wTF.

  • really?wow

    Nope…..nobody wants moniece smoke ever since she banged shorty head ON a dining booth table while telling god how hard she had tried to change. Naaah notice…nobody wants it. EVERY season she’s tried but never triggered.

  • leapyearpisces


  • TPJ

    She did, thought i was the only one that caught that lol

  • T2Sweet

    Mask off

  • Straightshooter

    RJ and Princ baby is sooooo cute! Omg

  • Straightshooter

    Boobie said, “It’s cute Sis.” lol

  • Lyneshia Hall


  • Lyneshia Hall


  • Lyneshia Hall

    I know right – if i were Lyrica & A1, I would have beat Moniece and Princess ass. But you’re right, who cares when LHH is footing the bill.

  • Lyneshia Hall

    K Michelle was on the show to bring up the Lyrica drama and introduce her ex-assistance to the show (like Keyshia Cole was on just to break in Boobie to the hip hop scene). I doubt she is coming back anyway.

    As for Apple, I’m not sure why she’s here either, but I do find it strange that her mom let her believe that was the dad. I thought she must’ve been dead all this time.

  • ShayBay

    When you get married , the whole dynanic of your relationship changes & ur priorities change once you sign that marriage contract… Can’t have everybody & everyone in your marriage saying different stuff including family

  • Brooke gg

    Can we not bring back Jay will, Lil brit, K Michelle next season, they brought nothing this season.

    I feel for Apple, she has had a really hard life but she’s a strong black woman and a mother and I wish her the best. The fake dad is a creep. Who does that, weirdo.

    Princess, stop. You cant fight, that’s why you were acting up cos u knew there was a million security.

    Brooke was surprisingly, entertaining, Rockster, just come out of the closet we all know you havent smashed any women. But his funny, i wudn’t mind seeing him back again.

  • ShayBay

    Princess had good aim on tht rock she threw too …lol

  • R C

    You to babe enjoy your day

  • Bri Truthful

    Exactly! All this tough shit happens either on camera WHERE THEIRS SECURITY or online where she is behind a screen she don’t really want no smoke

  • I agree. Not that a child has to look like either parent. All my kids look like my husband, but there was something about Apple’s so called father that just didn’t sit right period. Like he didn’t act like a father that was trying to get back into his daughter’s life. He seemed like an entitled asshole and trying to mess up her deal was the biggest sign.

  • Jasmine Northrop

    Does anybody else feel like they rushed this whole finale

  • Chetta Elizabeth

    omg that Fake ass sitdown at melody party ooh chile like the acting was so horrible, um why is lyrica walking AROUND WITH HER BELLY OUT OMG!!!! im so sick of lyrica and A1, I love brooke princess seem fake to me. K.michelle was in 2 episodes. booby fine ass. safareee LYING ASS.and them damn crocodile tears Girl… Why are nervous about a1 and sarfaree? something happen… she lying all the way to the end…

  • Mujer Bonita

    So proud of A1. He stepped up all the way and let his messy family know what time it is. When you get married your spouse comes before family. God first, then spouse and kids and family after. Pam can go get some Nigerian d**k in her mouth and shut the fuck up!!!

  • HonestA


  • QBee

    Weren’t Jay Will and LABritney just praying for each other..kmmft…they staged fights to make the last episode lit but it was bone dry…Paris we know you for stealing…nothing more.

  • Rosi

    Moniece ain’t beating nobody’s ass.

  • KIER

    Am I the only one who had a feeling he wasn’t her father from the jump? They look nothing alike to me lol

  • Rosi

    Yass and last season it was Boo-boo

  • Coco

    last season was way better, but this season had its moments.

  • Coco

    Lyrica’s mama can sing damnnnnn

  • Coco

    Apple’s wannabe dad was a creepy opportunist, he wanted to play on her vulnerability and weakness. I’m so glad he ended up not being her biological father, he’s not fit to be anyone’s dad.

  • Coco

    Brooke has zero neck

  • Coco

    Nikki looks good at the beginning of the episode at Princess and Ray J’s baby shower, there’s something about her that’s very well put together and classy.

  • Coco

    Nigga.. How can you check another man about him and his fiance issues, when he couldn’t even be faithful when he was actually married? Bobby talk too damn much, I didn’t even know he could speak.

  • Kåÿ Lã

    Love it when A1 said no one comes before his wife .

  • Sierra Vaughn

    Yea she definitely needs to and why would any pregnant woman go somewhere to argue with another woman….. That whole thing was extremely stupid to me on Princess part because if she cared about that baby she wouldn’t have popped up on Moniece. Princess really don’t wanna fight Moniece

  • MissKnownUnknown

    Lol. That guy was a creep, freaking opportunist. Apple just went FU and bounced lmao. Good for her.

