T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle Episode 6 – ‘Voice for Change’

On episode 6, T.I. links up with Meek Mill, and Monica is pushed to make some tough decisions in regards to her father. Meanwhile, Tiny’s planned commercial for her new nail polish line is threatened when King gets in trouble.

  • Camden


  • Nella Brunson

    TIP is a Libra we do not play when it comes to our kids and school ! PERIOD.

  • Erica Greene

    OMG! Now, that I saw the preview, your comment is cracking me up so hard! LMFAAOOOOOOOO!

  • Erica Greene

    i don’t care what nobody says! I love Tiny! She is a star! She is absolutely hysterical! And, she is the good kind of funny because every time I scream at her, she wasn’t trying to be funny at all! LMFAOOOO!

  • Erica Greene

    Y’all! Why am I screaming from the preview’s for next week…?! TI’s face took me over the edge! LMFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Shanese

    There isn’t gonna be 2 episodes. It didn’t air last week because of thanksgiving week (Dr Jackie posted about it on insta)

  • Kalinga Silva
  • kinky twist

    you see those videos of him jacking off on tumblr lol .. he’s not so good as we all thought and rumors about him being gay because he took some ass pics too lol he got a nice little meat on him tho

  • kinky twist

    i aint say shit about her talking slow foo

  • Aushai Mccraney

    Because growing up hip hop Atlanta is on WETV which is a different network from VH1 they can’t be on two separate networks at the same time because its a conflict of interest on their contracts they signed. Notice how Masika is on Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta now but she had to leave love and hip hop Hollywood (VH1) to do it. And VH1 was probably willing to pay them more money to do a reality show verses WeTv plus Regina and Zonnique whole family would be on a show that they couldn’t participate in so VH1 is the better choice.

  • Nikkihatch

    I can see that lol

  • Nakisha Wells

    GUHH wanted to paint Reginae in a negative light to keep the feud between her and Brandon going. Toya wasn’t havin it

  • Red Williams


  • Love ♋

    I am so proud of TIP as a black man…. Period.

  • Shakendria Murphy

    I came up with the conclusion that he look like tiny mama mrs. Diane lol cuz i been racking my brain for years bruh he really dont look like either parent nor sibling. Still a cute boy.

  • BShanaé

    I agree, seems like he’s a great dad…. just needs to humble the rest of himself. Talks too Cottdamn much


    Major is still a cutie pie lol


    I like the red… but toya honey she needs to go to Reginae stylist ASAP

  • Shondeon

    T.I. =Dad of the year!!!! Yessssssssssssss

  • Ms. Mk

    I love this show. Mostly the relationship between the ladies. They so grown, supportive of each other and their kids and it’s a beautiful sight. Tip might be a asshole husband, but he’s damn sure a good father and activist. He plays those 2 roles well. I hate that tiny though always looks like she’s more into him than he is in to her… maybe coz she’s more affectionate (the touchy- feely-ness) but hey, who am I!

  • Su Ja


  • Straightshooter

    King said obviously you aint teachin that good. I’m screaaammminnnggg!

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    She talks slow all the time

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    Y do u say that? Nothing wrong with an opinion, but what facts justify that opinion.

  • Pipper Falnut

    I replayed it several times lol!!!!!!!!! it gave me life

  • Pisces3384

    Messiah is a really awesome kid. All of their kids are awesome but Messiah is my fave!

  • leapyearpisces

    Ummmm King….K-ci from Jodeci is your pappy. Tiny, what’s good hun? LOL. Whew, I’m playing, but King looks like an albino K-ci. He does not look like Tiny OR T.I.

  • Nova7

    Reginae has submitted proper documentation of her employment. Honey she’s weeerking! Her probation had been reduced from 7 years to 3. *bangs Gavel*

  • Scarlette

    Their kids be acting waaaay too grown, it’s kind of a turn off to watch

  • Putting my 2 cents

    I love that base LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING he doing the right thing when it comes to King Tiny needs to stop babying that boy

  • Putting my 2 cents

    King disrespectful as hell but I already knew he was gonna be like that with the arrogance kids only do what they see and what you allow

  • Dong Qi Zheng

    I love how Ti does his father role, holding their children on the ground despite what they have.

  • R C

    Quad alleged Mariah does coke

  • Paizley

    Love this show and how they’re showing African Americans in a positive light! Idc bout their personal lives or if it’s real how positive they’re being. It’s nice to see us having sense and not fighting like dumb animals. Black hip hop royalty and I’m here for it. Very entertaining.

  • Ttrini

    What Coke use rumors?

  • Camden

    lmaooo omgosh how embarrassing her dam hair caught on fire! They were yanking that shat hard asl!

  • Camden


  • Morgan

    lol whew chile I almost fell asleep this whole episode I didn’t wake up until somebody was slinglin Tiny head around tryna slap the fire out of her tracks

  • 06_beauty_26

    Lol besides skipping those parts , this is the first episode I watched

  • Ladyshopper

    I agree, love how TI told Tiny that King wasn’t coming off of punishment for nothing and that was final. I ff through Letoya and Monica scenes.

  • kinky twist

    Chile reginae high denna bitch ! I dont care who dont like it . She hit the blunt before she got to registration . Voice all raspy ,and dry she think she slick . Pass that shit heffa

  • R C

    You heard about the coke use rumors? Lol

  • R C

    They do because of the lighting. And once it’s on HDTV. It’s a wrap you can see all the blemishes, discoloration etc on the screen and it will distract from the show.

  • R C

    Sometimes? He always sounds stupid lol. He tries to come off like an intellectual but he is just a moron who likes to “act” like an intellectual.

  • R C

    No. I skipped the whole season knowing they would be on. No time for that whackness

  • 06_beauty_26

    I love T.I. && his family!! Am I the only one that skips Monica && Letoya’s scenes , feel like they could have did without the extra cast .

  • Sometimes TI needs to just stop talking b/c he sounds stupid. …After China and India, the US is the most populous country in the world.

  • Arienne Jay

    Tip said “The U.S has a minority percentage of the world”, what?? The U.S is the third largest country by population…

  • 23Jman

    i noticed tip wear tons of makeup cause he looks like a crack heat without it

  • 23Jman

    All his sons ugly af except the oldest

  • Jus post my damn comment

    It’s beat he looks good tho, I think all reality shows use makeup in confessionals male and female.

  • Addae Brunder

    lolol, i like Ti and and Tiny relationship man, he is something else with them. I like this show man, it seems boring at times but Tip is a sensible man and i like how he operates!!!


  • Jus post my damn comment

    TI’s sons are like embodiments of all his qualities. I guees it’s like that for all great men. The oldest one is his intelligent side, but actually really intelligent. The cool one with the dreds is his cool side. The bad one is his bad boy side, and the youngest son is his real side cuz he said some real shit at an early age. He’s a terrible husband, but a great man he is I must say.

  • ShayBay

    Soo , I literally dieddd whn tiny’s hair caught on fire ….tht man nearly snatched her bald trying to get the fire out … wowwww

  • Nikkihatch

    These folks really can out the slums that’s why I fuck with toya ugh T.I. even though he make me mad , Monica all them. Fulton county and no joke they really be in the hood doing work even Regina and lucci . Much respect!

  • Gracie’s Mom

    i think theres gonna b 2 episodes on saturday…bcuz there wasnt one last saturday

  • Gracie’s Mom

    whats up with TIPs Face in confessionals???

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    Me too it was supposed to come on Saturday

  • LiLondon