T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle Episode 3 – ‘Adulting’

On episode 3, Toya and Reginae prepare for a difficult trip to New Orleans for a memorial service, and Monica throws Laiyah an eventful birthday party. Meanwhile, T.I. and Tiny grow concerned when they realize King is spoiling his first girlfriend.

  • godivalove23 briefly

  • Alexis Deanna Reanna Haskins

    I must’ve gotten choked up trying not to cry watching toya

  • HonestA

    How do you know what she did or didn’t do though ? She gave her mother a restaurant and she ruined the opportunity and other times she’s helped and folks didn’t do right by the opportunity so we really don’t know what the fuck possibilities she’d given her brothers to succeed but at the end of the day Toya only owe herself and her own children anything . You gotta be grateful for the shit people do for you that they didn’t have to do from jump cause she damn sure didn’t have to take him in .

  • Lala

    Ok so i only watched this episode because Kandi was on it. I don’t watch this show because ti and tiny aren’t exactly relationship goals. Watching this show im disgusted. Why display this. It’s sick he talks to her like a pimp… She offered him to come home after he screwed up and he straight curved her. Either he knows tiny isn’t going anywhere or he doesn’t want to be married. What man wouldn’t come home after he fucked up??? Most guys would be trying to get back in the home he looked like he was trying to get out. I will say i like everyone else on the show. We don’t need ti on the show. That trap museum is by far the dumbest thing that ive ever heard of. Your celebrating the destruction of your people dumbass. I want to protest that shit. It’s horrible.. Ti needs to grow up. That museum makes me so mad. Because it’s taking away from the very educational African American museum that Quincy Jones just build. Ahhh where is black twitter????

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    I said the same thing about her daughter. Her and bow wow daughter r a little too much. I wlda popped the h3ll out of both of em before they finished two sentences. A lil too sassy at that age.

  • Maria Rodriguez-domingo

    Monica is not ghetto dumbass. She’s country. There is a difference. Me, myself… Im ghetto .. So stop ewwwing and judging bitch

  • Nikkihatch

    Glad you took time to respond with no picture love!

  • Cardio32

    Toya sounds like Big Freedia.

  • Cardio32

    Preach !!!

  • Cardio32

    Doesn’t she ? I love Monica’s confidence. I wish she sold her confidence in cans. I would buy 50 cans in the family size.

  • Cardio32

    I think Monica behaves like he’s Monica’s eldest son. As if she pushed him out of her stomach.

  • Cardio32

    I think Monica behaves like he’s Monica’s eldest son. As if she pushed him out of her stomach.

  • DARS1

    I never said it hurt any less if could read. Like she said she took care of Rudy from young so getting him to be independent without helping him, he probably felt abandoned. His mom already couldn’t be there like she should’ve. Toya was in a position to put her brothers on in the game. I would’ve introduced them to people that could give them a job that way they could make their own money. Family can be leeches but she raised him so he was different. I didn’t even see Rudy’s baby with them.

  • Jamaican

    Just because they’re on bad terms doesn’t mean it hurts any less or the love wasn’t there. Toya was trying to wean her family from mooching off her and not everybody was happy about it. Rudy felt like because she got out she felt she was better than. Simple stuff that now seems dumb.

  • DARS1

    I know Toya probably didn’t want to bring up the negatives, but her and Rudy were not on good terms before he passed & it had been that way for a couple of years. He acted as if he hated Toya and idk what the reason was for because they were once soo close and loving. Rudy was living rough, I followed him on social media and he looked horrible. You could tell he was struggling. I know Reginae wish she could bring them back because her uncles were her everything. R.I.P to them both, it’s so sad that the murderers were not captured.

  • Love XOXO

    LOL when she was crying that seemed fake to me.

  • Esther Cole

    I legit cried

  • Shannon Lievers

    These toch ass kids Got no manners

  • 23Jman

    Monica should’ve stayed hidden i never knew she was so ghetto eww

  • Lovë 22

    Reginae go back to school.
    Shannon Brown, you look better staying quiet and shooting a ball lol

  • HonestA

    Man I just cried like Rudy & Josh was my brothers , that shit is horrible ! I feel for her and her family .

    As annoying as Reginae is i like seeing another side of her with her boyfriend and this whole acting thing . She’s not so bad but she gotta get that entitlement in order .Moniva daughter Finna be the next Reginae .

    & Tiny need to grow up and stop trying to be her kid’s friends & going against their father in front of them like he said but he need to quit talking like his ass ain’t a whole lying ass thot cheater, they not going to take shit from him as far as his dating advice goes when he out here clowning they mama.

  • HonestA

    Monica daughter acts like a little brat not cute her and her husband look like brother & sister

  • HonestA

    I’m a brandy fan too but brandy is delusional and messy

  • Loppy

    LeToya must get botox in her forehead; it looks super tight.

  • Exactly!

  • Love ♋

    Lol .. Wow!

  • ModernGoddess

    Yes, I know…I have family from there and use to go there during the Summer when I was younger, yes it’s different, from dialect to culture, but it’s STILL country as Hell also!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    i was wondering where the other lil kid? i couldn’t remember his name

  • Addae Brunder

    This show is a whlole lesson! lol, damn! They edited this shit so fking GOOOOOOOOOD, MADE US FEEL LIKE SHE AND zONN had real issues. FK YOU!

  • Addae Brunder

    “You buy gifts all the time” WTF! Tamika, thats your fking HUSBAND! he only 14, These kids focus on the wrong shit YES TI! Speak it man! a 14yr old wtf he need to be buying things for, as a fking KID! strps!

  • T2Sweet

    Reginae remind me of New York, especially when she said she was a natural at acting.

  • Su Ja

    I realy love this show. Toya you are a strong woman. That scene was very emotional.
    Latoya that Disney story had me rolling

  • Ci Ci_24

    Woo baby.. that whole ending scene with Toya crying and stud . Lawd it made me cry. That’s so devastating . I’m glad to see her mom is progressing. I actually Love this show. Nothing seems forced. That darn King.. is hilarious. I’m still trying to feel out Lucci and Nae. But Nae does love social media. Which is fine. But be cautious .

  • Blue

    I love this show very positive! We don’t want see our people acting a damn fool on TV all the time…

  • Rere

    Cool episode

  • Bad Bitch From 305

    God bless America

  • ModernGoddess

    Zonique should’ve just wore her panties or a pair of boy shorts, because those shorts are God awfully short!

    I’m sick of Reginae’s ass looking like Lil Wayne in drag!!!!

  • Lady Tee

    Yes had me in tears, so sad

  • KDotPeriod

    Had me in tears !

  • Jus post my damn comment


  • Jus post my damn comment

    Toya Baby…”Its so fluffy I’m gonna die” forgive me, but she looks just like her.

  • Nikkihatch

    Ugh T.I I’m not doing this no more. Byeshow and anything that put mula in his pockets sorry tiny love the fam and kids but Tip Bye

  • leapyearpisces

    I didn’t think I would like this show, but I have fell in love with it. It’s so positive!!!! Despite T.I and Tiny”s personal life being a mess ay times, I SINCERELY APPLAUD them for always putting forth positive images when it comes to their shows.

  • Ms jai

    Emotional show

  • speaktheee truthh

    Awww I love ms Anita!

  • Shawn Solo