  • natala

    The safaree lyrica drama was staged af. It was obvious from the very beginning but probably went out of hand a bit when Ray got involved, etc Think Safaree didn’t gain anything from it as it made him look stupid. On the other hand it was his only story line this season… so it made perfect sense.

  • Cj

    Roccstar is a fuckin clown, please remove him from the show

  • Lovë 22

    Brooke and Boobie go way back, they grew up together in Houston, when she was on a hiatus from the industry Boobie was there for her. he was a big part of her coming back on the scene and moving to LA!

  • Mizz Q

    Ok, John Watts is sick in the head. His reasoning was even more disgusting than his actions. The Brooke/Marcus/Boobie shit is clearly staged. Moniece and Princess are trash for doing that at that event don’t really want to squab. Mona sells storylines and they sell their soul. I think that I’m done watching (after the reunion and my righteous moment here)

  • Lana

    LMAO. I was seriously thinking about this meme

  • Lana

    Am I the only one who was kinda confused by that vow renewal scene??

  • Doris G

    Lyrica Garrett can sing. Diamond’s mother is a real good person. So glad that Lyrica and A1 are back on track. I pray that Apple Watts get it together and be very successful with her music. Jaywill was messy for calling Moneice to come to A1’s and Lyrica’s vow renewal. One thing about Princess, she is not afraid of Moneice. Booby Gibson should have not come back for this mess between Brooke and Marcus; that was corny. Roccstar is hype and funny. I just would like Teairra Marie to get it all the way together; she has allowed her reputation to take some serious hits, instead of making musical hits and that is sad. We all make mistakes and hopefully we learn from our mistakes and do better. Paris should be a comedian, I enjoyed her on the show.

  • Biggbaby An Kaelani

    I was laughing so hard at PARENTITY like that man need to go back to school while he tryna be a fake father.

  • Eleanor Garcia

    #1 Apples pretend daddy WTF # weirdo! Seriously this flake playing her for 6 yrs & he knew all along?
    Love Apple you can do it won’t be 1st ta come up outta da strip club.
    Shun love her energy from day 1. She’s a real chick & backs up whatever she says no problem!
    Can’t help but find A1’s loyalty to his wife anything but sweet. Something tells me cat might be outta da bag come reunion time.
    Broke yes something is broke with ya upstairs! Only someone deranged enjoys tryin to bring drama & stress into someone else’s relationship or life. Marcus doesn’t ❤️ anyone besides himself & bish doesn’t deserve better # karma.
    Ray is he half bitch or what this season? Seriously nosey AF! True Fam gonna tell ya 1 on 1 not for the camera.
    Tierra’s a disaster every season time for her to go.
    Moniece & Fizz storyline weak really nothin to it.

  • Addae Brunder

    Yo that shit with Apple and the dude is really fucked up! That shit is really sad Apple is a genuine girl and who needs to find her and Shanda is right I feel sad for her. What ws the point of moniece going there for? To fuck up a sexy cake? STRPS! Boopy and Marcus, Ya’ll need to just chill. WTF man! lolol This is so damn dung and that security was like a quaterback stance! lolol Teairra ending was so fking fake, BITCH you just dumb and bout nothing! YOU lost respect when you acted like an ass on Brook

  • Bri Truthful

    Princess need to catch a fade

  • flo

    Brooke no she be extra petty for no real reason get life monice always a victim hope she get her ass beat AA1 loves his wife ray j was acting like a female

  • PrettyNetty28

    Isn’t she though.

  • Pebbles

    I don’t get it! Their current relationships are just full in because B.B. ( Brooke & boobie) really wAnt each other

  • Pebbles

    I just need boobie to stand and not talk ever.

  • Tia -Ely Royana


  • MissKnownUnknown
  • DQ [helloEgo]

    This season lacked…. Dragging so much bs out longer than needed… Let’s see wat the reunion has to bring

  • MissKnownUnknown

    My first time watching a whole season of LHHH..ever

    1.I really like A1 & Lyrica, They have a beautiful bond together.
    2. Pam’s wig was finally done somewhat right. Lord Jesus thank you. She just needs to step away from the blonde color. I can’t believe she went to Nigeria tho lolol.
    3. Tiera gives me 90’s vibes every time I see her with the wigs and outfits. I hope she steps her game up for next season. The fake paparazzi scene had me cracking up 🙂
    4. Brooke always looking so gorgeous, I think she had the best look the whole season. She’s messy sometimes but I like her cute self.
    5. I can’t stand Paris, Princess and Candy. They just work on my nerves, don’t know why.
    6. Apple, also very likable. I hope she blows up and find her way
    7. Shun Love, one of my favorites. Love to see her next season on the show.
    8. Lyrica G, the most talented one on the entire show. She has a wonderful voice.
    9. Roccstar had his funny moments, Safaree had no storyline, just like Kimberly.
    10. Moniece is a cool chick, would love to see some of her music on the show.
    11. La Brtiney grew on me, I hope she gets a better storyline.
    12 Ray J..umm ok.

  • Deano Fergi

    Apples father is a punk ass waste man and fool, so the lame did a DNA test for someone he already knew he was not related too

  • Deano Fergi

    That crying lyrica was doing was pathetic imo All that balling with no tears

  • Damn

    So did lyrica admit to cheating because a1 left her and moved out? Smh

  • Steph Scott

    Brooke is sooo beautiful, yet sooo ugly…..smh

  • OMARI.

    and then u have some huge table or car separating them lol it cracks me up

  • Raziyahs OtherHalf

    Actually I Read In The Blogs Something About They Suppose To Be Making A “Only Couples” Show

  • Benquisha

    Super creep made me feel sick

  • Camden

    Well stated.

  • Mina S

    That’s her 2nd time this season. First with Princess and Moniece

  • Mina S

    That cake was on point tho. Good aim Moniece had lol

  • E McArthur

    They called him out with LaBritney or w e her name is

  • leowoman

    Right… Black is a dirty dog.

  • jnjones

    Wife comes before everybody. That’s right A1!!!

  • Snuup

    Gdamn you wrote a whole script lol they better hire you for the next season

  • HonestyPolicy

    Lyrica G better SANG!

  • Bebe

    Really hope Brooke isn’t back next season. It’s painfully obvious that all she’s been doing this season is trying to secure her place by being messy- but she ended up being the disgusting type of messy. You’re not no Karlie Redd. Lame ass.

  • LVRS

    TT been talking about getting back to music every season now and I haven’t seen her produce not one solid track. That lawsuit was her entire storyline. And she only really got rid of true friends that told her the truth about herself which was moniece.

    Princess still out here tryna fight after a whole a** pregnancy? Girl…give it up. Focus on the positives, which is your family. The only “hands” she got is throwing drinks. I still chuckle everytime the memory of Ray j letting her fall into the pool. JayWill was messy for calling moniece up. Just messy.

    Brooke doesn’t know how to stfu! She loves sharing tea more than making music. It’s a damn shame. She was quick to share what was going on with Nikki right in front of Marcus.

    Bobbie was doing the most lol I hear where he coming from but then again, wrong messenger.

    Paris better not come next season with those damn two braids!

    U got to be kidding me! Why did Ik something was fishy about Apple’s situation!? How does someone “learn” to be a “good daughter”? A whole mf 6 years. Even her mama could have told her that. Wasting her damn time. U dnt force someone to accept u into their life. I just knew it! Damn fraud

    I have no words for Rocstarr, Safaree, and A1/Lyrica situation. They just need to hold onto each other. Everyone around them isn’t needed at the end of day. So good for them. Her mom was a lil rusty with the notes but the song was ok. I’m just glad she actually tried to dress up for once and throw away her “I-need-to-make-a-store-run” jeans. It’s sad A1 mama went to Nigeria to find her man instead of support her son despite him not wanting her there.

    At this point, they should just cancel the Hollywood cast.

  • mocha brown

    Me too

  • Russell Smith

    lol Yea that Paparazzi scene was the fakest thing on this show yet. And theres a ton of fake things.

  • Sy

    He’s upset they had all the screentime this season

  • Esther Cole

    Tierra is a whole fool. I don’t even understand her. How she go from being an abused victim to being this confident person in a week? She didn’t even mention her law suit.

    And Brooke gave up her whole coochie just to be able to say she’s a fiance but her and the guy still can’t get it right. So what was the point? You should of just smashed ages ago or continued keeping it.. kmt

  • Courtney Wheeler

    bye brooke. I went from liking her to not being able to stand her ass with a passion.

  • natala

    omg Apple’s situation is beyond weird :O When she said I’m gonna talk to mum :O I was shocked 1 she had mom 2 that her mom let this go on for 6 effing years and not say anything :O Just WOW

  • Lesa Missy

    Lmao last episode was better then the whole season # sad

  • Kenwood Rahming

    Bey if they do have a D.N.A test then maury still has episodes on out, sooooo y’all can know the results there….. and nothing goes wrong rather then the drama after….

  • Chante Houston

    For real I’m looking at the tv like so what do you call what you did to Keyshia smh lol

  • Chante Houston

    But didn’t they both cheat on each other, I wonder when he cheated and why wasn’t it played out this season

  • SpiceGirl

    Right! I’m thinking Ray and Stevie can see dude HIDING in the closet…

  • ShelbyMoore

    Shit look who Ray’s married to. No matter how much Ray tries, that marriage is gonna be the pits. Princess is a fucking bitch and I give everyone and anyone who likes her a side eye. There’s just nothing nice about her at all.

  • Paige Banks

    princess is gorgeous. she might not be a nice person but she’s beautiful, and she just had a baby lmao..

  • Danielle Nicole Scott

    A1 was not playing around….. This episode showed that he means it when he says stay out of his relationship!!!!

  • SpiceGirl

    Ok I have NOT watched any episodes in a while…just come in for the comments…but I have a ?
    When A1 said whatever to his Mother….did he EVER mention how WACKA MESS she be looking?????

  • Ashley Daniels

    “I throw hands”, but then continue throw a cake lol

  • Shauna Ross

    You ain’t the only one, he really try’s to hide himself being gay by being extra sexist and acting like a womanizer, like god just come out the closet he’d be much more likeable than he is now being a whack ass misogynist

  • Shauna Ross

    -Moneice vs Princess is something I’ve been waiting for, looks like they both were ready to bang, but apparently they became cool at the reunion so I guess we won’t see that fight happening, and Jay messy as fuck dropping the location at that vow renewal lmao

    -Marcus was really ready to beat some ass lol but no doubt Booby was ready, it looked like he was about to swing on Marcus ass that one time he got too close, they need to pull up irl and handle their differences, again I can’t with messy Paris dropping his location lmao

  • Su Ja

    lol jaywill told mr ray Im accepting you and these ugly ass braids

  • SpiceGirl

    “closet ass Roccstar” <—–Thought I was the only one feeling that way…

  • Shauna Ross

    -I’m glad Jay and Britney made up

    -I feel bad for Apple that dude is a whole ass weirdo, like I get his intentions were good but “I saw you and knew you needed a father. You don’t know how to be a daughter” like what the fuck does that mean, and Shun is so sweet to Apple I think she genuinely cares about her

  • Shauna Ross

    Safaree is such a punk ass lame, he been insinuating heavily that him and Lyrica had sex then get face to face with A1 after he almost beat his ass to say that “no we never had sex” and y’all just gonna let this lame ass nigga get away with lying on his dick, pathetic. Just like in the closet ass Roccstar, y’all know he referencing to when Lyric went and talked to him after her and A1 got into it, so y’all remember that scene? Because it wasn’t anything remotely sexual about it, it’s sad how 2 lames can say they had sex with a girl and that she a hoe and everyone believes them yet have 10 women all claiming this one guy sexually assaulted them and people still question them and hesitate to even believe them, whew chile the sexism.

  • Su Ja

    hahahaha yeah I allways found it weird him looking at her ass everytime. disgusting

  • Su Ja

    Paris is that you looking for mess

  • leowoman

    They both have been guilty, that’s probably why he rides with her.

  • leowoman

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • leowoman

    A1 and Lyrica have real love. No matter their circumstances, they definitely love one another deeply ❤️.

    I like LaBritney, you can tell she’s a genuine person.

    Paris, you are a messy asś thief. Fk u.

    My heart goes out to the stripper turned artist ( can’t think of her name). I got a little chocked up with her reaction to the DNA results. You can tell she’s a genuine person.

  • Roc_Steady_1

    Public disrespect deserves a public apology

  • ADD Thom

    I thought Boobie was doing too much but Marcus had every right to be pissed at him but after reading a few comments here i somewhat get it. He does seem to really care for Brooke too whether they are couple or not.
    Also Brooke looked lonely this episode, her own fault tho

  • Roc_Steady_1

    First thing I said was, she cheated. What he said wasn’t that deep, she was thankful he took her ass back. Also her portion was an apology for whatever mistakes she made…..but she swears she hasn’t done anything this whole season. Ain’t no way I’m apologizing to my man when I know I ain’t did shit wrong

  • PlayerP

    You mean Brooke…Marcus and Brooke? He never wanted to marry her…maybe at one point he thought about…he knew before the first ring after the second and before and after they smashed. Pomp circumstance and fake story lines.

  • ADD Thom

    A1 and Lyrica story line was certainly made to drag on but I do think A1 seemed like the only genuine one in his reactions and whatnot. I dont believe anything was faked from his side.

    You make a good point about Marcus, interesting…

    Roccstar is werid i dont get him lol

    Brooke looked lonely this episode or just me, like girl you ruined your own friendships.

    Paris is a thief

    Tearria leaked that damn video herself, she is full of shit.

  • Ashley Daniels

    Ray’s and Princess baby is so damn beautiful lol

  • ADD Thom

    Lyrica wanted Brooke to say sorry in front of the cameras. I think Brooke knew that. If she already apologize they should just keep it moving but i somewhat get Lyrica because Brooke created all this mess and drama for TV therefore should should apologize to her in public eye too.

  • ADD Thom

    Te Tearria and Paris scene was so fake, I burst out laughing as if anyone really checking for them like that especially Paris. Bloody thief.
    Prince annoys me so much she want a fight every scne she is in. Her constantly throwing those glasses like girl chill. Them security be mad too LOOL

  • ModernGoddess

    And this is why I say I want Moniece to put on some Brass Knuckles with spikes and beat Princess to a BLOODY PULP!!!
    Instead of trying to fight Moniece, she should’ve been looking for the nearest pair of Spanx to put on for that nasty looking, jiggly ass of hers in those spandex pants!
    Princess is like soda that has gone flat>>>>> WEAK AS FUCK!!

  • Rich

    Best thing about this season was Pam and Lyrica Sr getting into it every episode (And Pam’s Cheesestring wigs).

  • ADD Thom

    Told ya Safree and Lyrica didnt sleep together. Still had ppl say to me but he admitted it to Ray and im like he never once straight out said he had slept/sex with Lyrica.
    Editing mad eit lok like he admitted it to Ray when really he just talking about the picture said that form day one.

    Anyway, i did get a little teary eyed with A1 and Lyrica vows and im glad A1 decided to cut his negative family out his life for now. Lyrica G is the only one trying to be civil with everyone and boi can she still sing. Princess is annoying as fuck she always wants a fight, her only story is Moneice.

    Felt so bad for Apple Watch. Yes i said Apple WATCH. Sweet girl and she lucky to have Shun by her side.
    I kinda liked Marcus and Brooke to be together but you can tell Marcus is so fed up of Brooke’s trouble making mess haha he was really off the whole episode and i wish the security just let him pop Boobie lol

  • Rich

    Great season. Really one of the best/funniest I have seen of this franchise. If only K. MissHell wasn’t a part of it, it would be perfect. Although I enjoyed her getting baptised.

  • ADD Thom

    even if she a little scared of Princess she did still trying and fight her. Also Amanda deserved that dragging. LOL that was a legendary scene.

  • Raya

    Whoooo the production funny af. That little cake on the table..

  • Raya

    TT All of us want to know If ur with Akbar or not! P

  • HonestyPolicy

    This season was LIT!

    I feel like production told Safaree to play along with the Lyrica/A1 drama and he got shook once he found out a baby was involved. Think about it, he never outright said they slept together but never denied I either. Regardless, Lyrica is not innocent and Safaree wouldn’t feel comfortable to send a dick to his friends wife unless something was going on.

  • Vee

    I really think that Ray J is Jealous of A1 and Lyrica relationship. The was he was seating there at vow renewal

  • Vee

    Every year Tiara Marie say that. But she get involved with a no good man every season with no hit record

  • Nina marie

    . Lmao i totally agree i feel like i watch to read the comments as well. All while losing brain cells. Hoping i stumble across one as accurate as yours lol

  • Sy

    Pulled up and waited for security #lame

  • Sy

    Moniece talking bout she don’t throw the first punch like we don’t remember her dragging Amanda. She shook of princess lol. This season was lit!

  • Bianca Marcelle

    He did keyshia wrong so he should hush. The min Brooke couldn’t go on the yacht with him he took another girl Bridget he need a to get lost no relationship is perfect Brooke did her wrong too

  • KDotPeriod

    Listen!! I’m 100% here for Aunti LG’s whole EP!

  • Patience Shaibu

    I’m really happy A1 made his gangstar mother know his wife comes before anyone…

  • KDotPeriod
  • KDotPeriod

    BCuz when you pull up you MF RUN UP !!!!!!!!

  • Louie

    Paris stooooopid, talking to that man and keeping him right where booby need em. Paris fake. Lmao

  • Louie

    I’m sorry but the way lyrics broke down like that after A1 said that, I feel like it was because she guilty of some things that she’ll take to the grave with her.

  • Louie

    I get mama Pam but at this point you gotta let it go. Obviously there is nothing you or anybody else can say or do to make that man go against his wife. And he a grown ass man, let him make his decisions in HIS relationship.

  • daniella

    boobie was doing the most tho, talking about Brooke don’t have no one. You came like you wanted to square up

  • kayla

    Girl I thought the same thing

  • Louie

    Poor Brooke, she hurt and that’s why she act out they way she do. I been the and I ain’t even gone lie. That man has made her insecure.

  • daniella

    Brooke said she apologised but, as lyrica’s friend she should not have added to the drama from the beginning. Chile maybe she should apologise again , don’t cost her anything compared to the way she was spreading the rumour with everyone else.

  • Russell Smith

    Welp to summarize this season
    -A1 and Lyricas whole situation seems fake. Its unreasonable for all this side stuff to happen and A1 just accept it. Feels like the just wanted to capitalize on the pregnancy and make drama around it for the season.
    -I believe Boobie that Marcus is faking for the camera. The fact that boobie pointed it out shows he knows its bull to try and fight with security around. And im glad he did. Marcus clearly is moving funny and brooke just keeps accepting it. Probably cause hes paying her bills like he said.
    -Roccstar only showed hes the lamest guy in the world and ill never believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I hope this season just shows why you should never work with him. Hope hes not here next season.
    -Brook also showed why shes the lamest girl in the world and its willing to act a fool for a check. It makes more and more sense why she acts crazy this season with Marcus saying hes paying all her bills and Boobie saying shes fronting for the camera. She is just being desperate all season for the spotlight and to secure a place.
    -Paris really did nothing but be the side character for everyone else. K michelle also didnt really do nothing but talk about surgery and gossip.

  • Lovë 22

    Brooke must be an only child and don’t have any friends, some conversations should just be between the girls. That whole conversation with Nikki in front of Marcus was disrespectful like he wasn’t even sitting there and he weak for sitting his goofy ass there. Furthermore, Brooke why are you spilling your tea in front of a girl that’s not a friend and you were just at odds with last week??

    I got it now, Brooke has been so isolated in Houston with no friends or siblings she came to LA looking for a fresh start and thought getting in mess and stirring pots will make her relevant again but girl NO now some of the world don’t like you!!! Not everyone supports the 24/7 petty/messy movement!

    Marcus shut up!! Boobie is the reason you know Brooke, he convinced her to move to LA in the first place! IDC IDC I’m Team Boobie on this one!

  • DaNiro Elle Brown

    That whole shit with Apples fake dad was weird as hell! What the fuck is wrong with this man.. He was definitely a opportunities and I feel bad for Apple because that’s not cool you come into her life saying your her dad and then you do a bad job at it and trying to tell her what to do and how to treat and your not even her dad.. boy get the fuck out here “Shaun Love Voice”


  • DaNiro Elle Brown

    This was cute..
    A1 momma is honestly the real start this season I love how ghetto fabulous and unapologetic about it she is… She crazy ass hell but I think she’s great lol…

    Tierra Mari’s last comment on every season has been “I’m gonna get back to my music” and since the beginning of this show we’ve only heard 3 songs and the one that was any good “I DESERVE” didn’t even get it’s proper due do to the mess on this show…But this finale she looked AMAZING! So let’s celebrate the small victories and try to get her some good management and some keep her up in prayer.

    Also I honestly love Miss Nikki Baby, I kokn at this point she serves no real purpose on the show but I love who she’s grown into.. but I definitely know she slept with Solo and that’s okay.. lol she’s funny though.

    Brooke, Brooke, Brooke your hilarious.. I want the best for you but girl I don’t know if we know what that is… I would really love if you could just focus on your child and music because girl… The messiness level of you this season was crazy.. I don’t know what I want from you and this Marcus situation because y’all both seem resrea bad for each other but also made for each other lol.. y’all weird..

    I’m happy for Moniece and I’m routing for her in whatever she decides she wants to do!

    Paris you started this season off great but honestly Paris is not funny and she was super messy she was placed her just to be in every bodies mess and make fun of their situations yet when it came to her own she was hella sensitive and annoying about it.. I’ll pass on her going forward.. unless it’s her exploring her sexuality.. because it’s not my story to tell but sis is definitely not looking for dick right now… Lol

  • Lovë 22

    Thank you!!

  • Chana_Winz

    Yes girl, he is so petty.

  • LotuSupreme

    Just know it’s some real ones in Texas. Shoutout to Boobie for having Messy Brooke’s back. all I see is codependency

  • LotuSupreme

    Apple girl be happy that isn’t your daddy. He was a weirdo !!!

  • LotuSupreme

    I predict that Nikki will have surgery to reduce alladat!

  • LotuSupreme

    It’s really sad to hear all these rumors about Lyrica. They seem to have each other’s back. At the end of the day no one should come before your spouse. I hope it works between them.

  • Vee

    They keep saying “Im keep making my music” where is they music at i dont here it on the radio or nowhere.

  • LotuSupreme

    Ooooo I get it now Shan snatched her daughter wig off because she tired of daughter doing some hoe ass shit. She stay messing with someone’s man. Yes turtle neck Marcus should’ve never did the extra shit however ol girl has made a choice.

  • LotuSupreme

    Bout time.

  • LotuSupreme

    Brooke should’ve publicly apologized to Lyrica especially since she inquired and spoke on her business publicly.

  • Latrise

    How can someone know for years that they are not the father, but then agree to take the test again on a national stage. Did he think the results would comeback differently this time. And no wonder he could easily read the results, seeing is how he has done it before.

  • Latrise

    It’s because of all the plastic. When ever you watch both Nikki and Brooke talked, their always doing that hand thing.

  • Latrise

    I don’t know if the scene was shot before Ray and A1 set down and squash their beef. But if the scenes were shown in chronological order, Ray looks even messier, when he just set down with A1 and then he meets up with the two guys “who claimed to have slept with Lyrica” and keeps entertaining the rumor.

  • Latrise

    I wonder if Mona ran out of material when it came to the finale. The scenes flew by so quickly that you felt if you blink, you might miss something interesting.

  • Latrise

    I get telling your friend about the rumors going on about his girl, but after your friend tell you to back off, then you should honor their wishes. I feel like Ray was just trying to deflect from his own family problems. Clearly, his mom, sis, and Princess still dislike each other. I mean didn’t the first episode started off with the two not on speaking turns, because Princess blasted him on social media for possible cheating. She even move out of the house. I would think someone who has dealt with, as Ray claim, false allegations of cheating, would have some compassion for his friend situation and know better not to stick his nose in other people business.

  • Latrise

    Honestly, in my opinion, I think Marcus could’ve taken Booby. Booby, just like Moniece, look cowardly popping up on Marcus and Princess at a event where they knew an army of security would be on stand by. Beside Moniece, who looked like she drove herself, Booby was mic and driven to the event in a standard production vehicle. If Booby truly wanted to set Marcus straight, he would’ve pop up on Marcus when the cameras were not rolling. And I still don’t get why Booby is so invested in Brooke’s relationship. If Booby has finally found his Mrs. Right, why is he so worry about a woman that when she stood him up last year for Marcus, he call up her friend to join him on the cruise.

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    But Moneice you showed up to the clown show to be apart of it…
    Boobie…let that crazy girl marry this crazy ass man, that’s who she want

  • BossBee

    That vow renewal was ratch as hell..Lyrica wearing a red dress..Lyrica G. singing with a DJ instead of a live band..A1 wearing what looks like sneakers with a suit..half the guests were in casual wear..even had two fights breakout..just looked horrible. I was a little let down by the season finale, it lacked that gut punching conclusion. In the end, Safaree is a liar, Ray J is still messy as fuck, Paris is messy as fuck, and Marcus is a dog that would’ve gotten dragged by Booby had security not have been there.

  • R C

    Ray J was definitely to blame for why him and A1 fell out as friends he should of never joked around and dissed his friend the way he did. In those times is when you are suppose to be there for your friends and support them not aggravate them and make the situation worse.
    Being that Lyrica basically almost confirmed she was with other men when they talking at the table they made the right decision to take a DNA test.
    John is a phuqing weirdo. I feel so bad for Apple. She needs to get a restraining order on that monster. Yuck!
    Oh gosh Marcus needs to leave Lyrica already. He’s to good for her in my opinion. Let her go with her daddy, brother, lover, friend etc boobie.
    Lyrica G sang mama!! Go ahead!!!

  • Star Kels

    Spill the tea then sis

  • Mizz Q


  • Lyrica has a decent dude. A1 just might be foolish enough to believe in unconditional love. And that’s ok. But thy have Safaree out here looking a idiot mi yute lie no lie. He couldn’t clean it up. I hope Apple gets her fair shot. Her fake dad is a dick head. I like the mommager. I hope she comes back next season

  • Ja’Nice Locket-Dortch

    If That Whole Apple DNA Situation Is Real.. I Feel Mad Bad For Her Smh.. And Idk What To Think Of Her “Dad”

  • Nikkihatch

    Lyrica and A1 I’m here for all that do y’all congrats!

  • Sherree Lee

    Yeah A1 had my vote speaking and handling his business like a real man. Checking all while remaining chill

  • Sherree Lee

    Omg sooo weak

  • Sherree Lee

    Yesss she remind me of Millie jackson

  • Flyhi

    I love Boobie for coming to check that fuc boy Marcus.. Point blank p. I have my reasons .

  • Nikkihatch

    Laaaas Lyrica G sang it mom!

  • Apple’s so-called “father” is a friggin’ liar.

    Paternity DNA testing was *not* readily available “33 years ago,” and I seriously doubt his ability to afford the $5-10K price tag of ‘pre-Maury’ tests.

  • Shaquanda Keys

    1st of all…why was marcus shoe boat boots so long(check the scene whyr brooke was trying to front him off @the table to MsNikki) and 2ndly, I love you boobie baby but mind ur relationship and keep that shit going strong and let suh worry about herself

  • Ttrini

    I said the same thing lol producers playing the audience like we are dumb lol after the reunion im over it lol….i feel like im in an abusive relationship lol being mistreated but i keep coming back….smh

  • Ttrini

    She tired too….she been trying to get out her contract but Mona n dem won’t let her without holding her to a clause where she can’t appear publically anywhere else for awhile…u can tell she over it.

  • Shaquanda Keys

    Need Brooke’s hairdresser

  • Tizzy Ann

    tierra miss me with the bs , am sorry broke cant get her self out this situationship its doesnt seem to be worth it

  • chi_gorgeous

    u can get a DNA test during the pregnancy and the WW show was filmed right after their vow renewal.

  • chi_gorgeous

    there’s no fucking way all that paparazzi was checking for Teairra Mari…I have to say I’m extremely happy for Apple, she seems to be finding herself…John acting like her daddy was creepy asl, he was on some perv shit watching that big ol ass everytime she came around him, weird AF…A1 is a good man, I hope Lyrica really understands what she has and stops taking him for granted…Moniece pulled up and then said she don’t have time…like wtf really? Princess was bumrushing her ass…J Will and Candy are two annoying people, like it’s always a dark cloud around both of the personas…Roccstarr really need to stop lying saying he slept with Lyrica, if he did it was in the past…the way he describes it gives the lie away completely…Marcus and Boobie scene was dumb AF, Boobie didn’t even fight for his marriage that hard…Nikki has absolutely no purpose on this show…

  • Shiit I fucked Lyrica too, she a thotty

  • shasyl

    I still don’t like princess and why she start throwing things.You are a mom now just grow the hell up.

  • shasyl

    He looking to get paid in that creepy way.

  • Carmen Ewing

    Apple’s “dad” is a creep and weirdo

  • Daniel Asare Jr

    Y’all can call Moniece crazy or whatever, but she was on some G shit idc. I mean, it was kinda dumb to show up knowing it would be flooded with security but that’s why she was tired of throwing shit tango. It’s tired at this point and that’s all princess is good for ALWAYS. Throwing shit.

  • PlayerP

    Boog is a real man…that’s nice to see.
    Shun is a real human being… I like that.
    I hope Lyrica and A1 can make it.
    Apple too…she deserves some good in her life.
    Ray J is so disrespectful.
    Why is roccstar’a little r’a always holdin stacks in his hand for NOOOOO reason???
    Why is K Michelle on the show period?
    This mess is scripted…I don’t know why I can’t stop watching. Mind control? Sometimes I feel like I watch the show just to read the comments! I was telling my broham about the show once and he said it felt like he lost brain cells. Sad but true. This mess is hideous at times. I read the franchise is using a new production company, and going in a new direction. I hope it gets better cuz I too feel like I’m losing brain cells watching this crap.

  • Daniel Asare Jr

    All of this is filmed in advance so by time they were on the Wendy show, all that stuff we saw tonight had already been filmed weeks before they went on Wendy. And yea she still pregnant cuz uh….it takes 9 months to cook a baby lol. She’s almost there

  • Ttrini

    So someone remind or correct me…..but ummm didn’t A1 and Lyrica go on Wendy and say they had a paternity test???? And isn’t she still preggo??? Wtf smh bunch of LAMES! LOL after the reunion I am done with LHHH! Lol Mona plays like we dumb af and its insulting …practically abusive at this point.

  • Cynthia Watson

    I love boogie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Myemaildied

    I have sooo much to say….i don’t even know where to begin.

  • ♈♡LïSä ♬☆

    apple daddy out here being a whole scammer…ughhh

  • OMARI.

    who? making? these? wigs? it’s important cause this ain’t right.

  • Girly Girl

    Hey girls

  • Talone

    I’m so sick of Moniece’s mentally ill ass! It’s about time that they get her off of the show

  • Petty Assassin

    Before I watch I hope and pray Moneice gets her hands on Princess!!

  • OMARI.

    nikki just be over it. lol

  • Tee

    And I can’t stand Princess Love she’s a liar and the devil… She asked why TiTi needed vagisil it’s because he was sleeping Princess aka fuck the whole Vegas ass…

  • Tee

    Am i the only one who thinks Brooke has a goat neck and Nikki looks like a transgender????

  • Key Will

    Did it play

  • Carmen Ewing

    Can’t wait for the bs

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m here for the drama with Safaree and his infamous eggplant!!

  • FuPayme


  • Mizz Q